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Hi there,

today i wanted to shoot some HDR timelapse. I used a 5dIII with a 1000x CF, the settings were as following:

- 3 bracket exposure with 2EV over/under
- 5 second interval
- Silent pics "Simple"

I shot in movie mode, so i could close the aperture without using the lenstwist method.

Back at my computer i realized the exposures were a real mess, correct, over and under were totally mixed up. Sometimes up to three of the same exposures in a row.
The only thing consistent was that every third picture was a correctly exposed one, the two after were always totally random.

Did i miss some important setting?

Hi there,

FPS Override combined with Raw Video is just brilliant for Timelapse. However, the resolution calls for perfect framing and leaves no space for digital zooms in post while keeping 1080p.
Wouldn't it be possible to record  at higher resolutions at really low FPS? I'm not a 4K troll, this would only be for timelapse where the higher resolutions could be really helpful.

Thank you for this great piece of software.

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