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I will use the adapter from the original Sandisk set.
Can I use SanDisk Extreme microSDXC 128 ГБ [SDSQXA1-128G-GN6MA] in 100D?
Great! Is it from the whole sensor?

Can 50D work on 50fps, even in slightly less resolution?
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 50D
May 16, 2020, 10:58:54 PM
Are they?

But should I recalculate the focal length for the crop mode? Seems that I should, that is why I'm asking.
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 50D
May 16, 2020, 10:15:05 PM
Walter Schulz
I'm talking about crop mode of the cropped format.
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 50D
May 16, 2020, 09:36:38 PM
Would Sigma AF 17-50 (for Canon EF-S) be enough for shooting objects that are at approximately 10 ft, in crop mode?

Going to buy 50D at last.
This is awful... Yesterday everything was OK, but today I shut on the camera, tried to film something, but it said "Card is full". I have the MicroSD card Sandisk Extreme Plus U3 128 GB with the SD adapter. I've tried to format the card and saw a very slow formatting. Now the computer and the notebook cannot even see the card. I put the good card into the 100D, then pulled it off and put Sandisk Extreme Plus. Now it is reading the ML files before formatting - VERY SLOWLY. It sees the card, though, but can't format it.

Changed it for Samsung Pro Plus 64 GB U3 SDXC. The real write speed is so-so, shuts off after 2 minutes of raw recording, H.264 goes without problem. So now I'm selling it. What a...

Here is the first slo-mo result. File is 6,5 GB. 5 fps to 25 fps.
I think IDA_ML right about those terrible 90 hours of footage. It is not a construction of the XXI century, not the re-construction of the Tver Transfiguration Cathedral (a huge one), so 5 minutes per day would be enough. This would give me 900 minutes, of course, that is too much, but it's less than 90 hours.

My 2008 Mac Pro converts 1 minute of raw into ProRes 4444 in about 20 minutes using the latest MLV App.

By the way, I don't have a 20 TB storage capacity.

So, here comes a question of storage!

I don't know if I can show you first examples of this filming, cause I have not got an official permission for the filming (though, this is not the strategical object, so should I?). May I?
Quote from: IDA_ML on May 13, 2020, 06:21:43 PM
30 minutes per day???  If the construction takes 6 months = 180 days x 30 min = 90 hours of video showing a bridge under contruction.  Who is going to watch this?  Are you? Is 1 minute per day not enough?
I'll think of it. 90 hours of footage is too much. Maybe 5 minutes per day would be enough.

I've got Sandisk Extreme Plus U3 128GB. The ML quick benchmark shows 67.3 MB/s write and 71.9 MB/s read when the camera is in the picture view mode. Now my 100D is able to shoot continuously in 1920x1080, 25fps, 11 bit lossless. That is, Extreme Plus is enough for this, not to speak of Extreme Pro.
Well, not ML raw, but as it's known, Canon at last issued 1DX Mark III that is able to shoot 5.5K raw. Of course, this is the professional camera, but Canon has to implement high-speed flash cards to make recording 5.5K raw possible. "Raw video", "Canon" and "photo camera" began to be mentioned together from the time when Trammell Hudson made his firmware for 5D Mk II back in 2009. It took almost 10 years for Canon to make the photo camera that is able to shoot raw video, but they made it at last. It's for a professional camera for now, but who knows what would they do tomorrow. This all means that Canon closely watched ML. There is no other version.

(Horribly sorry for my English, I still cannot master the tenses).
OlRivrRat said raw is highly overrated. But it isn't so.
You make me wonder, too. Thus writes the man who has 80D, SL1, 5D2, 5DC and 70D, that is 5 (five) cameras, and each camera works with raw video. And to your mind, "RAW is Highly Overrated". "Are you trying to troll?" (c) Walter Schulz.

Look at the duck video. It was shoot in raw. Even not in Full HD. I even didn't try to shoot it in regular H.264. OK, I've tried to use H.264 in another case, even have raised the bitrate up to 1.8x, but the picture quality was mediocre comparable to raw. I'd even say the image quality of H.264 is bad.
Raw takes too many space on HDD. So I have to copy each 128 GB from SD to HDD (WD), open the files with MLV App, grade them, then maybe export something short to ProRes 4444, and then upload it to the cloud which gives the internet provider (per 1 TB per month, practically unlimited, speed is 100 Mb/s each direction) and delete from the HDD to free the space. The next day the story repeats. I don't know how many space would it take in the cloud, but, IMHO, it would be 15 or 20 TB. I don't know how am I to download it again and where am I to keep it. But the quality is so great that total file size is not the question. It is not that razor sharp as the duck vid, by the way, because I have to shoot in the crop mode using the long focal lengths. I have Canon EF-S 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS STM lens, and it gives approximately 200-230 mm in the crop mode. I'm standing by the bridge (another one, there are many bridges out there), and the river floats in front of me in the lowland. So, this is an elevation, where I'm shooting from, and the construction is 200-250 meters from me and is at the lower place than that where I stand, so that I can see everything in full view.

Maybe I should use lower resolution - say, 1760x990?
I don't know if it is interesting to anybody or not.

In the city where I live, a pedestrian bridge over the river that flows into the Volga, is currently under construction. I began to observe the construction only today, on a sunny day. From the place of my observation beautiful views open. Shot a few minutes of construction today in raw, 1920x1080, 25 fps, 12 bit lossless, Canon EOS 100D, Canon 18-55 STM. They are going to construct the bridge till the autumn, and they started doing it in March. Thinking of filming it in raw 30 minutes per day. This is a really great project, by the way, and, IMHO, it worths filming in raw. Anybody any idea? To raw or not to raw?

Quote from: reddeercity on May 09, 2020, 02:05:06 AM
There no Audio on the 50D and never will be there no speaker .
That's what I was trying to say.

reddeercity, is there'd really be the lossless compression on 50D? Seriously? Great then.
I'm sorry... making beep with the camera that doesn't have any sound or even video modules and modes at all? Or, are you talking about the non-documented possibilities of Digic 4 processor? And how to synchronize the 50D's beep with the start of the audio recorder? I think the beep must also be in the audio recorder, or I'm mistaking?
OK, I see. Thank you so much.
Are you talking about h.264 or raw video?
Higher data rate = higher resolution (continuous).

Quote from: Walter Schulz on May 07, 2020, 11:41:53 PM
My own measurements with Komputerbay 1066x 128 GB:
write 85 - 91.x MB/s (in photo mode)
In video mode around 55 MByte/s.
Why so?
So, I suppose, this camera is better than 50D?
So the data on this page is incorrect?
Is this camera is capable now of recording 1920x1080 12 bit 25fps video?

Can it write 80 MB/s or 90 MB/s on 1066x CF?
I meant to say that ML can be used professionally.

The next step for ML developers is 6, 7 and 8 Digics. If they would make, say, EOS R work with ML then much greater possibilities would open because it's card controller supports writing speed up to 200 MB/s, and that is huge speed, so many tricks would be available such as (IMHO) 4K 50 FPS or something around 6K. Man that will be a great camera!

This camera has two Digic 6 and CF 120 MB/s, so it's great, too.

Not every man on this forum can earn "serious amount of bucks" and invest it on the camera. Which camera, by the way? There are quite a lot of good Canon cameras that can shoot raw, using ML, in highest quality previously available when using profi cinema cameras only. And these Canon cameras cost much, much less than those profi cinema cameras - I mean, Arri Alexa, Red (any), etc. There are cheap SD, CF cards (comparing to the profi cards or whatever), cheap lenses anyone can get great videos with. You can make almost any kind of image using raw from these Canon cameras, and this, may I call it, ML RAW SYSTEM costs much, much less money than any of those professional cinema raw systems. OK, this is all just my POV, but anyone already can make documentaries using ML raw. Using their own cameras, not the rented ones. And I want to thank all programmers that are working on this great project that, undoubtedly, has great future. I'm from Russia, for instance, and we have hard times by now (economical crisis, dictatorship, etc), but even now (!) I can afford myself shooting ML raw in highest possible quality, and I'm going to further evolve my raw system, because, again, I CAN afford it myself without investing tens of thousands of bucks into it. Just as I can afford myself to record sound (music) on tape from the mikes - and again, without those great investments. I can get great professionally looking picture for some hundreds of bucks with the camera that costed me... um... $200 with lens (!). Of course, there are BMCC, BMPCC, etc, but, to my mind, ML raw is better and even more cheap. ML is free of charge, by the way, isn't it great?
Quote100D – 44 MB/s (Overclocked at SDR104 @ 160MHz: 71 MB/s)
But the SD card overheats quite a lot even without the cover.