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How did you manage to shoot in 3072x1308 24fps at 40 seconds? Did not change the aspect ratio? I do not write 5dm3 in 3k 14bit-lossless 16:9 for more than 2 seconds

16x9 would be more like 3072x1728. The best I've been able to do continuous is 3072x1536.

Since it takes about 30s+ to get a decent exposure when using my IR filters, I suspect for most video exposure time you won't have a problem with the 5D3.

I think the X effect is more a basic problem with stacked polarizers (the typical mechanism for building a VND) and wide angle lenses. Does the Promaster work on some different principal?

I use the Tiffen and have been happy.

General Help Q&A / Re: is there way to not show crop marks when zoomed?
« on: January 22, 2017, 11:46:46 PM »
Thanks. Pull request submitted.

BTW, when creating a pull request, should I be requesting specific reviewers or will the appropriate folks see it in the list?

Thanks again.

General Help Q&A / is there way to not show crop marks when zoomed?
« on: January 15, 2017, 06:05:57 PM »
So I have a handy custom crop mark bmp so I can see the framing when not zoomed. Using the new crop recording module, it already frames it correctly when I zoom 5x so I don't want to see it there, and at 10x, I'm checking focus so I don't want to see it there. Is there a way to only show the custom crop marks when not zoomed?


Recorded with or without greyscale preview on? Have you tested with previous builds? Better results?

I did not use greyscale preview. Looks broken in that build with that combination of settings.

This was the first build I found that combined crop mode and 10 bit recording so I didn't try this before. I couldn't have got continuous recording on 14bit.

I'm using dfort's 5d3 1.13 build from 12/24. The new 5x centered crop mode, 10 bit RAW, and 2880x1320 with the SLR Magic anamorphot adapter on the front might become my new favorite way to shoot. Continuous recording works fine and the results look really good.

Right now about every 4th or 5th shot results in the black levels being trashed and the fix black level in mlv dump doesn't seem to help. There are other corruptions of the video when that happens so I think it's more than just the black level.

Having said that, 4kish RAW video from a 4.5 year old camera is freaking awesome.

Modules Development / Re: Tilt Calculator module (
« on: January 03, 2017, 01:47:42 AM »
Hi all,

I updated this so that it starts with the canon focal lengths, but you can add and remove focal lengths now up to 10. The links in the second post are updated with the appropriate code and compiled module. It's been tested on 5D3 1.13.


Raw Video / Re: Bitrate Calculator for Magic Lantern Raw Video
« on: December 31, 2016, 12:10:42 AM »
Hey Frank,

Are you handy with a compiler? Would you consider making it a module?

I put a module out recently that presents some menus, does some math, and shows the results at

It seems the pattern could be adapted to a bitrate calculator.


Strange, check reply #862 from @RenatoPhoto

It's If I enable it, no modules load. I don't think he tested that. Looks like he was using the classic crop stuff.

The 5D3.123 test build also includes the crop_rec module.

Hey dfort.

I appreciate the builds, but if I try your 5D3 1.23 build from the 20th, it won't load the modules. I get failed to link modules error.


Modules Development / Re: Tilt Calculator module (
« on: September 17, 2016, 01:31:01 AM »
Hi folks,

I've posted the compiled version at

and the source is now available at

It's only been tested on a 5D mark III.

Are there any tilt-shift enthusiasts watching?

Right now it lets you pick from the four canon lenses, but there are a handful of off brands at different focal lengths (e.g. 35, 80). Any input on just trying to find all those for a short list vs. just letting you pick anything from any focal length 8-200? ML's menu scrolling works really nice so a big list like that is not as bad as it sounds. I'm leaning towards the later.


Modules Development / Tilt Calculator module (
« on: September 11, 2016, 07:17:27 PM »
Hi folks,

Posted here for feedback and suggestions; a module to calculate the appropriate tilt for tilt-shift lenses. Modeled after an android app I did a while back. Much quicker just to bring it up on the camera.

It puts a menu on the Debug tab.


Code: [Select]
Tilt Calculator

Tilt-shift lenses give amazing control of the depth of field by rotating the focus plane, but without knowing how much tilt to dial in, focusing can be frustrating and time consuming.
Tilt Calculator finds the tilt given your focal length and distance to the hinge point. No more trial and error focusing with your tilt-shift. Focus where you want it.

:Author: Eric Winemiller
:License: GPL
:Summary: Tilt Calculator


Code: [Select]
#include <module.h>
#include <dryos.h>
#include <menu.h>
#include <config.h>
#include <math.h>

static uint32_t focal_lengths[] = { 17, 24, 45, 90 };
#define FOCAL_LENGTH_TEXT "17mm", "24mm", "45mm", "90mm"

static float units[] = {10, 25.4, 304.8};
#define UNITS_TEXT "cm", "inch", "feet"

static CONFIG_INT("tilt.calculator.focallength", focal_length_sel, 1);
static CONFIG_INT("tilt.calculator.unit", unit_sel, 1);
static CONFIG_INT("tilt.calculator.distance", distance_sel, 60);

static MENU_UPDATE_FUNC(degrees_update)
double height = distance_sel * units[unit_sel];
int degrees = roundf(1800.0f / M_PI * asinf(focal_lengths[focal_length_sel]/height));
MENU_SET_VALUE("%d.%d degrees", degrees/10, degrees%10);

static struct menu_entry tilt_calc_menu[] =
        .name = "Tilt Calculator",
        .select = menu_open_submenu,
        .submenu_width = 710,
        .children =  (struct menu_entry[])
                .name = "Focal Length",
                .priv = &focal_length_sel,
                .min = 0,
                .max = COUNT(focal_lengths)-1,
                .choices = CHOICES(FOCAL_LENGTH_TEXT),
                .help = "Select the lens focal length.",
                .name = "Unit",
                .priv = &unit_sel,
                .min = 0,
                .max = COUNT(units)-1,
                .choices = CHOICES(UNITS_TEXT),
                .help = "Select the unit for distance to hinge point.",
                .name = "Distance",
                .priv = &distance_sel,
                .min = 1,
                .max = 500,
                .help = "Select the distance to hinge point.",
                .name = "Tilt degrees",
                .update = degrees_update,
                .icon_type = IT_ALWAYS_ON,
                .help  = "[READ-ONLY] Set your tilt to this value.",

static unsigned int tilt_calc_init()
    menu_add("Debug", tilt_calc_menu, COUNT(tilt_calc_menu));
return 0;

static unsigned int tilt_calc_deinit()
menu_remove("Debug", tilt_calc_menu, COUNT(tilt_calc_menu));
return 0;




Anybody see corruption like this? I've been getting a couple of frames every recording like this. I'm using the December 5D3.123 build.


what i am doing wrong?
123 bleeding edge 5d mk3 32gb transcend 1000x. Can't record 1920-1080 29.97 even 2 seconds=|
in crystaldiskmark cf show 154 for read, 114 for write
internal in camera shows 112 for read and only 72 for write.
I am confused
And now he shows me that i should expect around 0 frames and only on 1504h continious, and no info like before about 300 frames or so. only 2 option.

Is the card selector set to the SD card? That one catches me every now and then.

I couldn't get 1.1 of either the Mac or Windows version to work.

On Mac click process button, select RAW file from dialog, nothing happens.

On Windows, select File|Open, select RAW file from dialog, nothing happens. Click process, nothing happens.

Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: How to Sync RAW and Audio Issues
« on: June 12, 2013, 03:41:26 PM »

Why you don't just shot the Timecode of your recorder with the camera?

That's certainly an option too, but in my case the camera is set up to capture the shot, not capture the recorder's screen well enough to read, and the recorder is mounted to the top of the camera.

Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: How to Sync RAW and Audio Issues
« on: June 11, 2013, 05:10:24 PM »
how ?
can you explain how did you syncronize the audio , did you use a slate?

I didn't use a slate. I left the Sync Beep option turned on with the RAW settings on the camera. I'd start recording on the Zoom, and then start recording on the camera.

Later I'd open the WAV file in Soundbooth and tell Soundbooth that I want to see it lined up against a 23.976 fps timeline. I'd look for the beep on the WAV file and see what frame it starts.

Back in Premier I'd put the WAV file at T=0, and put the video at T=whatever I found looking at the timeline in Soundbooth. One of my test videos the beep started right on the frame boundary, one about halfway through. I just picked the closest frame. Both looked and sounded fine in the final render for about a 90 second video.

I haven't looked for a similar feature in other tools, but I suspect if you don't have Soundbooth there's other options for doing the same thing.

Raw Video / Re: How to record sound 5d3?
« on: June 11, 2013, 12:46:49 AM »
Here's what I have set up. In the Record func+card/folder sel. menu (regular menu, not ML menu), set Record func. to Standard. That will keep it from switching on you and not try to write to both cards. Set Record/play to 1 so that your compact flash is selected as your primary card.

Having said that, the current Separate WAV recording doesn't work particularly well right now. It appears to start a few frames away from where the video does, only records in mono, experiences dropouts, and there seems to be stretching required to make it line up. There's a thread in the processing forum that chats about it a bit.

I'm sure the ML folks will get it straightened out eventually, but I went out and bought a Zoom H1 and just record audio using that. It's about ~$100 new and I saved myself hours of twiddling with the internal audio to get it right. It's got a couple of mics on it, but if you've already got a good mic, it can just be a recorder too. Synchronizing was a breeze using the Synch Beep option in the RAW menu.

Good luck.

Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: How to Sync RAW and Audio Issues
« on: June 09, 2013, 10:30:10 PM »
just grab a $75 used Zoom H1n recorder and use it

Thanks for the suggestion. I picked up one, tested it today, and it worked great. It was much easier to synch than I expected.

Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: How to Sync RAW and Audio Issues
« on: June 07, 2013, 01:53:48 PM »
i would be interested in this too..
is there any progress with the recent builds?


As of the build available 6/6 evening east coast time, no.

I recorded a couple of test videos. One was fairly close over nearly a minute of time (~2 frames out). The other was ~3 seconds out over 15 seconds. The longer clip I could get to line up pretty well with some sizing and start twiddling, but the short one was just a mess.

I also noticed that even with an external mic, I'm only getting mono WAV files. Is this normal or am I missing something?


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