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i was noticing in some of my shots (2nd verse Performance infront of tv's) i used the ACR (auto whitebalance) feature.  some of the files were converted yellowish, but some were left ,blueish.  you can kinda see the colors on the face flicker around frame by frame in the 2nd verse performance

this is a RAW/h.264 music video.. all b-roll was in raw...and mostly all performance was h.264 except some of the last verse

you can see it big time at the 2:00 mark

Raw Video Postprocessing / Green Screening with ML RAW?!
November 14, 2013, 02:02:41 AM
Does anyone have samples on green/blue screen?

was going to start a project and couldn't really find any good samples.  only saw one but it wasnt anything worth posting.

Thanks in advance!
i used magic raw to create the sequence.

with some clips i already did before using GINGER hdr to import the .raw

so i have these folders of .dng that are bright and lit up right

but when i import the image_000.dng  all the clips are dark and cant see anything but a little bit of the light.. i used the Ginger to white balance it..and nothing ..

any idea what i can do?
Raw Video / Raw Vs MLV - Canon 7d
October 04, 2013, 06:20:25 AM
Im looking for the best answer to the question.

Raw vs. .MLV

which one is a better choice on the canon 7d?