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Raw Video / [5D mark III] How long does it take to make A CLIP?
« on: January 25, 2014, 06:52:59 AM »
I open this thread to share some information of times needed to make movie clips from RAW video.

Hello, guys.

I'm using ML raw video with my 5D markIII since it was released.
I bought fast CF sandisk 160MB/s card to shoot 1920*1080 RAW video.
I also set SSD, RAM disk storage and i7 quad-core system to convert RAW clips to Movie clips.

By the way, converting MLV to MOV(H.264) is still long and tiresome process for me.

I checked up the time to convert it.
I took about 30~40 times a clip's duration. (e.g. Making 1 min clip takes OVER half AN Hour.)  ---> It's 1920*1080 24p 8)

So, I want to discuss
How long does it take for you to convert RAW clips? (and via what workflow?)
It depends on a resolution and frame rate for sure.

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