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Quote from: kgv5 on July 10, 2013, 01:44:24 AM
h264 (ML encoder) when handled properly really can look good. Especially when there is a lot of movement (steadicam) and motion blur the difference between h264 and raw is not so visible. In static shots -yes, raw blows away h264. With the 6d and VAF filter installed the h264 image really can be nice because it is possible to unsharp it a lot wothout any artifacts. And the workflow is so nice. As 1% said: raw for short clips, h264 for the rest.

please would you share,  in short?
I have a multimeter, I will check.
Is it there a value to refer , in order to know if it is safe or not to use it?

 :) you're right, I made confusion.(I was so tired but urged understanding, know how it is)

Thanks or all the explanations, even if a bit contorted, my fault.

You can't simply make a RAW2CR2 converter without license

I was asking the opposite: being cr2 canon RAW propietary, would possible a CR2-2RAW,  to be able to use an  alternative open RAW, instead of dng?

In my experience RAW files can be edited in many opensource and even free software, instead .dng, that mostly require expensive HW/SW upgrades, best results achieved with top Adobe suites, propietary.

I am learning digital movie, and DSRL video,  I just want to learn how to make decent video on a 600D, to express my creativity, with the given tools. Need to see some result before to consider investing on it.

Quick question: in ML RAWmode,  it is possible to choose between: RAW, SRAW MRAW, explain pls.  ....they are?) .

I tried to install several times Rawanizer, wishing to test the suggested workflow (also installed Lightworks)but regardless the version I always ger error message:not a valid win 32 app.   I run win xp :-\ 
Any idea? needs xp64 or newer OS to run?

I see.  The canon  .mov is the container used to store H.264 files
the ML mov is the container used to store the.dng files
the .cr2 is the  raw format fot photo.

something like that?

pity, would have been great for me to work with cr2, I  have some problem using dng,
since the setup for post processing, it require software that is too heavy for my HW.

Any suggestion welcome.
......One of the most powerful and free video editors is called VirtualDub which is able to import the frames, do some fancy editing, and save it....................Open VirtualDub/File Open/Select Image Sequence from selection type/Click on Video and Frame Rate

I have installed  Vdub  but I can't see any option in any menu that allow me to import an imagines sequence as it should.

Can you tell me where is it or how to enable it?

thank you.
I shortened "RAWVideo" in the title :)

When shooting  video in RAW, the output file is .RAW
When taking a photo in RAW mode, the output file is .cr2, that's the Canon version of standard .RAW

Here is the  question:
When converting a .RAW Video file, it is being converted to .dng
but .dng is the same format we have by converting a .MOV, that is the native Canon output format.

To me it seems it is like doing the same thing, either cases: what is the difference?
I would aspect to work with .cr2 files when post-processing .RAW video files, instead.

Is it that wrong, or something I've missed?

I have similar issue with quicktime (that should play mov at the best, I thought :o),
instead the standard win xp mediaplayer, seem run smoothly (like never before....I have installed few codec packs, maybe it is that 8)) anyway, I run a very old netbook, Dual T5500-1.6ghz +2Gram.  :'(

If the computer , then  I dont' understand, it should play bad always,regardless the player, or not?
I hope someone  will fix it.

For what I could argue it is due a bad argument in the script.
In the while, to continue practice with ML, I switched back to the NewSystem version of Tragic Lantern, wich has modules working .

I am experimenting with noRAW videos, trying instead to enhance the  quality of the appareance of native h264, by fine tuning and tweaking, with ML, the shot's parameters.

Forum and Website / RAW/PostProcessing
July 10, 2013, 11:31:18 AM
The Post-processing forum is filled with "RAW post-processing" threads,
but there is already a forum that's fully dedicated to RAW.

Probably merging all the RAW based discussions into a single  board and leaving the
Post processing forum to the no-RAW shooters, would improve a little the ML
users experience.

Thanks for listening.

Thanks to being here. :D
General Help Q&A / Re: 600D-2.3 Latests, a bug ?
July 09, 2013, 11:17:04 PM
thanks for replies.

I've got an example that maybe helps other to help me.

ML2.3 29 jun 2003 release:

1)the Modules menu is not yet implemented there, it has been in the next one.
2)instead, a Script menu is present,
3) that, however, it is not present in the following july versions.....

I am very scared to browse down to previous versions, because it is not clear anymore if the ML development  follow the logic of upating, as it is supposed it shoul be or if regular versions and experimental version are all mixed togheter?

I hope that someone with more experience with ML, will realize how much difficult could be for a newbie to move through such a big source of  informations as the ML project is , without cardinals.

General Help Q&A / 600D-2.3 Latests, a bug ?
July 09, 2013, 05:18:33 PM

I am having an issue with the latest 4 builds 2.3 NEXT.

Note: I was following a post on the "Nightly builds-not RAW" section, when I started to note such thing.
So it went naturally for me to ask opinions about, in the same place, but I suspect  that nobody answer there because it is not the right place to ask.  :-[

In short:

I started  with installing the 6 july version, and I noted that trying to load Modules give an error (that I reported as mentioned above )

In the next days I installed every new update (today is the 4th) and getting the same error.

It sound a bit odd either that an error is not fixed, or that a non-error is not notified.

Is this the case to post that, in the bug section?

What would you do?

(I am new to ML, I am trying to stay within the forum rules)

Thanks for advice.

I am quite frustrating, the more I get addicted with ML, the slower seems I learn  >:(

I need some synthetic eplanation.

ML 2.3STABLE:   last upate 07 jul 2012, correct?

Nightly builds- but no RAW: almost daily updates, I guess based on the above mentioned ML version, but:
is it each new one version replacing the previous, or are there exceptions?

Tragic Lantern- or Nightly builds + RAW?
I noted many things are shared between TL and ML, just the weight of the autoexec.bin seem different.
What are the substantial differences?

Thanks for help.

to  ItsMeLenny, thanks.

maybe, do you know what should I have to check/measure, in order to safely use the 540EZ on 600D?

Thank you
eactly what I desperately willing to know about how ISO settings/values affect shooting.

Do you know what I learned? ML enable having better photographics results. :)
Interesting topic.
I've just got yesterday (thanks uncle) a Canon 540EZ speedlite.
It is quite heavy but looks nice.
Any one knows if any chance to controll it remotely,maybe coupled wireless to the camera flash (600D).
nobody else having the same issue?  :o

BTW: swapping the files doesn't work. ;D

Forgetting to say that I cannot run the RAWversion due HW limitations. (only a sloooow 2006 notebook,
1.5ghz+2g RAM...for now and for a while.)
I see most of you are advanced users, but from the point of view of a newbie as I am, the RAW shooting require
a lot work for post production but also (even worse) a lot of knowledge about frames dimensions/anamorphing/shutter speeds/framerates/180┬░degrees/x3cropfactor/sdcard writespeed/picturebuffer /SRAW/but only if disabled that first/don't forget to turn off this other one, prior to .......aggghhhhhh.!

At the end of weeks of readings threads about this subject,  I decided to give up with RAW video for a while, until someone will be able to write down an updated guide, with best settings and pre/post production workflow logic.

I would like a lot to get into the RAW videoshooting, since I believe it give the same control over the visual impact like taking photos in RAW mode is, and RAW is my default.

I perfectly agree with those that say that choice between RAW and H264, should be determined by the circumstances.

That's why  I'm sticking with h264 

First sorry, pardon, forgive me,apologizes, shame on me etc......( :-[   I misunderstood your question: You referred to the download in the first post in the thread, while I  to the first download I made as mentioned in my first post, or so.)

I got this error:
tcc: error:undefined symbol 'edmac_copy_rectangle_finish ... [E] failed to link modules

I made a search and I've found one post about it, but don't know what they are talking about... :-[

I installed (after cleaning-formatting-etc the card- ::) the JUL7 ver. but still have the same error.

That's odd. I strictly follow the procedure so I argue I'am missing something somewhere but,what? 

I remember I was able to load the modules with no errors two days ago, when I've installed the SixThirty version.. ()

??? but Sixthirty build is it stored in the "WITH RAW video section", while the ML2.3NEXT version is in the " NO-RAW video section".   :o....  confusion.

Does having Modules enabled in the ML2.3NEXT turn on the RAW video ?

Does having such errors, affects any ML functionality?

Are such version interchangeable? (peraphs, could I copy the Sixthyrti modules folder  into in ML2.3NEXT..or it is armful for the camera?).

Yes, I see, it appear that I am making a cloud of dust: don't worry,  it is just me, while cleaning and put some order.

I have read the 35 page post about RAW on 600D , among other countless readings, that's a bt hard for me, since I am only speak weblish, not actually english.  :-X

I experienced issues with both installations

With Sixthirty I've got so low quality video  (big square artifact in big blocks, with bad colors) even with every ML option disabled, also I've got the sRAW issue (later I read the solution about it, but I couldn't even remember it right now, moreover I learned there are a lot of trouble with RAW, so I decided to go for an easier step, :P
At this point I found the EXfat.600D.Latest

at the begining I was much more enthusiast,since menu structure looks much more friendly to me, then I tried to shot few video and I encountered the two known issues (camera blocked/error 70(?))that at the moment put me in panic for the risk of camera damage :o >:( ;D, but seems I am lucky, and no consequences.
I then reinstalled the 2.3 version found in the main ML, everything worked as usual, much relaxed.

Now  I've  found and have just installed the 2.3NEXT, build 07-06-2013:menu are familiar :).
Now I am checking the menu, I'm getting error while trying load modules (they are inside Module folder...)
later I will try to take some shot to see what happen.

Any suggestion about module issue welcome (I am shure is written somewhere but, please do not ask me to go throught the 35 page posts  ;D

thanks and
No word to expressmy admiration for the amazing work.   
ML forever.

I am confused, help. :P

I have installed the ML2.3 several times already and no problem at all.

Then I wished to try something more and I've got (within others) these links:  (suggested latest build SixThirty)

I unziped it and I found several files, to be copied on the SD included the autoexec.bin ( weight much lighter than the ML2.3), only  the original ML directory structure in my camera  doesn't match with the structure indicated in the TL instruction.

Anyway, I've got it working in some way but, I dropped it and went back to ML2.3, because the menu structure is completely different (too much for me to start learning a new menu again).

Then I've got another link (after serching/reading alot)  that is this:

That is actually still on my camera and I am testing.(no problem until now) only is, that I noted that the date
of the post ,from where I've got the link is Sept.2012.

Can please someone tell me what I am missing/confusing, and point me to the latest update for the 600D? :)

Feature Requests / Re: Active ML options screen
July 05, 2013, 01:32:39 PM
Quote from: a1ex on July 01, 2013, 09:33:24 AM
Or, go to Prefs -> Config file -> Show modified settings.

Thanks for answers. Sorry for delay, I am completely lost in ML.
I made a search before posting, but have found nothing about.....

Maybe it is because I am newbie but,  I would find very useful  a screen
that show all currently active ML options (with possibility to deactivate  those not wanted).

Is it such feature already available?

If not, is it because it is not possible or because most ML users don't need it?

Wait for some reply. :)
User Introduction / hello everybody
June 15, 2013, 11:47:21 AM
After reading about ML I used all my money for a 600D (used) to install it. Now the nice part:start play with both.Challenging but, after found this forum, I feel more easy.