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Tragic Lantern / Re: 6D - Install guide and raw shooting.
« on: July 23, 2013, 02:42:25 AM »
What's the max resolution the 60D can do? The chart shows that it is approx. 1750 x 1050 (I don't remember the exact numbers) for about 150 frames. Is that correct? So I can assume that scaling to 1080p is very easy? Is it possible to get continuous recording at that resolution? I'm curious because I'll either purchase a 6D or a 70D which has the same SD controller as the 6D and the Raw capability on both should be exactly the same.

General Chat / Re: Canon 70D - dynamic range dream
« on: July 04, 2013, 08:19:41 AM »
I doubt it. Keep dreaming man.

It says dont' request for 60p 1080p but that was written a while ago right? What was the limiting factor? Processor speed? The 70D has a Digic 5+ processor so is it possible to shoot 60p at 1080p? I'm not even asking for RAW.

General Chat / Re: Canon EOS 70D (RAW possibility)
« on: July 03, 2013, 09:51:43 AM »
First post here! Long timer lurker though.

With the UHS-1 Card slot, the fairly large buffer on 70D, a fast 95mbs SDXC card, and some Magic Lantern wizardry, is it possible to get close to 1080p raw for at least a minute shooting?

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