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The new 7D Mark II has usb 3.0. Based on what is known about the current Canon camera hardware with usb 2.0 (being way to slow to even consider this), could the boosted speed of usb 3.0 on the 7D Mark II allow for new possibility of continues RAW Video recording with external SSD hard drives?
5D Mark III with 4 different kumputer bay 64gb 1000x cards and shot dozens of hours on them with the original RAW formatted exfat on my PC, but first time using them with MLV.
I had all those selected and double checked the formatting as exfat.
I was shooting with the recent build from April 30 and MLV kept having an error asking me if the card was really EXFAT formatted after I had shot on a card for a while, copy files off and came back, with reformatting the card to exfat and some cards with reformatting. I had to switch back to the original RAW module to finish my shoot and had no more exfat errors. 
I did read this this post. This is not the problem I am asking about. I am talking about the frame guides is much taller on the camera while shooting then the aspect ratio set and achieved in post for stretching.  I understand all the post work and its works fine.   
The framing guide is wrong when I am shooting in RAW mode at higher frame rate is wrong. For instance when I set it to 720p 60fps mode and set the size to 1600x800 (or any size) at 2:1 (or any aspect ratio) frame guide is taller than whats actually being recorded. I don't have an accurate way of knowing where the frame on top and bottom is being cropped. It looks like when I set it to 2:1 its show close to 16:9 or 1.85:1. It does this for all the aspect ratio. But only in the higher frame rate mode. If I go to 1080p 24fps or 30fps mode and crop down to 1600x800 2:1 (or any size and aspect ratio) the guides are at the right aspect ratios. Is there a setting I am not aware of, I am running the latest build magiclantern-v2.3.NEXT.2013Oct19.5D3113.

Love this plugin, and all the color correction effects work on it in premiere besides the RGB Color Corrector, it just goes black and doesn't do anything. Also what are some workflows to color correct if I am editing in premiere with the RAW files directly imported using the Ginger HDR plugin.   
worked fine few times then I just keep getting an error. "Line 2215" Error: Subscript used with non-Array variable.