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Hello guys,

First of all, sorry for my bad english, i'm french.

I would like to share a nice tip with you, as i've never heard of this on the forum. Compressor is able to read DNG Sequences and therefore create Movie sequences in the format you want. The best reason to use this software to render proxys is the speed. I think it's 5x times faster than After Effects, and as i can't use Resolve (because i've macbook pro 13" with GMA HD graphic card), it's very nice. The second reason is that it is very easy to create batchs.

To render the proxys, you have to follow these very easy steps.

First, select the folder containing the DNG Sequence. If you want to select multiple folders DNG Sequence, you have to select the Folder containing ALL the DNG Sequences.

Now, you have to set an output. You can create multiple outputs for each sequence (two resolutions for example)

Select the output

Click start batch

As you can see, the proxy is pretty clean, compared to the original DNG frame.

What do you think about this technique guys ? Have you tried it yet ?

Hey guys,

I'm glad to present you my new video. I’m a young french cinematographer and photographer. I did a trip in Vietnam for 1 month in May, and i released few days ago a video, that i shot with a 5D Mark III and raw video module. For color grading, I used LUTs from Impulz (VisionColor). I hope you'll like it !

Here is the link :

The video was shared by Color Vision yesterday :

Feel free to share it, it would be an honour !



Hey guys,

I just downloaded the new build for the 5D MARK III (2013-09-25 10:08:30) available here :
I loaded the raw video module correctly, then i rebooted my 5DMKIII... but i can't see the raw video module in the Movie Menu ... any idea ?

Thanks guys!

Hey guys !

This is my first raw video with my Canon 5D Mark III. It's showcasing the work of my cousin who's ironworker. It's such a pleasure to process the DNGs, the highlights and the blacks are very well recovered with Adobe Camera Raw. In order to match the color grading between the sequences, i created a profile inside ACR. The 720p quality is not as good as the original ProRes4444 file so it will be available for download soon !

Lenses : Canon 28mm f1.8 USM & Canon EF 50mm f1.8
Card : Komputerbay 64gb 1000x

- Raw import with Son of Batch (
- Grading with ACR in After effects (Prores444 export)
- Editing in FCPX 10.0.8

Lionel Bigiaoui

Music : DJ Krush - Road to nowhere

I hope you'll like it !

Not a valid vimeo URL[/vimeo]

Hey guys,

I have the latest version of Raw2dng (0.13) that generates prores444 video files from RAW. It's a bit strange because when i put the video created by Raw2dng into VideoSpec software (a freeware to know parameters of videos it says that it's Prores422... here is the screenshot :

Any idea to solve this issue ?

Thanks a lot !


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