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eh?? you mean the camera can take a picture?

 ;) Yes, but when my switch is in the photo position the benchmark readout shows mine as "playback mode" not "photo" like on Dougdale's.

sorry, posted as you edited

Hi Dugdale - can you please tell me how you managed to get the "mode" in the benchmark to show "photo"? I've just found that doing the benchmarks in video mode versus lv photo mode versus playback mode seems to make a significant difference to the benchmarks, but I cannot get mine to show "photo" mode like yours - unless it is a difference in the build versions as I'm currently using today's build.

@Kraemer if it helps here are my speed tests for the same card on my 5D3 I can record 1080 video just fine for long periods of time.

That's an impressive copy you got!



Have you tried the usual stuff like leaving the battery and card out of the camera for a few hours?

I'm getting quite good results using the 2012 parametric curves option in ACR, but it's still not as effective as the shadow/highlights controls which manage to retain colour in areas that even an HDR workflow can't keep. Will be great if Adobe cat get this sorted.

Well done! I really like it. Nicely composed, lit, shot and edited.

It would slot in perfectly as an Australian SBS channel Euro flick (I mean that in a good way)

But what confuses me is that I'm using process 2010 and this still happens, so this isn't the solution, at least for me...

Yes, the same for me also regarding 2010 & 2003 - not as dramatic as 2012, but it's there.

Considering how effective and fast ACR tweaks are it is unfortunate this is happening. I find I can't quite get the latitude from Resolve.

There's some clever processing going on in ACR that the others apps can't seem to match.

Hi Kraemer.

Compared to my card, your overall average speed looks slower by about 5mB/s, but your maximum speeds are like mine. actually, it varies 10mB/s each time I run the test on todays build.

Before sending the card back - I think I messed up my camera by mixing and matching the wrong original files with more recent nightly builds (which reflashing canon firmware seemed to fix).

Try starting from scratch. This has got me to a working point that appears to match what everyone else is experiencing.

Use EOSCard to make your SD or CF card bootable, whichever card the ML files will run from, making sure the "2" check boxes shown are ticked.

Grab these files and copy to your ML card and then do a firmware update.

Then replace any existing files with it's new equivalent from the recent nightly version located below. Don't delete anything else, just replace any existing file with the same one you find in the the new build.

sorry to ask the obvious - it is actually recording to the CF, and not the SD?

May 28 works well for me with that card.

Is there any chance you have the "record as separate WAV" enabled in the RAW menu, and those wav recordings are going to the CF card as well as the RAW video?  No matter what I did, I couldn't get the WAV files to get recorded to the SD while RAW vid to the CF in any of the latest ML versions. This was the bug cured by the firmware re-flash for me. Fastest video I could achieve with the bug was around 1280 x 720 25 fps with simultaneous wav files


Hi Kraemer.

Don't rule out the possibility of a glitch in the Canon firmware (not sure how this occurs), and it might be worth re flashing a different canon revision, then going back to 1.1.3 and testing again. Doing this cured some strange behaviour for me that no one else was experiencing.

I also have the same card as you and it is fine for continuous recording raw at 1920 x 1088 25fps. It's approx 3 weeks old from Ebay.

Raw Video / Re: Exposure Problems With 5D3 Raw Video
« on: June 05, 2013, 06:16:12 AM »
You're welcome.

Don't forget too that H264 has a picture style burnt into it (whatever you pick in camera). Your Raw footage doesn't and is basically whatever you want it to be. The Raw editor (ACR in AE) simply throws some default settings at it and you can tweak it to make it look like your H264 equivalent if you want - which is just  what the camera would have done if you were recording h264, but you have the benefits of 14bit, no compression artifacts etc.

I've never really checked, but maybe the view we see on the back of the camera when recording raw is still running through a picture style?

Raw Video / Re: Exposure Problems With 5D3 Raw Video
« on: June 05, 2013, 05:41:58 AM »
It's possible that your AE working colour space is set to something with a wide gammut (ProPhoto or Adobe rgb) and your monitor is also a wide gmut type. Wide gamut monitors are becoming more and more common, even in laptops (Dell etc.) and tend to catch people out.

Go into AE's project settings and pick "sRGB" - see if it looks more like what you were expecting to see.

You can also embed this profile into the video clip when exporting from AE


General Help Q&A / Re: Unable to install ML on 5DMArk III
« on: June 04, 2013, 12:56:19 PM »
you will find it on this page

Have a colleague using Toshiba 64gb 1066x CF. It achieves a mximum of approximately 94mB/s write speed using ML readout while recording raw. I think he paid approximately $320 AUS shipped on Ebay (we assume it is a genuine Toshiba card). Considering how well most of the Komputerbay 64gb cards are working, it's a tough decisiion whether or not to pay more than twice the price and hopefully get better reliability and a touch better write speed.


Does switching Processes to 2010 with ACR (After Effects front end) achieve the same results as in Lightroom?

I'm seeing similar exposure variations using the 2010 and 2003 processes in ACR. They appear to be an improvement over 2012, but there is still flicker present under some conditions.

Has anyone made any breakthroughs here discovery wise?

The short answer is yes, but with caveats.

If you wish to shoot something at least close to 4k at 10fps you'll need a very fast memory card (600x at least) for just a few seconds of reliable and consistent recording, you'll need to shoot using "cropped raw recording", and depending on what magic lantern overlay tools you need functioning at the time, you may not see the full field of view in live-view that the camera actually records, therefore composing your shot becomes an issue.

Since the RAW recording breakthrough, searching for answers here is now like finding a needle in a haystack, but it's worth trying to read as much as you can through the raw related threads. They are slowly getting more organized.

I'm sure others will be able to suggest things too :)

Thanks for helping too Scrax :)

Sorry Scrax, I don't quite follow.

Do you mean that a formatted card, made bootable using Eoscard, with no ML files present, should make the camera lock up, or at least not function correctly?

That is how my camera behaves - so I'm guessing there is a boot flag on in my camera.

So, I guess the trick is still..... how to disable it?

I've just removed my SD that has the ML files on it, and simply left my formatted CF card in there, and all appears to be functioning as a Canon firmware without any trace of ML, including the firmware name - is it safe to say there was never any boot flag enabled?

In the past, on the 5d2, if I simply formatted the card, the camera appeared to function typically canon, but would have a slight delay (about 1 second) when waking up after it went into power save (sleep), while normally it would wake instantly upon a button press. A proper deactivation cured the delay. Would it be that the camera was searching for files before it woke?

Is a bootable memory card enough to have ML find it's files automatically upon boot? I thought the boot flag would have been necessary.

My 5d3 has been loading ML automatically upon boot.

Thanks for your help guys :) It hasn't been a problem for me yet anyway as I've been happy with ML functionality.

Thanks Scrax & Renato.

To the best of my memory, some info in one of Lourenco's threads stated that the card must be boot enabled, the most recent version of ML for 5d2 copied onto it, then some files replaced with 5d3 specific files.

I have been replacing files with the newer build files ever since.

Would the white ML text that appears upon turning the camera on reveal any clues?

Same for me. On the 5d3 there are no green instructions after ML firmware update that I normally see on the 5d2 and 550d.

I just assumed this was because the 5d3 version we have all been using didn't follow the typical stable builds technique for installation etc.

I think in one of the earlier posts (10/5/2013 or so) it mentioned flashing the stable 5d2 build of the time, then merging with the .fir, ml, autoexec files from a 5d3 mod that Lourenco had posted.

I'm sorry, but that is about the best I can recall regarding my initial install.

The forums have become quite full of very similar threads that lack clear "camera specific" titles, particularly the 5d2 and 5d3 threads. It's highly possible that readers are misinterpreting some of the instructions.

Hi Marten.

If Cineform output is selected, Rawanizer attempts to create a cineform video file even if "No Video" has been selected from the options at the bottom (even though all video options are greyed out). Is that expected behaviour?

Great program so far. Thank you for putting the time into it! Although it wasn't necessary, thank you also for adding the "delete proxy Tiff" option, probably as a result of my earlier question.


okay, quick yest here at home.

The clarity slider used above above 25 % starts to show symptoms of exposure changes(flutter or flicker). I rarely use it for video which might explain why I haven't seen it - but it's not as dramatic as what I see in the links.

Looks like shooting sun reflecting on rippling water might be a good test. Still with the settings used in previous post.

Dell L502x Laptop, i7 2670QM, Nvidia gt 540M, camera RAW 7.1, CS6, AE 11.0.1

Will keep checking

yep will do as soon as I get to work.

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