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If you're only making minor adjustments it may not be visible. Big adjustments like -80 on the highlights should break it.

I understand what you are saying. However, I often almost always pull the highlights all the way to the extreme left combined with 80+ lift in shadows.

I use spot meter to check the % value of the brightest part of the shoot (including pans etc.) and adjust exposure to either 99 or 100% at that point. Spot metering has always been dead centre of Sensor.

Is it the the 5d3 you guys are using? The bulk of my recent work footage is on the 5D3. I can't say I've noticed it on 5D2 either, but have not shot as much with them recently (and haven't kept any RAW footage myself).

Sorry if the above seems fairly trivial. I thought that the more info I give the easier it is to isolate issues. I'll try changing various parameters in camera and see if I can reproduce it, even though we suspect it's RAW software related.

wow! I have shot a ton of raw on the 5d3 now, with plenty of pans, subject movement, exposure variations (shooting from 90 degrees to sun then panning into sun etc) and have yet to see this. I'm going to do some testing myself now.

I can certainly see it in the sample links provided.

Untill yesterday, I'd been using the 4gig limited Raw2dng converter and After Effects' ACR front end for all of the work.

I'm almost always reducing highlights, lifting shadows, adjusting white point and exposure in AE ACR- while occasionally adjusting contrast.

I always use ACR's "Auto" for white balance, or tweak slightly myself.

Using May 22nd 5d3 RAW video build.

Most footage I shoot is with full manual lenses like Samyang and Fujinon.

Sandisk 32gig Extreme CF (800x ??)

Shooting at 1600 x 900

It's possibly a sheer fluke that my combination of shooting environment and ACR tweaks don't reveal the issues.

Duplicate Questions / Re: Disable Bootflag on a 5D Mark 3, but how?
« on: May 27, 2013, 01:36:26 PM »
bwwaaahaaa haa haa haaa!! Once installed, it's there....for EVER!!!!!

;) P.S. if you work it out, please tell me how to do it too

General Chat / Re: Should I return my 6D for a 5D MK III?
« on: May 27, 2013, 01:08:14 PM »
Hi Darkstarr.

I agree it's a tough decision.

I use 5D2's and 5D3's for work. For RAW video the 5d3 has significantly less aliasing/moire, almost to the point of being non existent in most shots, and perceptibly as sharp as the 5D2 - in my opinion.

If someone can give a 5D3 v 6D aliasing/moire comparison, that might help your decision, especially if it's as good as the 5D3 or better.

From what I've read, the 5D3 has a few more "photo goodies" you may benefit from.

Either way, all the best with your decision.

No problems this time, it got through everything.

I'm a bit stumped, but glad it worked.

Sorry if that caused some worry.

Again, great program and thanks :)

yes, that's right. sorry, misread that. I didn't try using raw2dng immediately after a reboot. Raw2dng was only tried after your program reported the error.

however - maybe ignore that post as I've just copied all the files to another hard drive, and both converters are now working so far (but not yet complete). It appears it may have been that drive.

I'll let you know how far I get this time.


Re: my Tiff question - of course!!! You are right, silly me. Don't bother with the tiffs deletion on my part.

Re: folders and drives question - that's great.

I have encountered an "unhandled exception error" while unpacking one of my raw from today. The error prompt gives the option to continue. If I click continue, the remaining .dng files are 0Kb in size. It always gets part way through the .raw file (same place each time) when the error appears. I cannot use your Rawanizer or Raw2dng program after that without 0Kb dngs being created, regardless of what .raw file I use. I must restart the PC for the apps to work again.

The error is quite lengthy. Is there a way to copy and paste what appears in the error dialogue? - if that is of any help to you.



Share Your Videos / Re: The Docks - 5d MK2 RAW
« on: May 25, 2013, 12:00:09 PM »
Nice :)

Are you experiencing any aliasing? I've tested it on our mark 2's and it's everywhere, even in places I wouldn't expect to see it. Your footage looks good.

edit - I shot at 1280 x 720 which might account for it

General Development / Re: uncompressed 14-bit RAW video recording
« on: May 25, 2013, 11:01:55 AM »

Thanks again for the awesome mods ML and other developers!!

Maybe my request is not possible because the RAW mod is still a module (but could be achieved if compiling myself - at which I'm no expert), but would it be possible to have ML remember the last used H & V resolution settings upon boot?

Thank you :)


Just a quick note - I'm successfully using the x10 for full frame rate monitoring with focus peaking, and spot metering at 1600 x 900. Understandably I'm not seeing the full recorded area doing this, but at least the overlays work - May 22nd build using Sandisk 32gig Extreme 60MB/s CF

I've found the order of setting things does not matter provided one goes into x5 or x10 before hitting record.

In order to set the focus box to the correct location, what I have been doing is the following - -> before going into x5 or x10, push the joystick 18 times to the right, and 8 times down. Question - does this result in using an area closer to the lens centre than using the top left corner option mentioned in the original post? The box positioning is somewhat unpredictable.

Cheers everyone and thank you for the awesome firmware and developments!  :)

Marten - can I make a feature request?

Would it be possible to have the option to not generate the Tiff files, and allow only .dng generation and proxy video if needed?

Could we specifiy an output drive and folder?

Again, much appreciated :)

Thank you Marten!

It works very well here :)

Hey buddy, made an account to say thanks.

Have just done the same. Thank you Fatpig :) 

Will test and let you know how it goes.

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