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Did you make the card bootable? And then putting on the ml files to the card? Did you do the nightly builds?

- How is the card made bootable? And why should it? Installation guide doesn't tell anything about that? I understood that Alpha 3 even can't be made boot from the card but must be uploaded everytime power is switched on?

- I formatted the card just as the installation guide tells. And then I copied the ML files I downloaded from the site (of course I first unzipped them)

- I don't do the nightly buildups. Just tryed the announced Alpha 3 for 5D mkIII.

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I can't get ML uploaded into my brand new 5D mkIII ? I have tryed several times, I have followed all the steps in the installation guide and in the message #1 of this thread strictly. I have firmware 1.1.3. for sure. My camera is new, I bought it two weeks ago.

Some observations:
- I have tryed two CF cards (Sandisk Extreme 60MB/s, 32 GB and 16 GB) and one SD card (Transcend 32GB SDHC) and ML only on one card at a time. Also I have tryed with only one card in the camera.

- In the first upload attempts, nothing happened exept card check counter went fast 0-100%, then camera was quiet (no red led blinking). Nothing installed.

- Then I updated firmware 1.1.3. to 1.1.3. for sure (I updated it from the After this, the firmware upload to ML ends red led blinking for ever. So was the new 1.1.3. firmware even worse than my original 1.1.3. ?

Could someone tell, where to find 5DmkIII firmware 1.1.3., which would work with ML for sure?

Any other advice?

Just at the moment I would like to have ML to be able to use normal still-shutter button for video. Is this feature working on ML for 5DmkIII ?

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