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I'm stuck using the RAW2GPCF. It just won't work. I have been using Rawanizer all the time but the blacks in my shots are coming out pink and noisey even though it looks perfect when I convert it to Cinema DNG. So I thought I needed to calibrate the black by using a >1GB raw file with the lens cap on, which I recorded. I realized after checking the topic that the black calabration can't be done in rawanizer (or can it...) but can actually be done in RAW2GPCF.exe alone and you don't need Rawanizer. I'm not very familiar with this type of command promp set up. I've typed in the code that I think should be typed into the program and press the return key and nothing happens, the program vanishes and no files have been created. I've typed the basic code without specifying the black calibration file and nothing seems to happen.

I bought Cineform and I've converted the files successfully to RAW already. I would use Cinema DNG but I don't have the workflow. Any advice?

Is the lack of sound a magic lantern issue or a conversion issue and whats the deal with this kickstarter raw2gpcf private converter mo7ies keeps blabbing on about?

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