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Hi All

  The DrasticPreview and DrasticPreviewPro have been updated.  This fixes the pinkish tone introduced in the last release.  The MediaReactor Workstation fixes will be up shortly as well, and I'll update the thread.

Cheers, James


I downloaded the latest version of DP (Windows version). Pressing the play button, shows the videos but with pink colour cast. Anything I am doing wrong?
Hi All

  Sorry, I am still not getting email updates on this thread.  It looks like the debayer is shifting the raw bits incorrectly in DrasticPreview, MediaComposer and Premiere.  Not sure how this got out this way, my apologies.  The issues has been fixed and is being tested for a new release.  I will post again when the new download is available

Cheers, James

Hi All

  I have sorted out my email issue on the forum, and should be getting thread updates again.  Sorry for missing some of the comments at the end of last year.  We have spent the last couple of weeks improving our MLV and RAW support.  The first installers out are DrasticPreview for Windows and OS-X.  They are available now at

I anyone needs temp license extensions, please request them from authorization(at), and mention you are testing Magic Lantern raw for DrasticPreview (or MediaReactor Workstation when that releases).

MediaReactor Workstation for Adobe/Apple/Avid with the new processing will be out shortly, and I will update this thread.  Also, if you do not get a response here, please feel free to contact us directly at support(at)

Cheers, James

Should I export as a PNG or TIFF sequence and then relink xml with in Resolve?
Hi Eran

  For best quality to resolve, I would convert them directly to DNG.  If you have to do a conversion step, that is going to be the best quality going into resolve.

Cheers, James

Can someone say if/what the workflow from premier pro with MediaReactor WorkStation to Resolve 10 (as Resolve not recognize the ML RAW file that coming straight up from the camera ) ?
Hi Eran

  We spoke to the product manager for Resolve and they do not have a file read plug in api, so for resolve you will have to convert to DNG or wait and see if they add RAW or MLV. 

Cheers, James

You wrote "I can only play 5 frames from the CF card..." that's why i thought about bandw...
I am trying it as we speak... no problems here: i7 laptop, win7...

Hi Eran

  Sorry for the delay, I was/am not getting thread updates at the moment.  When we get a 5~10 frame playback, it usually means we are having trouble with the audio system.  We use the audio clock as one of the ways we time A/V/M together, and if we think it is working and it doesn't we can get these short plays.  If you are still interested, PM me and we can try and sort it out.

Cheers, James


Infinitebuzz....any insight into what is causing the 5-frame playback limit in the trial version or your product?

I have a production coming up in mid-December and I need to figure out a real-world solution to playback .raw and .mlv files on set on a laptop.

Many thanks!
Hi Midphase

  Very sorry about the delay, I don't seem to be getting messages when the thread is updated!  We spent the last couple of weeks chasing this down, and we believe we have sorted it out.  There are new DrasticPreview installers up on our site that should fixed this problem.  MediaReactor Workstation installers will follow shortly.

Cheers, James

I was searching for a fast way to playback/preview footage... DrasticPreview's the name! Good job on that one
Thanks very much!  :)

am i wrong, or it's not the same quality than dng? working with raw i cant get the same quality and colors that working with dng on there any tricks? the raw is very dark and even if i try setting with speedgrade i can't get the same colours and feeings than acr... :'(
Hi MHimihi

  We have heard about darkness from a couple of people.  Do you have a file you can share?  With the debayer, we currently use bilinear on Adobe, and a more advanced MalvarLanczos on Scratch.  We have decided to port the more advanced debayer back to Adobe and MediaComposer as well.  I will let everyone know here when it is released.

Cheers, James

Hi All

  New versions of and are up!  Here are the main changes:

- Full MLV 14 bit bayer support
- Fixed Premiere MLV import
- RAW info header fix for RAW and MLV
- More meta and setttings from MLV

Cheers, James

Same here. I am using OS X 10.8.3, newest DrasticPreview 143 and MediaReactor 143. Seems like the plugins do not install on the right place or just do not install at all.
Is there a way to install the plugins manually?
Hi Pholler

  We are looking into this.  For some reason, the raw is not getting added.  Hopefully we will have a fix shortly.  I'll announce it here.

Cheers, James


i am not having a lot of luck here. First - most mails from you don't make their way to me.  I just wanted to install the newest versions, but no mail..
I however received the links for the previous versions some days ago (one of them in the spam filter).

DrasticPreview is working - but only playing 5 Frames.
(I can get around this when putting the playhead to the clip end, reversing, and then pressing play..!)

Mediareactor is installed but none of the Apps (QT pro, AE CC, Premiere CS 6) was able to open the .RAW files.

I am on a Mac / OSX 10.8.5

Looking forward to have it all working smoothly on my computer!  It's absolutely what i was looking for.
With the plugins - will it be possible to preview the RAWs in OSX finder already?
Hi Matthieu

  Thanks for letting me know.  With the remailer, we have been having trouble with the mail ending up in the spam folder and just not appearing at all.  Last weekend we updated our web site software, and were able to change it to display the link on the landing page after you fill in the form.  It will still send the info email out, but at least you don't have to wait for the email to get the link.
  With DrasticPreview and MRWS on Mac, can you please PM me your Mac's config?  The playback stopping has often been an audio problem (trying to use a audio subsystem that doesn't act like we expect), but the Premiere/QT issue sounds like the drivers weren't installed in the correct place by our installer.  What version of QT and Premiere are you using?

Cheers, James

I have able to download the new version of drasticpreview but the mediareactor not, did't receive the email with the link. 

I try the new drasticpreview and i already can play/preview the MLV raw files (thanks =)) . The playback is not so smooth like the legacy raw files  but is alright for see the footage. The raw file that i preview got a lot of fringing, if it's for previewing it's ok but if it's for using as plugin in premiere it's not good having this all fringing stuff.  Also now i see some king of green watermark with a clock inside, do i need to put the code again?   

Thanks for the work  :)
Hi Arrinkiii

  We are still getting a couple of MLV files to work, though most of them seem ok now.  I will have a look at the speed, it should be close to raw speeds.  The main difference is that raw are always in order, which is nice for read, but MLV can be out of order to support the highest possible write performance on the camera.  If you have a fast driver or SSD for source, the difference with the extra seeks should be negligible, but on hard drives they can add up.  Can you please send me a sample of the finging?  With the watermark, please run LicenseDDR and PM me with what it says.  The watermark probably means the trial has run out.  We can reset that for you.

Cheers, James

Hi All

  There are new versions of DrasticPreview, DrasticPreview Pro and MediaReactor Workstation that have updated ML raw support and the first pass of MLV support.  The MLV supports only the raw 14 bit essence (not the 8, 10 or LZW yet) and supports multiple/spanned MLV files.  Not all MLV files are supported yet (g3gg0 has already found 2), but these will be supported in a update next week.

Thanks, James

Hi infinitebuzz!

I downloaded MediaReactor and installed it, then started Premiere CC and tried to import a RAW-File. Than i got an error-message from GingerHDR. I forgot that i installed this plugin. This plugin also lets you import .RAW-Files directly into Premiere. It's just very very slow, why i never used it. Then i removed GingerHDR and uninstalled MediaReactor and installed it again. I still cannot import any RAW-files in Premiere. When i select the Import-dialog the .RAW-Files are grayed out. I cannot select them. Any suggestions?

Before i forget. I am using a Mac.

Thanx in advance
Hi Peter

  I can have a look on Monday.  There is a new version up if you want to try that in the meantime.

Cheers, James

my PC mount ATI 5650 Mobility  GPU card is it possible to use your software with it? thx
Hi Brawl

  Yes.  For ATI we will use OpenCL, if available, and if not we will default to the CPU for debayer.  CPU based debayer is much slower, but it will let you see the picture ;).  Please let us know how it works.

Cheers, James

Any hope for sony vegas pro 12?
Hi Hjfilmspeed

  We would love to support Vegas, but we have been unable to get a file I/O SDK from Sony.  We know there is one available, but we have not found the right person to get it from.

Cheers, James

Thanks for the great response everyone!  You comments and reports have been very helpful.  Some have asking for temporary licenses in the comments on the download responder.  Unfortunately we need a site code to create a key for you.  Please install the software, run the licenser and send us the site code.  We will send back a response you can put in the license app.  There is more information on this here:

Also, the next version will include support for MLV as well as RAW.  I will post a message here when it goes up.

 :D Update:  If you are shooting MLV (Magic Lantern Raw 2.0) and are interested in trying it in DrasticPreview, please send me a PM and I will send you a link to a plug in you can add to the installer to get it reading.  We are still working on R/B gain, exposure and file spanning, but the basics are working.

One question-which kind of debayer method do you use?
the footage has a nice contrast
The default debayer in the player is bilinear.  There is a MarkovLanczos debayer that is sharper in the Assimilate that we are thinking of adding as an option.

after a restart it played 1 time all the way then after i closed and opened it again, it went back to playing just the ;5 frames.
  Is this Windows or OS-X?  If yo have time, can you please capture a DbgView (Windows) of the debug coming out when it stops at 5 seconds.

Cheers, James

i cant get any clip to play past 0.00.00;05 seconds...?
Hi MrNV45

  We do use the audio board/chip/driver for timing on DrasticPreview.  If you do not have one, or it is otherwise in use, it may not play properly (e.g. stop playing).  If this is the case, seeking and playing should go a few seconds from where you seek to

Cheers, James

Very interesting software, but out of curiosity: how do I uninstall MediaReactor? I'm running Premiere CC, and with official support for CDNG coming soon, I don't want this app to conflict with that especially since it's a watermarked demo.

I imported several DNG sequences into Premiere and had issues with getting just a black screen on some clips, or very stuttery playback, etc. I trust it will get better, but for now, how do I undo? :D
Hi Oedipax

  There is an uninstall program installed with MediaReactor.  It is in /Applications/MediaReactor on Mac and Start Menu | Programs | MediaReactor on Windows.  These will remove all the files we installed, but may leave some config files created after install that won't effect anything.  We would be very interested in looking at any files that did not work properly in Premiere with our plug in.

Cheers, James

I just test DrasticPreview, it is so usefull, and very efficent (even with the 10 secondes restraint of the demo version) !

I got one question :
If I purchase the player DrasticPreview, wil it be for only one computer ?
> Because I would like to have the player on a Laptop just to check / valid what I have shoot on the set, and one player on my computer at the office.
Hi Francis

  We understand that this is a common issue, and will generally allow two keys for this purpose for the cost of one for this kind of on-set/off-set product.

Cheers, James

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