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Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: Salvaging Pink Crazy DNGs
February 03, 2015, 05:14:26 PM
totally saved my footage on a rollout. this totally works. thanks pedrosuarez.
Crime Rock - Stay On Tonight. A Noir Music Video with sex, ghosts, & rock n' roll.

Shot with the Magic Lantern hack on a 5d Mk3. Didn't have the KomputerBay cards just yet, so was only able to shoot 1600x960 (5:3) RAW. Used RAWmagic, Davinci Resolve for offlines, Premiere for initial assembly, back to resolve, tiff sequences out to After Effects for the effects shots (66 in all), back out through premiere to resolve for color, output to ProRes in resolve then the addition of titles in premiere.

I'm sure there's an easier way.

First time working with the RAW workflow and it was intense. Totally worth it though, as I'm sure the ghosts wouldn't have looked nearly as good as they do in the video now. Most of those effects were done practically, and we did most of the composition in Resolve, putting the plate on a separate video track from the subject, using an Add blend mode, and adjusting the color for the subject and the background so they appeared see through, but not in a way that was unflattering for the band (they have to sell concert tickets, right?). I'm sure that if I shot this in H.264 the image would have fallen apart.

There were a couple of scares. Early on the first pass of DNG converts scrambled. Had to re-do all of them. Scrambled Pink Frames on the DNGs showed up for no reason in the middle of the edit. Luckily a computer restart fixed that. I'm not really sure what caused that.

I know I wouldn't have gotten a music video looking this good with the Mk3 out of the box, and I'm stoked to shoot with ML again because now that I have a bit of experience with it I'm sure I can make the image look even better on the next one. It's a really amazing bit of computer wizardry. Thanks to all at ML for what they do.

Directed & Edited by Stephen Steelman & Brandon Jordan. Cinematography & VFX by Stephen Steelman. Additional VFX by Josh Katz. Color by Robbie Renfrow. Best Boy / Gaffer / Lighting / All around badass Skot Atkinson. Actors: Eric Lindquist, Stephanie Anderson, Jamie Miller,Seth Canterbury and Collin Palomares. Hair & Makeup by Lori Sarti and Heddie Sinatra, EPK by Sonja Brenna. Special thanks to Gretchen Bonaduce, Scott Hallberg and all at Workhorse, Tommy Vext, the gang over at magic lantern for the hack, and nofilmschool for the workflow.