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Archived porting threads / Re: Canon 6D
March 04, 2015, 10:52:48 PM
Sorry to be that guy - but I'm swapping my 650D (with ML) for a 6D this week.  Appreciate this is blind-maintained but am I reading it right - I can put the *normal* nightly on my new 6D and have it work? Or do I need a forked version?
Hi All,
I'm sure I'm doing somethign dumb but I can't get past this.  My 64GB card died, so I reinstalled ML on my 650D on a 16GB card and it works fine.
Just bought another 64GB card and I can't get it working.  I formatted new card in camera, used EOSCARD to set as bootable and copied the ML files over to it.  Now when I run firmware update in M it says "update files not found".
If I swap the 16GB card back in then that still works fine. What am I missing?

Thanks mate.
Nice edit with the "bother" bit.

Yes.  The first post says upgrade to 1.0.4 and then run the installer instructions.  Not clear to me if already being on ML on previous firmware is likely to cause a problem.  Hence me asking.  If what you're saying is that regardless of current state I should just follow those instructions, then that's great. 
I was looking for confirmation.
If that is the case, it would surely have been quicker and more helpful of you to post something along the lines of "just follow the instructions, they apply to upgrades as well as new installs".

Hi All,
I'm on the previous alpha that predates 1.0.4.  What's the upgrade path, same as a clean install, or do I need to remove the previous version of ML?
Probably being overcautious but would appreciate some tips!
OK, how do you turn on focus peaking?  It's enabled in the menu, but I don't see it in LiveView?
brilliant, thanks. Working.
About to take the plunge. I use a 64GB card in mine though which I hear isn't compatible with initial install.  Got a spare 16GB one here but I'm unclear what I need to do to install using one, and then continue using the other in the camera.  Anyone able to guide me?
How safe is this alpha?  Debating if I should wait a bit or take the plunge...