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Edmac work on 550D but I'm unable to compile the bin with TCC and modules, I have several error with TCC but I don't understand why.. I have Gawk installed.. So, wait and see for the moment ;)
For now, I'm going to play with the MKII and the raw feature :p
I can compile when I turn on the TCC and MODULE, I am using the updated tip and setup my makefile and internal file for EDMAC, it all compiles with no errors, just warnings but same warnings I get on 500D compile and 500D raw_rec worked fine. Is there something I need to adjust somewhere else to try it since mine seems to be compiling?

I would like to get Raw_Rec going like it is on the 500D, I know it is not the best cam for it, but just cool to have the features just for fun. It bugs me that the older 500D can do it but the 500D can't so far. I just wish I could figure out what else the port needs to get it going, I don't know if its something in the code that still needs to be added or if it is something we can debug to figure out. I just don't understand why live view won't load when turning on TCC and MODULES. Funny how I can load the Raw module if I don't turn live view on, so I am guessing it can't be the module. Hoping someone can guide us in the right direction so we can try debugging if possible.

Also, I made a pull request about 550d burst pics, so we will be aligned also with the bins and the tests ! I hope it will be accepted fast !  ;)
He already has Silent Picture Raw Burst added a few builds ago for all cameras now. If you compile the latest build it will be in the menu.

Please, mk11174, can you confirm this by compiling the very last sources with the silent pics raw dng burst modifications and then make you also tests with 550d ? Many thanks !

No, I still get messed up frames occasional in both 1920x1080 and 640x480, but for sure happens more in 640x480, but not all the time either, sometimes it actually seems like the bug is gone but then it shows up again.

I do notice, it is always the 3rd and 4th frame that is messed up from each capture, the 3rd frame is only like a tiny section at bottom of image and 4th frame is full of colored noise, like a effect added to the image.

This might be related:
No, doesn't seem to help, I was not seeing an issue with the silent picture raw burst because I was in 1920x1080 mode, when switching to 1280x720 or 640x480 I see ever few frames at the start of the capture during burst, those get that weird color noise to them. 1920x1080 seems just fine so far.

Also I noticed I only get 28 frames in 1280x720 and 640x480 and 17 frames in 1920x1080, what is weird, with this bin file,  I got 31 frames and 19 frames???

As of now the 550D can't do any raw video, once the build is set up with modules turned on, the camera will crash and restart once movie mode is on or live view is on. But you can turn on the module in Manual mode at least to at least see the module can be turned on, but once you turn on the lcd the camera reboots and then crashes. Anyone know what still needs to be configured? Are there things that still need to be coded for it to work or is it just a bug with the 550D?

Silent Picture Raw Burst seems to work nice though.

You need to enable edmac.

Turn on modules in the makefile.user

Copy to ML / modules /
Copy platform/550D/magiclantern.sym to ML / modules / magic.sym

960x480 24FPS works on 500D
Guess not fully ready for 550, when I enable that and the module all compiles fine but if start in movie mode it just keeps resetting cam then lcd goes blank and card light stays on.

If I try in M mode and go into ML before I turn on live view I can goto load modules now and it says at bottom.
tcc: error: undefined symbol raw_set_geometry
tcc: error: undefined symbol __aeabi_idivmod

I just tried same thing with 500D, I have both cams of coarse, I get same tcc errors except I just noticed when the error appears if I press the trash can a console of lots more tcc errors show and just like the 550D says failed to link module????

Fixed the TCC: Error, was just gawk needing to be installed. Raw_Rec seems to work on 500D, and now can enable module on 550D but only by going to M mode without turning on live view, if you try to start cam in Movie mode it starts and blacks out then red light comes on.

The nightly build of this night is great! no more dead/hot pixels on my DNG! Great work, big THX!

I've compiled the raw burst for the 550D, I've 19 Frames max @ 1734X1156, but I'm not a Dev, so It's possible I've make some mistake ;)
Hi, was wondering if you can share your bin for me to try as well?

General Development / Re: 550D porting 14bit RAW DNG silent pics
« on: May 16, 2013, 06:58:29 PM »
Yeah.. :-) Thanks for helping.

Hey Wolf! Care to share your bin so I can test this feature?

Even at SD resolution, it's not a waste of time... on the contrary !
AGREE!!! 100% 14bit RAW Video is what matters even at SD.

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