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Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 70D
January 18, 2015, 07:30:44 PM
I was an early adapter & purchased my 70D in 09/2013. I tried install but nothing, I have the version 1.1.1 and follow the steps when I update firmware does nothing. I was hoping to see *enablebootdisk* but no luck.  Serial # 02202*******. Glad to hear some are working & maybe all will be soon! Hats off to Alex, Nikfreak, Nomaed!
Archived porting threads / Re: Canon 70D
January 08, 2015, 07:56:21 PM
It's hard to argue against the GH4 for video. But, certainly an argument could be made for the 5mk3 for photography. They are different animals. In this case you can't have your cake & eat it too. I wish that wasn't true but it's not.

I take vastly more photos than video. That's why I bought the 70D with hopes ML would bring RAW video to it. That would be having your cake & eat it too.  ;)
Archived porting threads / Re: Canon 70D
November 03, 2014, 06:01:00 PM
I do ~75% video and ~25% stills.  You're probably right about the GH4.  I don't know why I'm so loyal to Canon, they don't do much to deserve my loyalty.  I guess it's partly because of the money I have invested in Canon glass and my familiarity with Canon equipment.  When studying video production in college, we had mostly Canon and Sony gear.  I always went with the Canon video cameras and DSLRs, so now that's just what I'm comfortable working with.

IMO the 70D's AF still bests any mirrorless DSLR's AF system right now.  For shots where my focus distance is mostly static, I'll still manually focus, but for rack focuses and tracking while both the camera and subject are moving around, dual pixel AF and touchscreen is just unbeatable.

DigitalVeil - In the early 2000's I did a lot of video work; weddings, etc. so, in my mind I want to cover both worlds; great video & photos. I'd love to find one product that fills my needs without compromise. But, these companies don't work like that. If they load one camera with virtually every needed feature they'd loose money! There would be no need to upgrade. Companies fill consumer needs to what price point the targeted consumer can afford & that's it. Consumers would ask why buy a EOS Mk5 III when I can save $2500 & get a 70D. The 70D has a smaller sensor but big deal. $2500 buys lots of great lenses. Like all companies, they do a market study & aim their product to hit that market.

Like you, I'm vested with Canon lenses. The truth is, Canon has that familiar feel that I've grown to like. Reinvesting in a new brand would be expensive. The GH4 IS very tempting & the truth is if were marginally close to the 70D's photo quality, I'd make that investment. But, as the GH4 blitzes the 70D in video; the 70D blitzes the GH4 in photo. I take more photos & that ends the debate.

Hope this helps!  :)

Archived porting threads / Re: Canon 70D
November 03, 2014, 03:35:17 PM
If your need for video is 50% or more of the time, you should purchase a GH4 or other TRUE video cameras. In my opinion, the GH4 is more like an 75-80% awesome video camera that takes decent stills but cannot match the 70d in photo sharpness & overall quality.

If you occasionally shoot video, but mostly photo, the 70d is perfect because even a novice can get decent results & the correct focus without too much effort. ML will improve the 70d but I doubt if 1080 will be achieved. Read the ML 60d thread. Expect similar but better results than what ML obtained with the 60d.
Archived porting threads / Re: Canon 70D
September 05, 2014, 04:45:28 PM
Sljd wrote,
"Anche io sto decidendo l'acquisto fra la Canon 70D e la Lumix GH4  :) ... e per questo che sto anche aspettando il Magic Lanter per la 70D..."

Canon 70d has faster autofocus for video and is better all around for photo. But, considering all the video attributes of the GH4, I'd give it serious consideration over the 70d. The video quality comparisons I've seen of the GH4 make it more inline with Canon 5d Mk III. Add the fact that the GH4 can do 4k now & who knows if the 70d will ever be able to, may be the deciding factor. Good luck!

Canon 70D è dotata di autofocus più veloce per il video ed è meglio tutto intorno per la foto. Ma, considerando tutti gli attributi video della GH4, darei seria considerazione sulla 70D. I paragoni di qualità di video che ho visto del GH4 rendono più in linea con la Canon 5D Mk III. Aggiungete il fatto che il GH4 può fare 4k ora e chissà se la 70d sarà mai in grado di, può essere il fattore decisivo. Buona fortuna!
Archived porting threads / Re: Canon 70D
July 03, 2014, 01:51:18 PM
Apparently, 3x is for special needs. As your tests indicate, much preparation is needed in order to get a clean shot. It's results are very conditional - some good, some bad. I guess if you practice enough you can adjust quickly & obtain good footage; especially where moire conditions will be high.
Archived porting threads / Re: Canon 70D
June 30, 2014, 07:39:55 PM
3x does what it says it does... but at the expense of video quality. I did a few test over the weekend & got a lot of moire while recording video of a nearby home's vinyl siding in standard 24P & 30P. I had the zoom set to approx 50 - 60mm for the standard test, then set it @ 18mm @ 3x. The frames matched fairly close. True, moire was reduced but at the expense of video quality. I prefer moire over poor PQ. It's an interesting feature but not one I'd likely use.  :o
Archived porting threads / Re: Canon 70D
June 27, 2014, 11:50:57 PM
Quote from: ShootMeAlready on June 25, 2014, 06:53:06 PM
The 3X is not a digital manipulation. Its lossless and from my observations sharp. However all my zoom lens have softer contrast and colour at their farthest reach/zoom.  When you zoom, you also get less light on the sensor.  So unless you collect more light (some how?) when you zoom, it must be softer.  The 3X zoom pic. should be softer than one taken from a prime of the equivalent focal length.

I thought a bit more about this. The 3X zoom, really turns the APS-C sensor, into a 1/3 Aps-C sensor.  So even though its sharp, the light collected is on a smaller sensor portion.  Well we all know that smaller sensors have less intense colour/contrast and handle low light worse increasing noise.  So the 3X zoom, keeps the same number of pixels but now its over a smaller sensor.  So with less sensor it has to be softer.

I never said the 70d 3x was digital. I was referring to my camcorder "...Back in the early '90s a few camcorders featured a digital 16x9 mode..." not that the 70d was digital. My 1st impression of the overall results, however IMHO, do look soft, less contrast & weak color. I believe your "...1/3 Aps-C sensor..." assessment is correct. This would explain the "soft look", etc. I will experiment with 3x a bit more.
Archived porting threads / Re: Canon 70D
June 24, 2014, 11:14:08 PM
Back in the early '90s a few camcorders featured a digital 16x9 mode that did create the intended 4x3 squeezed video that needed a 16x9 TV to be view correctly. Everything looked skinny until the 16x9 TV "unsqueezed" the video to look normal. Because the video was created digitally, not optically, digital sharpness increased in this mode as well. So, the results was an over-sharpened, color faded, soft looking video. It was a failed experiment at best. This was also my impression when recording @ 3x in the 70d. Nice to know the camera will do this. Maybe some will use it but doubt if I ever will.
Archived porting threads / Re: Canon 70D
June 23, 2014, 06:41:56 PM
I just tried this with my 70d & it did help eliminate moire but the video quality looked much softer.  :(
Archived porting threads / Re: Canon 70D
June 15, 2014, 04:04:22 PM
Quote from: X-STATE on June 10, 2014, 07:58:17 PM
I totally agree with you. This is a great lens!
Add me as a Sigma 18-35mm fan!
General Chat / Re: Canon EOS 70D (RAW possibility)
March 03, 2014, 12:06:17 AM
Quote from: Marsu42 on March 02, 2014, 08:03:09 PM
Imho Canon does what the market demands while maximizing profits, nothing more, nothing less. So if serious dslr competition adds raw, they will, at for lower resolutions & if they have upgraded their sd card controllers by then. But I don't expect this to happen in the next 2-3 camera generations, so not before 5 years from now.

It's a pity... but sadly true. After all, Canon only improved video AF on DSLRs (EOS 70d) to answer mirrorless design's video AF advantage. It now appears they will add this feature to a newer MK5 IV(?), which is great. Competition works! But, it wouldn't surprise me to see RAW video on mirrorless cameras first as it seems that they are more leading edge these days. The video specs on the Panasonic GH4 are spectacular. True 4k video @ 100mbs + LPCM audio? Wow, they are serious!
General Chat / Re: Canon EOS 70D (RAW possibility)
March 02, 2014, 03:10:37 PM
Quote from: TomJ on March 02, 2014, 01:57:51 AM
That's why I'm prob selling the 70D as soon as I get my hands on a GH4. Have had Canon's since my manual F1 in 1981 (aside from having to use Nikon F4's shooting for an org in the 90's), but truthfully, Canon's a bit behind now with video and with what the Pana can do (according to sources anyway) with vid, I'll jump on that one as soon as I can. ML won't be out for the 70D before the Pana arrives, that's a fact. I miss many things that I had with ML and the T3i/T4i, but as all things go, keeping up with the times and DSLR vid (incl 4k and raw) is where things are now. Not waiting till the 70D is obsolete for RAW vid to be available. Canon could have done that. They didn't. Others are heading there, I'll follow.

I don't think Canon will ever develop RAW video for lower cost DSLRs.  The truth is Canon markets their product line in such a way for consumers to have a reason to purchase their more expensive products. Canon, as with any manufacture, will compete only enough as they need to; always trying to appear just ahead of other competitors, but saving some newer tech out for next years, more advanced better-than-ever-before model. The good folks here at ML have created a monster of sorts by opening our eyes to something better.

The Panasonic GH4 looks great but I'm not seeing RAW video support. Are you sure it does RAW video? As for myself, I did consider the GH3(?) before seeing what the 70d could do. I consider myself photo first, then video as a plus. I have over the years invested in several EF lenses so that makes switching brands harder, too. Best of luck to you!
General Chat / Re: Canon EOS 70D (RAW possibility)
March 01, 2014, 06:20:49 PM
Quote from: Stedda on March 01, 2014, 05:23:22 PM
Even if they were the same which they're not you still need a dedicated developer with a 70D that is willing to take the time to do the task. The Devs are working on the cameras they own themselves the firmware is just the starting point.

Understood. I'm sure it's not a simple fix & did not intend to imply that it was. I admire what developers do & I'm amazed they have accomplished so much with so many different cameras. No one should take their skills for granted.
I only shoot photos in RAW & can't wait to see what the 70d can do with RAW video! 8)
General Chat / Re: Canon EOS 70D (RAW possibility)
March 01, 2014, 05:12:32 PM
Quote from: Walter Schulz on March 01, 2014, 04:28:26 PM
There are two persons named Alan Smith. Are they identical, too?
Of course they are different... one's a 70d, the other is 60d! ;D Canon support doesn't list any firmware version for the 70d. I only stated the firmware are the same. I'm sure "close, but no cigar" would apply as well!
General Chat / Re: Canon EOS 70D (RAW possibility)
March 01, 2014, 04:25:29 PM
Quote from: dmilligan on March 01, 2014, 04:47:40 AM
You need to get a firmware dump from the camera. a1ex or nanomad can help you get started with that.

Also a good idea to get the toolchain setup and make sure you can compile ML. Start looking at the source as well, it's a large complicated code base and there's a steep learning curve.

The firmware for 70d is the same as the 60d, v1.1.1. I wonder if the current ML version for the 60d would work on the 70d, but, as Marsu42 points out, the 70d uses Digic5, not Digic4 as in the 60d. There are differences but what?
General Chat / Re: Canon EOS 70D (RAW possibility)
February 27, 2014, 10:11:45 PM
Quote from: Jakobmen on February 27, 2014, 04:51:44 PM
looking forward to this...

Me, too! +1  :)
General Chat / Re: Canon EOS 70D (RAW possibility)
February 27, 2014, 03:45:08 PM
Quote from: Marsu42 on February 08, 2014, 07:46:57 PM
Alpha testers who have enough time to really try new features & are able to do proper bug reporting are always wanted. Still, that doesn't change the fact that on most cameras (that alex doesn't have :-)) coding is required, and people with knowledge *and* spare time *and* who work for free seem to be rare :-p
I've got time (retired) & I don't want money (retired) but do own a 70d with a nice assortment of lenses :-)). The 70d uses Firmware Version 1.1.1, the same as the 60d. I know they are not the same camera but it would seem there are similarities enough to get something started.
General Chat / Re: Canon EOS 70D (RAW possibility)
February 08, 2014, 03:50:03 PM
Sorry, I don't know coding skills but can help in other ways.  Perhaps doing an A-B comparison between codes to find differences is something I can do as I have a background in troubleshooting.  I'm willing to help.
General Chat / Re: Canon EOS 70D (RAW possibility)
January 24, 2014, 03:51:06 PM
I wonder how different the codes are from the 60d to the 70d.  I'm sure they are but how much would need to be re-written?
General Chat / Re: Canon EOS 70D (RAW possibility)
January 06, 2014, 09:31:56 PM
xoral - Were you using ML with a 70d or some other Canon?
General Chat / Re: Canon EOS 70D (RAW possibility)
December 06, 2013, 06:03:50 PM
Hi everyone. I sold my 60d & purchased the 70d. I would like to help ML make the 70d RAW video capable, like the 60d.

I was happy with the 60d but struggled to keep things in focus. The 70d certainly fixed that. With the STM lens there's little if any focus noise. All other lenses seem quite noisy but not jittery like all other Canon DSLRs. Can't wait to see how it will work with RAW video!
Raw Video / Re: 60D RAW video - it's working !!!
May 27, 2013, 09:22:04 PM
Hi everyone.

I'd like to join the discussion as I have a 60D but need to know what program works with RAW video. I do have PS CS6 & use Bridge / ACR to open standard Canon RAW files with.

BTW - I did try ML 2.3 but my 60d would not turn on at times so I uninstalled ML.