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The way I fixed ffmpg was purely by removing mlviewer.. Not sure if that is a legit fix....but I thought it may be messing with the code somewhere... so i gave it a go and it worked.
Great stuff, I mite start shooting raw for smaller projects and just export them as 444 files and miss the whole resolve part, would save a lot of time.
Hey Chmee, Awesome, got the mpg's to work!! only thing is, it takes for ever to import them all into premiere because i have to go into each folder individually which wont work if im shooting a proper gig with 300 clips etc.

Secondly, once i export the xml out of premiere, i cant get the mpgs to link with the dngs in resolve. Any answers to these?

otherwise, love your buddy.
Hey Chmee, trying to get the mpeg proxies to work, I got the exe for ffmpeg in where raw2cndg is and it has the mpeg option next to the jpg proxi text, i click this hoping to make the mpeg proxies but it still just creates jpg's.

Any help with this? Essentially do they also have the same file name, so if i edl//xml the proxies out of premiere into resolve, they will link strait up with the dng files?
Is it possible to use the .mov files as proxies to relink into resolve now?
chmee is there anyway to mass import the jpg sequences into premiere? it seems i have to do them all individually.
Ok so I just started using MLrawviewer to convert my images to cdng purely because they are still 16bit ( apparently ) and it makes proxies really quickly, (well just 444 prores files)

Awesome, Just what I want, so i dont have to waste time converting more files, i can get proxies and dng all done in one go!! awesome right?

well....bit of an issue, I grab my proxies, chuck them in premiere, do an edit, export xml // edl to resolve and nothing, I have been searching the web for 8 hours now and I cant finda  thing to help me. Does anybody know how to do this? I feel the multiple frame rates and resolution sizes may be a factor, though i have all the right settings in resolve to make this work... * sigh * once this is fixed, shooting raw will be a breeze. 

Any help would be much appreciated.
Totally cool, my only issue now is getting the .mov files to link to my DNG files back in resolve. xml and edl are being a real pain. Any ideas?
amazing colours!! beautiful music. good job
thank you very much. once i learn this workflow better ill be able to bring some far better things hopefully :)
great colours! why did you use rawbatcher first before mlrawviewer?
Hey dude, anyway to turn the mov conversion into small proxie files? 444 is all well and good but i want cdng for resolve then small .mov files to edit in premiere with so i can just xml back to resolve and grade. so small .mov option would be amazing...unless i misses something...i read since page 11 :)

Also, when grading in resolve with BMD color spacing etc.. is it best to use log space? i am used to using raw2cdng.
Hey dude, thanks for ya time. i used raw2dng wayyyy back, then started using raw2cdng as soon as i went back to playing with raw about 6 months ago. this is the first time i am really playing with it properly as I dont want to bust out 24k for an f5 just yet :) but i want to get used to working with raw and having a bit more fun.

I understand that dng is 10bit or 12bit? one of the two, which is 2bit off 14 which is what the raw data is. So the cdng just gives you that bit extra to work with yeah?
ahh thanks man! glad to hear it. Though i need a better conversion method :/ somnething that does cdng + .mov proxies or something. jpg proxies take forever to import one by one
It just crashes when I put a bunch of clips into it then click on it again or try and scroll through them or even remove a clip that has been added. It kinda kills me :( On a side note.. really trying to figure out the difference between a cdng and a Dng..
Yeah man it was a HUGE hassle. What is IQ?
What is the difference between Dng and Cdng? I use raw2cdng atm but the vertacle stripes is hurting me, looking at running this, would you use this over raw2cdng? is it that dng is for adobe and cdng is for resolve? this has always baffled me.
what would you recommend a PC user to trans code their footage with? i have been using raw2cdng but i feel there must be something better out there
THis isnt up to standard with my normal editing and normal work as lost a bunch of footage to corruption and also focusing on the fact i am shooting raw and not h264 then camera failing all the time etc, didnt make it a hugely fun creative experience, but more left me straggling for anything i could get that looked decent. ANYWAY, this is the end result. ANYWAY, 800GB of footage, trans coded all to proxies.. that was fun....There surely is a better way to do this :P

PS, if anyone knows a program for pc that gets rid of the vertical noise.... i would be a happy man.

**100% raw,
**transcoded in raw2cdng 1.5.0Beta 6
        - is there anything else out there i should be using instead of this on pc?
**taken into resolve and make proxies
**edit proxies in premiere then export XML
**grade in resolve and then export back to premiere for effects, title, outro, grain etc.
**export for vimeo :)

Let me know what you all think. Next time i will shoot a lot more crop stuff, see how much better the quality gets :) plus i really want to get rid of those vertical noise bars.. surely there is something out there better to get 14/16bit files on pc other than raw2cdng...

Everything was shot on carl ziess glass. oh.. and a 35 1.4 Samyang...that thing is a monster for its price.. its crazy.

I am shooting raw 1.0, dont need audio and it seems more stable from my own small personal projects. is a bit annoying converting 10 files at a time.. some files need to be done individually too
Hey guys, I have been using RAW2CDNG recently for small personal projects, decided to use it on a club night event.

Shot 800gb total, come to transcoding it and RAW2CDNG just keeps having fatal errors etc. there is always a clip somewhere that screws it up, if i do like.. 10 files at a time its ok, but that means i have to constantly be there being a parent to the program.. is there something more reliable out there that will just skip clips that wont work and wont just die on me that I can run all night?

I AM USING WINDOWS i7 950, 580 phantom 3gb + 32gb ram 64bit...sadly still on usb2... reckon it would be faster on usb 3? ANYWAY THIS IS MY ISSUE...please.. any help would be much appreciated as this is slowing my down and making me question this workflow considerably.

(i may have accidentally posted this in raw to, i havent slept in days and kinda tripping balls as the determination to be the best kinda outways sleep )
Is there any reason why this wouldnt work on a hdmi monitor? I am fine recording cropped and have been for 9 months with my canon screen display but when connecting a hdmi monitor is freezes in cropped mode on the first frame. unplug my monitor, works fine.. though i can record raw perfectly fine with the monitor, its only issue is when i am in crop mode.. i have tried searching for this issue but cant find anything

PS, Monitor is a smallHD 6
Share Your Videos / Re: Music Videoclip RAW 50fps
June 05, 2014, 02:05:04 PM
This is lovely! what ND filters are you using and what system? I am looking at investing in a good set atm for my kit. Don't like the look of the VND's though...havent heard many good reports. are some of those landscapes polarized?
But again, this is a slow process isnt it... I could just do it all through resolve, export proxies edit, bam xml strait back into resolve and I dont even have to care about the shots i dont want to use.. i only grade the ones i will use. were as i may not use some of the shots i am working with when i do the after effects process meaning i have wasted a lot of time.. zzz
Ok so since studying since I made this message. It seems the best quality workflow atm is to shoot mlv. , convert with raw2cdng, open in bridge and color correct and add cinelog, do any stabalization you want and denoise, export to dnxhd 444, edit, find any effects you want to add visually then dynamic link them into AE but then replace the dnxhd files with DNG files again and re export as dnxhd 444, when done xml into resolve and grade? ... thats what i think sounds best... buuut... yeah...