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Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 1DX support?
« on: August 20, 2013, 09:34:36 AM »
Reverse engineering a program for which you don't have a license (e.g. the 1D firmware) is illegal in most EU countries (probably in USA too).

This means we won't investigate the 1DC firmware. Sorry.

Some links (besides the well-known EFF FAQ):

Well.. A1ex.. The link actually says that it IS LEGAL to reverse engineer - atleast in EU. As long as it isn't commercial.
"You do it only for your personal use or for "educational purposes" (i.e. study)".
"You do not use big chunks of the code for applications you SELL".

This means that it IS LEGAL. The auther also writes about the "scarecrow agreement" where almost all produceres write that reverse engineer is against the agreement. But this isn't legally binding as it is against EU law - which is above all inside EU.

Not, i'm not a lawyer - just a amature filmmaker. But is the auther is right, then it's perfectly legal to disassemble the software as it is in personal interrest and you don't charge money for ML.

Now i know you guys can't afford to any lawyers so if it was me, i would still not try and modify the firmware of the 1D-series after what Canon said - as it would ruin the whole operation if this would come to a lawsuit.

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