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Did some testing at the Winnipeg Zoo, I over baked some footage as the cats moved into much brighter light, I was curious to see how far I could pull the footage back.  There are no in camera exposure changes throughout this video shot in 5x mode 1728x689 at 23.976fps with a 24-70mm F2.8 lens. The shutter speed is quite high so I'm way over 1/45 shutter, probably 1/250 at F/2.8

Footage is not usable but I wanted to see how subtle I could make exposure changes in post without it noticeably showing steps down. 

This is how it looked with no modifications, this is probably pretty close to what the h.264 footage would have come out looking like at those settings.

What frames exactly are recorded while the tone is playing?

Would it be possible to put a blue dot on the video frames while the tone is playing to help sync? Some sort of video cue as to when the tone is playing.

Crazy idea, how about a tone that plays in morse code what number video it is. Kinda like how a clapper has scene/take numbers, just to give more information to help figure out what audio goes with what clip.
Quote from: avasarin on July 05, 2013, 10:36:46 AM
It's saved in the CF card, in the main folder.

The benchmark saves it on the CF in the main folder? when I run the benchmark it only creates a text file, and the only way I know to take a screenshot is from the menus, so when I go to take a screenshot it removes the benchmark results off screen.

Also I was wrong about my CF card doing 55MB/s the Sandisk extreme 64GB 400x will do 57.2-57.4MB/s which is pretty good I think for a 400x card. I can run 1600x900 for about 6GB worth of footage before the buffer overfills. I'm quite pleased with that as I don't have moneys for 1000x card and 1600x900 looks pretty great.

Also, I don't know if this is a understood bug, but when my raw videos go over 4GB magic lantern splits the file and then creates these .rar files.  I get an error on the original 4GB raw file about it not containing a footer and it won't work with the DNG creator. I also can't unrar the rar files either.

I'd love an option for it to just stop recording at 4GB until it is fixed because it basically makes any video that goes over 4GB unusable.
Sandisk Extreme 60 MB/s 400x 64GB card.
I can do a little less than 55MB/s in raw video mode.

I don't know how you guys got that screen shot of your results, so here is the text from the bench.log file

ML v2.3.NEXT.2013Jun29.5D2212, 3ecd254bdba1+ (unified) tip
Mode: playback, Global Draw: ON
10312704 607
15885312 615
80896 149
8949760 546
28661760 594
16264192 595
24521728 600
16424960 593
13148160 583
15619072 582
1658880 516
21001216 464
8548352 251
19760128 356
5965824 188
24906752 417
13968384 269
16770048 385
4542464 168
13063168 363
33263616 433
30312448 353
16713728 319
3887104 137