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I'm going around all forum and find same problem for some people (weird frames, but without monitor connected. Answers were not enought cpu power (from camera). For me is allways recording crop mode and MLV. Don't tested yet with normal RAW.

My monitor is a Neway CL76HO-X.

This is same as my weird frame:

I really need to know why hdmi monitors crash the 5d3 whilst recording crop-mode raw??
Everything works perfect in normal raw recording but NOT crop-mode??
Ive tried a few monitors and Ive updated to the latest build, etc.

Nothing works please help

My 5D3 doesn't crash but records weird frames randomly. Only with HDMI monitor attatched and in crop mode. My settings are:
HDMI monitor conected.
Komputerbay 1000x 64Gb
14 January 2014 build
MLV video
1920 30-I (in Canon menu)
Cropped mode,
16:9 aspect ratio,
Preview auto or Canon (the result of weird frames are same in both preview modes),
fps override 25,
Exact fps,
Frame skipping OFF
Global Draw ON (tested with global draw OFF same weird frames)
Image Quality = Raw
Auto Lighting Optimizer = OFF
Long exp. noise reduction = OFF
High ISO speed NR = OFF
Highlight tone priority = OFF
Multiple Exposure = Disable
HDR Mode = Disable HDR

I'm interested to know if someone can record cropped video without weird frames and a similar configuration (HDMI monitor conected).

If I disconect monitor all is ok. But dificult to get image in focus (cycling footage) with the in camera screen!!!!!.

Thanks and sorry for my bad english!!.

Ooooohhhh!!! Same for me!!!!  Sorry!!!!
I was learning all that I can in beginners topics and didn't see nothing about this files in SD card.

Now it works OK.

For me all this is a revolution. Thanks MagicLantern and developers!!!
Thank you very much for your time, g3gg0!!!!

Its really long... Do you need all?

This is first part before starting processing:

Exec: 'mlv_dump.exe --batch --dng -v -o "F:\001_PROJECTS\pruebas RAW\Nueva carpeta\M01-2211.MLV.frame_" "F:\001_PROJECTS\pruebas RAW\M01-2211.MLV"'
 MLV Dumper v1.0
Mode of operation:
   - Input MLV file: 'F:\001_PROJECTS\pruebas RAW\M01-2211.MLV'
   - Verbose messages
   - Convert to DNG frames
   - Output into 'F:\001_PROJECTS\pruebas RAW\Nueva carpeta\M01-2211.MLV.frame_'
File F:\001_PROJECTS\pruebas RAW\M01-2211.MLV opened
File F:\001_PROJECTS\pruebas RAW\M01-2211.IDX opened (XREF)
XREF table contains 1311 entries

did you try .dng exporting?

Yes, same. Did not export frames in M01, M02, etc... Only in MLV file. I have all the files (MLV, M01 and M02) in same place.
When I place cursor in thumbnail I can read this:
Error:Missing frames: 2 frame IDs are missing in the MLV. If this is a multi-chunk video, make sure you have all chunks in the same place.

Sorry for posting this way. I did it without thinking. First of all I must say thanks for all your work. I dont know how can I help if is not just giving feedback. I'm really new here...

"I did right click it, I chose to export as raw + wav I ended up with a 4.29gb raw file when the 3 combined are about 9gb"

Same for me. MLVbrowse doesn't process M00, M01, etc. Only mlv file.

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