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To asnwer my own question. I had to download a different version of CR2HDR, then the checkboxes appeared  :)
OK, I am lost. I know the parametrs boxes are generated dynamically, but I don't see any checkboxes now. I use the build listed in the 1st post of  cr2hdr thread.
Any help?
Guys, I need your help.

Followed all steps very carefully. I had previously installed ML to 5Dm3 with not problems.

Now, after I updated my 7D witch patched .fir, the led turned RED, stayed for about 15s, then the camera looked as if it was completely off.
Waited couple of minutes - nothing. Turned it to off position, then back to ON, nothing happens.

As if the battery was dead. Completly no reaction...
Is there anything I can do????