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Hi guys, does anyone have a ProTune LUT to add to Resolve? I found a CineStyle one here ( which is supposedly similar to ProTune, but skintones tend to start off very gray. I tried to make my own but have found that it's very hard (impossible?) to make one which works well in different lighting conditions.

Hi DANewman, just wanted to say thanks for RAW2GPCF, it made me discover CineForm RAW, which seems the way forward to encode video. It just makes so much sense to compress before demosaicing and sharpening! Also it's really nice to have a single file for all of editing, grading and archival. I wish a mac version of RAW2GPCF were available though!
Anyway, it all works very well, the CineForm demosaicings maybe are not the best, but if you do a final grade in Resolve it does not matter.
Thanks again,

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