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sorry... I thought you asked about ML version!! ops!!  :o

Im trying to install cr2hdr-r but its giving me some problems... after "discover" the password, I finished the process and it says ok... but after put the icon on the App bin and the dash... it doesnt work. More than that, when I try to uninstall it, it say that no folders where found on usr/... location, and the process is finished ok.

So, I have intaled, uninstaled and re-instaled many times and it doesnt work... so Im thinking about going to sleep and take it again tomorrow... Thanks again, I will try tomorrow and I tell to you how it goes!! ;)

Thanx dude, I will try with both them.
I've intalled the "last version" for 7D 2.03 from the downloads... I think that its the last one, isnt it??? this is infinite... :D

Im going to try and lets see whats going on!!
Thanx again!!

Hi guys,....Im looking for someone to help me... :D

Lets see, I work with a macpro OSX 10.6.8 and canon 7D... and after read and read...and download and test, I have some questions:

1- There is any software that works on my machine to review or convert my MLV Clips?? :D :D :D because I've tested both MLRawViewer and raw2dng and I couldnt see any frame of any *.MLV that I tested. The exported clips appear as black ones, anything of the image.

2- I work with AE CS3 and I've seen that there are some plugins for it. Do you know if they work on my AE version??


Hi, can you tell me if it works with AE CS3????


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