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Just received an email from Komputerbay stating they are planning to release the 1200X. No statement about size or when available.

Komputerbay - Amazon Marketplace

1:53 AM (19 hours ago)

to me


We are glad you are happy with our product.

We will be launching the 1200X version soon - we are unable to procure a health qualitity of semiconductors for mass production.

It will be available soon.

Thank You
Customer Service

Raw Video / Anti-Aliasing Filter
August 07, 2013, 12:12:30 PM
Any testers out there?

... How well does the 7D hold up when shooting raw with a Mosaic Engineering anti-aliasing filter? Starting to think that this would be an excellent combination for production work.

... So close to not purchasing a BMCC MFT with a Speedbooster and just going with an ML 7D with a Mosaic Engineering anti-aliasing filter. Could use some help.

Thanks. ::)

Anyone shot with an ML 5D MII with a Mosaic Engineering anti-aliasing filter?