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So just making sure.
My Version is 1.1.3 ml 2.3 NEXT. So i just go and update the version by putting the update file (ML5D3123.FIR) in to my clean SD card or with ML on it?  and run the firmware update?
I stressed out by this thats why i'm asking to make sure i'm doing it right  :) 

My version 1.1.3 ML 2.3 NEXT

Hi, My 5D MK3 is Running on "1.1.3 ML 2.3 NEXT " , What exactly i need to do in order to upgrade?
The instructions says :
1.Format the card from the camera. (Sd card that contains the ML program? or what?)
2.Make sure you are running Canon firmware 1.2.3. (How do i instal this version? via SD card? I just copy the file of this version and run the update? )
3) Copy ML files on the card and run Firmware Update. (Should i delete the second step's file[firmware] from the card before putting the ML files?)

1) Run Firmware Update from your ML card. (Means that if i want to go back to 1.2.3 Canon's, just put it on the card and run the update and then the ML is gone?)
2) Follow the instructions.( Are there any more instructions? Where are they?)

I'm asking all of this because i don't really don't know. Thank you.

Another question. Can i plug the camera with Atomos Ninja and get a clean Hd Output? With my current Magic Lantern Version on the Camera.?


HDR and Dual ISO Postprocessing / Re: Guys. I shot a video on Raw mode HDR
« on: December 22, 2013, 05:57:00 PM »
Alex, thanks.

So i should  just make a video sequence out if the DNGs and let the Program merge them together and them -  Splitting a and b frames into c. thats what is left for me to do. 

I thought i could avoid it  8)

thanks again.

HDR and Dual ISO Postprocessing / Guys. I shot a video on Raw mode HDR
« on: December 22, 2013, 04:42:37 PM »
how should i now put it through the HDR workflow. i mean i converted the raw file into DNG files. now how should i merge these images together?

Forgot to say.. after i ran the SD carn with the bootflag file and updated the version. i put the card back to the pc and i found a new file Named ROM.DAT   

what should i do about it? delete it? leave it there?

I formatted the sd card inside the camera.
ran the bootflagfir in the cam.
put the SD card back in the pc. deleted the bootflag file.
put on the SD card the ML folder and the autoexe.
i ran the eosCard to make in bootable - i checked the EOS_DEVELOPE & BOOTDISK (doesn't say successfull.. it says  -
 Drive 1  Ready Fat VBR Loaded )

I'm running on Win 7  64bit.

Please Help..

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