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Any compiled 550D builds around? Would really like to try it out :D

This was my applicationfilm for a filmschool. The Film got me into the second round, but unfortunately I didn't make it in. Nevertheless, here it is.
Hope you enjoy.

Raw Video / Re: 550D raw video recording port official thread
« on: September 11, 2013, 06:55:28 PM »
Hy everyone. This is my very first post in here so be nice pls;)

I was wondering about the whole RAW on the 550D thing. Is it even worth mentioning? - As I tested it, I was able to record with my 15mbs card somewhere about 900x300  continuously. In the hype of being able to record RAW I was about to buy the Sandisc 95mbs card. But turns out the camera internal writing speed is maxed at 21mbs. this means: The maximum resolution one can get RAW is somewhere about 1152x432. This is .. ehm... very little. So here is my point: Even though the RAW has a slighter sharper image, the H264 can go more than double the resolution (1920x1080) which makes that one RAW-sharper benefit not even worth mentioning.
Now I know that it sounds very harsh and disrespectful to those guys working on this project, which is really the opposite of what I was trying to achieve. In fact I am a big fan and was reading and using Magic lantern since the very first days.
At the end of the day we all have the same goal: to get a better looking image. But from what I can see, the RAW solution does not offer a better image quality in it's current state. So what I am trying to say is: Whats the point in shooting a squeezed VGA resolution Raw? - I know this forum is exactly about trying to make the impossible possible, but from what I have heard, I think that we have reached the limits of the 550D..
Please reply if I am wrong, because I really wish to be so.

Apologies for my bad english.

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