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Doesn't work with the latest 22 July mlv_dump (canon 5D3 1.2.3 4k lossless thread)
Sorry to interrupt you guys, is it just me or the digic peaking isn't working for 5D 1.2.3?
Quote from: banertop on December 29, 2017, 09:52:08 PM
"but there's a trick when you half press the shutter button - it will show you the canon real time image, though 5x punched in but it's very useful to check your focus."

Do you think about 3.5 or 3k mode?

It was confusing, because one of previews guys said that he press info button to get canon zoomed preview in 3k mode, but i can not get it...

So, half press shutter button is trick for 3k or 3.5k mode (preview with info button works for me in 3,5 mode, to)

half shutter for 3.5K crop mode. I'm not sure about the info and 3k 1:1 - I didn't manage to get it working...
Quote from: banertop on December 29, 2017, 09:08:55 PM
Yes RTI, thank you, you are right....

This video is great, and helps a lot.......but it is all about 3.5kmode, witch i do not have problem with.....

Problem is with 3k mode....

1. How to get more then 4 sec in 3072x1728
2. how to get preview usable during shooting,in 3.5k mode with pressing info i get preview while to do the same in 3k mode....because, when press info button, i get black screen with color dots, stripes....

thanks for your time

You won't have preview in 3K 1:1 (it's broken, it's even written when you select it in the menu). As for 3.5k 1:1 - it's quite usable. Select "framing" from the menu - this will give you a preview of the real framing, but there's a trick when you half press the shutter button - it will show you the canon real time image, though 5x punched in but it's very useful to check your focus.

Quote from: hjfilmspeed on December 29, 2017, 07:16:59 PM
This video needs small updates but it should still get you 3k continuous. It's also on page one of this topic.

The quide is very helpful, but I think the question was about the 3k 1:1 mode from the crop rec module. The video describes 3.5K where you have to punch in.
yeah, audio seems a bit out of sync.
Just as the title says.

Some shots seem rather soft, those were shot wide open @F1.4 on a sigma 50mm (non art).
batch_mlv fixed the issue for me. thx @Danne
Quote from: anDyIII on December 04, 2017, 12:23:04 AM
But if you set that crop mode together with 1280 50 ALL-I video mode, as soon as you enter the FPS override menu, the camera freezes and you have to remove the battey.
I can replicate this issue as many times as I want.

Can confirm that too, but only if you have "exact FPS" selected.
And another issue, at least for me, can't shoot 48p - I get errors.
Quote from: Danne on September 02, 2017, 11:33:57 AM
Read last 10-20 posts.
You can press menu button twice to get rid of the signal.

My bad, found it. Thank you.
I get the "busy" message while the 5x crop and raw rec is on an (can't change apperture and shutter speed). In my memory it didn't happen on previous builds. I'm on the latest available Aug 26 5DIII123.
@Danne, thx for the input. But i have zero knowledge in coding and compiling stuff :) For now it will be easier for me to install a hackintosh.
Thx Danne, I'm on PC and using the latest availabe mlv_dump from the experiments download section.

I suppose it has been covered, but I haven't been able to find a direct answer to my issue, so don't hit me too hard :)
In short - the dng files that have lossless compression aren't supported natively in the latest version of  Adobe premiere (at least on my PC). I wouldn't even bother with that because Resolve does a great job, but with the latest version of Premiere i found that it handles canon raw quite good (it can be absolutely my feeling, as didn't find anything in the release notes)

Is there any way to import the dngs directly into premiere? The simple uncompressed dng files work just fine.
Thx for the mini guide. "Your camera appears OK, no need to worry."
I'm running the latest experimental build 10bit_12bit. (Feb_11)
Somehow I'm getting the "busy" status after recording raw with mlv_rec. I thought that was fixed long ago, at least this topic states so

I've just got a 5D3 again, so playing with it  - has anyone got the same issue?


I've shot some clips today with mlv_rec (1920*1080@24fps), all the videos turned out with the green cast to them (wrong black level), is there a way to fix them (other than tuning the black levels in post?)
Currently testing 10bit on my canon 6D
-I'm getting random slowdowns (using a lexar UHS-I 128 633, max write speed with 6D is around 38-39Mb/s) - quite often I get 9-10 MB when trying to record (can't reproduce it).
-Also, battery percentage always shows 100% (when in global draw ofc, in canon menu the right values are displayed).
-ISO display seems to show only full EV values, no 1/3EV.
-mlv_play doesn't work, shows some corrupt images.
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 6D
August 22, 2016, 09:34:01 AM
I'm on the latest ML build for 6D. Was shooting a project as a B-cam, and the camera kept stopping recording. I was using a Lexar SDXC 128Gb 633x, which covers the max transfer rate of the 6D's SD interface (also tested on PC - has 90MB/s transfer rate bot reading and writing), I've formated the card natively in camera - same results, also noticed the problem occurs when there is more motion in frame, like small details - foliage or high ISO shooting, in other words when the codec is stressed.
Has anyone experienced such issues? Forgot to mention, I was shooting ALL-I. IPB solves the problem, but it's a good choice for me.


Tried other card, have the same problems.
I wouldn't recommend using focus peaking at all. I use the Digic peaking "slightly sharper" setting, it's enought to see where the focus is - just give it a try, it has little to no impact on the performance. Other setting that you might find useful, in case you are shooting a flat profile is to boost the Live view contrast/saturation while maintaining a flat recording picture.
was the 3x magnified recording facebook post also a 1st april joke? I was also very happy seeing the BSOD 1st april "joke" :)
Make sure you have your CF card selected from the menu. It sometimes switches to SD when you don't have a CF card in camera and won't revert back.
Yep, no audio controls during recording is a real bummer on 6D. Unfortunately I had to downgrade my 5D3 to a 6D. And some of missing features are driving me nuts :S. Ofc not ML related. ML makes this cam half decent.

Don't hit me too hard, is the menu exiting by itself a known reported issue for 6D?
Re: 1.3.3 question (and you guessed it right, covered a lot of times)
I needed to update my camera from 1.1.3 to 1.2.3 (need AF with F8).
But I'm missing some features from 1.1.3 ML builds, unless I missed them in the menu - can't find the fine tune for the live view image, like contrast and saturation boost. Was very helpful when shooting flat (Cinestyle pic profile).
Hi, has anyone noticed higher power consumption with the latest builds? I'm on "" atm, did a clean install (formated card and just followed the standard procedure). I'm shooting video mostly. Either my batteries are dying (got a few original and chineese copies), or there's another reason I can't seem to figure.

I don't have any of the modules loaded. I use ML mainly for the video aids (hystogram), Liveview image adjustments (I use some +contrast, as I shoot a flat profile) and the slightly sharper image which helps with focusing.