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Hi there,

today i wanted to shoot some HDR timelapse. I used a 5dIII with a 1000x CF, the settings were as following:

- 3 bracket exposure with 2EV over/under
- 5 second interval
- Silent pics "Simple"

I shot in movie mode, so i could close the aperture without using the lenstwist method.

Back at my computer i realized the exposures were a real mess, correct, over and under were totally mixed up. Sometimes up to three of the same exposures in a row.
The only thing consistent was that every third picture was a correctly exposed one, the two after were always totally random.

Did i miss some important setting?

Feature Requests / Re: Higher Resolution Raw Video for Timelapse
« on: June 23, 2013, 05:24:50 PM »
Thanks for your answers.
1920x1280 is max in rawmode. You could always shoot stills but guess you knew that already
So is this resolution a technical limitation of the raw feed via liveview?

Hi there,

FPS Override combined with Raw Video is just brilliant for Timelapse. However, the resolution calls for perfect framing and leaves no space for digital zooms in post while keeping 1080p.
Wouldn't it be possible to record  at higher resolutions at really low FPS? I'm not a 4K troll, this would only be for timelapse where the higher resolutions could be really helpful.

Thank you for this great piece of software.

Modules Development / Re: [DONE] Auto ETTR based on RAW histogram?
« on: June 08, 2013, 07:44:20 PM »
Hi there,

in the Beginners Guide to ETTR Timelapse, RenatoPhoto wrote
NOTE:  If you set your intervalometer at 30 seconds and your slowest shutter speed at 30 sec, you will have problems.  Set the intervalometer at least = Slowest Shutter speed plus the review image setting, in Canon Menu, plus 3 more seconds.
Would it be possible, to change the interval during the course of a shooting? So i start during daytime with short intervals, giving a lot of frames to work with and only if the shutter gets to slow, the intervals get longer.
If this question is already answered somewhere, please don't crucify me, i couldn't find anything about it.

Thanks to all the Devs for putting their time in this awsome Firmware, and to all the people contributing great information in these forums.

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