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Oh!!! Sorry. I didn't notice that lossless is a To Do think.

Now with v0.3 alpha I don't have any crash!!!! :) but I can see... nothing. Just pink noise. I'm playing 14bit lossless files in the qt version of the app.

@Ilia3101 @masc

You are wellcome!!!... If you need some more sample, just let me know. Thanks for all your hard work. You are awesome.

Oh! sorry!!!.. You are the developer for the windows version... I thought was Ilia3101...
I'm waiting for an app to review mlv files without to need to convert to dng (I don't know why but can't make working MLVFS), so your app is my main hope!

Still looking for a high framerate/720p sample ;) ...anyone?

Just sent by Wetransfer via PM.

By the way. I can't open any mlv in your APP. Every time I try, APP crashes. I'm using v0.2 alpha (Cross platform version) on Windows 10.


I saw that. Thank you very much!!!!

Thnks for your interest Danne,

The out put:
 MLV Dumper

Mode of operation:
   - Input MLV file: 'M25-2023.MLV'
   - Decompressing before writing DNG
   - Enforcing 14bpp for DNG output
   - Convert to DNG frames
   - Output into 'M25-2023_1_2017-06-25_0001_C0000\M25-2023_1_2017-06-25_0001_C0000_'
File M25-2023.MLV opened
File M25-2023.M00 not existing.
[ERROR]     LJ92: Failed (-1)
Processed 0 video frames at 50.00 FPS (0.00 s)

Finally I have been able to convert the mlv to dng with a older version of mlv_dump and the first frame is corrupted. Maybe this is the problem...

Hi Danne,
I'm using your batch file following your instructions. I add the mlv file in the same directory where the batch file is and then double clicking in it. It creates two new folders, one named ORIGINALS where I can find the original mlv file and another with a long name where dng's is supposed to be, but this folder is empty. I can't convert to dng's.
I'm using the last 4k crop rec (jun19) for 5Dmk3 1.1.3 and the file is recorded in 1920x960 50p 3x3.

I think that using the workflow reddeercity suggest, you have a lot of advantages. Now I'm using it!!

Thank you very much!!!

But... I'm on windows 10 now and mlv_dump processes mlv files in separate folders when I select all and use the "send to" comand found here


Thank you very much!!!!.

Tryed but no success.
I can't view 14bit lossless mlv's in MLVviewSharp.
mlv_dump replaced for the last version from experimental builds in same directory.
Did I miss something?...

Thank you very much for this info reddeercity.

I was searching for a way to preview 14bit lossless mlv's without converting to dng's, and had no success.


MLVFS, does not work for me, as AE will only take in to account the changes of the First Frame from ACR.

Same for me... Searched for a solution but unable to find it.... :(


I'm following this post from the beginning and all I can say is a big thank you for you. A lot of work shared with all of us. Really Nice LUT.

Been fiddling around mlv_dump code in crop_rec_4k branch and by doing two minor changes it works a little better around 10bit12bit files.

@danne Thank you very much!!!

An example would be changing the exposure only for that first frame, so it can be recognized easily in H.264. Turning it into a bias frame (by setting its exposure to 0) could also be interesting, and it's easy to implement.

For me it would be perfect!!!

Another feature improved!!!


Quote from: a1ex on Yesterday at 10:07:47 PM

    @pc_bel, @goldenchild9to5:

    Have a look at the preview options; the help text has some hints for your use cases (also discussed earlier in this thread).

Thank you!!! I didn't see that feature.
Hope it worked in 50p3x3 for correct framing.
It's easy to implement it in other button different from the shutter release?...
Thanks again.


Do you get real time liveview with 3072 - 12 bit lossless?. Full color but no realtime, isn't it?


Very nice video!!!

Great framing (I love it).

1920 50p 3x3 binning is for me the most wonderful feature from the last experimental builds. I'm using it a lot. Just wishing a centered and non cropped preview for best framing, but for now is fantastic. I remember few months ago, ask for slowmotion with this quality was a ofense, and now... Here it is!!!!
Thanks everybody!!!!!!

Thank you very much for the test...
If somebody can compile the build that A1ex suggest, I will test it.

Thank you very much for the explanation and for the tests!!!!!!!!!

I will continue testing.

I think is something related to compression and how both builds manage it. With April14th I get green icon from start to end of recording, no matter what image I'm recording. With last buid April29th, I get green icon if I'm recording a dark image with no detail, and when I point the camera towards a detailed and well iluminated image, icon changes to orange and quickly to red. Then stops.
But I can be wrong... It's just an assumption from my ignorance.

For me that mode is no more continuous recording with the last build, I don't know why... I return to April14th, the most reliable for me... :-[

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