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My bad, sorry for messing up the thread.
Turns out the cause was unrelated, an empty battery supposedly full made it looks just like the symptoms described here.
If a mod passes by, feel free to delete my posts.

Bumping this as I have the same exact problem.
No boot, no activity even when there is no card inside. I'm desperate for a fix, I saved up for a long time for this body

Did anyone found a solution ?

I use raw2dng > nuke import with the J-OPS gizmo, which lets you import raw dng to 8 or 16bits and color correct in a environment compatible with the raw bit depth.

You also get some import options just like Camera Raw : pre-debayer, colorspace and noise reduction control... Some of those are interesting to do in 16bits especially noise removal. You will have to remove vignette and lens distorsion manually though.

When you're done with color correcting export to dng 16bits and done.
I can't think of anything else that preserves the color.

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