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And the video looks great as well!

Do you think the Alexa emulation would be a valid LUT for any circumstance or was it mostly matched to the camera's response in those specific conditions? Would love to get a crack at that Alexa emulation LUT, as I'm sure many others would too :)
I think a lot of people running Chrome are not seeing video links in some cases because of some kind of script error. Although for me at the moment the video link is rendering fine, sometimes I have to go up to the address bar on the right side and tell it to ignore script warnings or some such thing. It's only this forum that I've ever encountered that problem so maybe it could be tweaked on the server side?
Looking good! Out of curiosity, was that all 1080p or one of the higher-res modes?
Quote from: D_Odell on June 19, 2017, 11:52:52 PM
That made excellent help! Works good in ae also. What shutter speed do you use? At first I left it at 94, but will probably go up to 180 next time? As one can see its quite blurry, also shot from a train...:

I usually go by the 180-degree shutter rule of thumb, where the shutter speed is 2x that of your framerate. 24fps = 1/48 (or 1/50), and so on. So if you are shooting 45P, 1/90 (or 1/94 if that's what is available) on the shutter should be a good starting place. If it's still too blurry for your liking, you could keep pushing it further like 1/120 or 1/250 and see if you like that additional clarity.
Quote from: D_Odell on June 19, 2017, 02:29:30 AMEdit 3: You who managed to record 45p and used it in a NLE, how much did you slow it down? Since 48p is really simple with 24p timeline. I tried to slow it down with 53% and it seemed ok. Any thoughts?
I think the easiest (in Premiere / After Effects) would be to conform the clip (using the Interpret/Modify command) to 23.976 or 25p depending on your edit needs. Then you won't have to figure out the exact right clip slow-down rate and it will probably be cleaner looking than slowing the clip back down with the NLE, which runs the risk of blending frames or having to generate new ones if it's not dead-on. Hope that made sense :)
I realized after posting yesterday that 12-bit lossless and 10-bit lossless aren't enabled yet for the 3K/4K crop modes anyway. So 3520x1320 was continuous for you in 12-bit uncompressed? I'll have to try that out! I just assumed the larger bitrate would be prohibitive, but maybe it's something else that inhibits the 14-bit lossless from doing it continuously at that res?
Quote from: giarcpnw on May 08, 2017, 10:31:57 PM
I'm certain I can get 3520x1320. Not sure that offers a 3x crop option though, I just didn't dive into the settings that hard since i was trying to capture the little guy before he took off.
3520x1320 works for me but only up to maybe 100 frames (KomputerBay 128gb 1066X CF card). But I have only tried it in the 14-bit lossless mode, 24fps. Is anyone getting longer recordings using 12-bit lossless instead?

Great looking footage, by the way!
Great job on the latest build!

Just wanted to add, I noticed inside cr2hdr there was embedded both mlv_dump and mlv_dump4k. I was processing all 3K lossless stuff, and some MLVs processed okay, others gave a single corrupted frame and moved on to next MLV.

I figured for some reason maybe cr2hdr had used the non-experimental build for these, giving the corrupted result. So I replaced mlv_dump with mlv_dump4k (so both files are the same experimental build), ran cr2hdr again, and everything processed without a hitch.

So maybe the technique to determine whether to use mlv_dump or mlv_dump4k is not perfect yet. But as I am only shooting 3k/4k stuff, this workaround is fine for me.
Quote from: hyalinejimI'm not a Resolve expert but I think timeline display luts are only for monitoring and so aren't exported. So that would be normal behaviour.
Appreciate the response (and the LUTs)!

I guess my question is, for anyone who is using Arri Log C as a Cinelog C substitute in Resolve - how are people able to export with the grade intact?
Quote from: goldenchild9to5Just tried the new Davinci Resolve 14 Beta with 5D III 3K footage man this new update is smooth.  I've noticed as well that It might be processing dng's better, seems to resolve images detail a lot better.  If anybody else used it let me know if you are experiencing the same thing.   
Same experience here - realtime playback on my 3k 2.39:1 14bit CDNG files, up to a few nodes. Extremely pleased with the new Resolve so far.
Question about using Arri Log C as your timeline display LUT w/ Resolve - when I go to export files that I've graded this way, the timeline display LUT isn't baked in to the exported image. So I get washed out colors and so on, very different from what was in Resolve. Note I'm not talking about the usual prores gamma shift, it's literally just not applying the first of the two LUTs on export. Is there an option on export I need to flag?

Very cool LUT by the way, using it on some 5d3 3K stuff right now and it's very nice.
I'm getting it when I load the DNGs generated with cr2hdr into Resolve and either preview it there, or export to prores (same result either way).
Wow, Tessive does look extremely interesting. Thanks for the link! I wonder if there are any examples of things like short films or music videos where this technique was used to emulate a more filmic motion blur/cadence than what modern digital cameras (even at a 'correct' 1/48 shutter) often give.
Thanks for the replies! Here is one MLV that comes out of cr2hdr with flickering, but does not when using plain mlv_dump in the command line: (~800mb)

If I get some time later I'll try to isolate a few of the processed DNGs as well and upload those here.
Dug around a little more and realized the flickering is only happening on certain shots - most of the batch-processed clips from cr2hdr are fine as well.

Maybe it's just a fluke? I can process these trouble clips in the command line, I suppose...

I can upload one of the problem MLV files in question if someone wants to look into it.
Like a lot of you, I've been experimenting the past few days with the new 3k/4k modes in crop_rec and really loving the results I'm getting.

At first I was using mlv_dump in the command line to output DNG files one at a time. The files I got opened up and played back fine in Resolve without any issues.

After a bit, I decided to check out cr2hdr and really like the batch processing it does. However, my DNGs from cr2hdr end up having flickering frames where I'm guessing either the white or black level has fluctuated slightly.

I searched around the forum a bit and found a post referencing setting blacks to 2048 and whites to 16383. So I reprocessed one of my MLV files using these values in cr2hdr, but I'm still getting the flickering issues in Resolve.

Does anyone know why mlv_dump on the command line is giving me perfect results right out of the gate without any manual settings (just -o to specify output name and --dng) but cr2hdr even with settings dialed in still results in flicker frames?

I really want an easy way to batch footage, rather than do it one at a time! Thanks for any help.
Cool, thanks guys. I'll dig into this more over the weekend.

I've been back through the footage from the two other cameras I was running and fortunately there's plenty enough there to get through the edit even if I can't recover this stuff, but I'm still going to try. I'll check out TestDisk next.
Well, I'm running Photorec and I'm not sure whether I selected all the correct options, but so far it's recovered... something. Some small 33kb files with .gz extension and some others with something called .apple.

Needless to say these aren't the RAW video files, but there's still 3 hours left on the scan so I guess I'll wait and see.

I would absolutely love to hear from anyone if they've solved this problem successfully.
Yeah, I've been looking at that and TestDisk.

Can anyone tell me whether this stuff is usually recoverable? By that I mean ML RAW files in particular. And do I need to be a super hacker to do it or am I going to be able to figure this out? Has anyone done this before successfully?
Hey guys, well I screwed up big time. I was trying to go to the format card menu to quickly check how much space was left on my card (bad idea, I know) and in my haste I accidentally clicked "Yes" when it asked if I wanted to format my card. I pulled the card from the camera immediately as I know there's a pretty good chance I can get that stuff back if I don't do anything else to the card first.

So, I was shooting RAW video on a 5Dmk3. The card was formatted ExFAT. After the camera reformatted it, it switched to FAT32. I've tried Transcend's data rescue app and it didn't seem to do much, I'm also running StellarPhoenixPhotoRecovery on it right now but so far the scan hasn't turned up anything. I think maybe because these apps are looking for .CR2 or .NEF files, not .RAW .R00 etc video files.

Does anyone know the best app for OS X to scan for these? Am I totally hosed here? I'm so angry with myself for formatting that card, I never normally would make such an error but I was in the middle of a very hectic and stressful shoot where, alas, there was no DIT and I was wearing far too many hats at once.

Any help would be super super appreciated, thank you!
Getting pink frames here as well. Most of my stuff is converted in RAW Magic, anyone using RAW2CDNG or one of the other converters with different results?

I really hope Adobe will address this. The performance is great, pink color cast excepted.
Very interesting software, but out of curiosity: how do I uninstall MediaReactor? I'm running Premiere CC, and with official support for CDNG coming soon, I don't want this app to conflict with that especially since it's a watermarked demo.

I imported several DNG sequences into Premiere and had issues with getting just a black screen on some clips, or very stuttery playback, etc. I trust it will get better, but for now, how do I undo? :D
Raw Video / Re: Raw video on 5DMK2
September 12, 2013, 11:18:38 PM
Quote from: raf702 on September 12, 2013, 10:06:41 PM
Any of you guys shoot slightly under exposed so that you can bring the exposure in post. Or do you guys just shoot in the best exposure that you feel, followed by post work? Just wondering how you guys shoot in.

In general when shooting RAW, you want to expose to the right (meaning close to overexposure without actually clipping). But in many situations I expose a little less than that to protect unforeseen highlights and so on.
Quote from: 1% on August 28, 2013, 01:34:20 AM
Also on win7 make sure to unblock all of these programs, cr2hdr can't run exif tool if its restricted.

Not sure if I'm missing a step - I went into properties for exiftool just now and set "Full Control" for every account option I could find. I ran it as Administrator as well. Looking at that screenshot though it looks like it just can't find the file because something weird is happening with the name.