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Share Your Videos / Re: dual iso 2,5k movie thread
December 11, 2014, 06:42:27 PM

I have tried to find the Movi cr2hdr-r 0.2b "app" but the only one I can find appears to be Apple not Windows.  Is there a Windows version Please.

I seemed to have cracked doing still images but find that I have to unzip cr2hdr each time I want to use it. Strange.  and of course it does not work on movi. What do I need to do please and how do I attach an Image?
Hi all
Thank you for all your help and advice.  I seem to have cracked the converting of duel IoS stills now, but do not use lightroom. Using DxO version 8 seems to do the trick though some time I need the help of lightzone/Elements 10.  Will show some of the results shortly.

Am now trying to work out how to do it with Canon movi files.  Unfortunately my Dell 5010's graphic card preclude using DaVinci Resolve 11 lite and cannot be upgrade.  There has got to be a work round somewhere other than Movi maker.
 Hi Danne  I have loaded the plug in into Lightroom but even if I convert the rawfile out of the camera into DGN and then loadthat into light room ML does not seem to work.

The other problem is that no matter which way I use cr2dhr, either by dropping onto Cr2 on a single  file or the folder the results can not be found the same applies to cdraw.  Should I delete them all and start again?
I am new to this sort of thing so please bear with me.

I have installed Ml iso on my 550D and that works fine. However when I try to use the Lightroom  plug in 2.1 nothing happens.  Have tried to drag image over the cr2hdr  icon out side lightroom and this goes through the conversion, I assume, and then the result vanishes.

Tried a vid and passed this through Windows Movi maker and got a good result but do not know if it di the conversion.

What should I do, are there any tutorials or written instructions please.

Tim }}:-(
Hi  Am New to this and may not use the correct terminology.

I have a Kiss 4 (Jap. 550D) with ML installed.

Whilst am still coming to grips with how it all works I have the following problem:-

Having entered live view and set up Exp.  ISO aperture, I then 1/2 press shutter and instead of going through the focusing, the mirror closes  and I then have to take the exposure by pressing the shutter button all the way.  The appears to be no way out of this.

I have checked the instructions an appear to have every thing set correctly.

What am I doing wrong?

I would add that I took a 30min video the other day, indoors, and it came out beautifully.