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Tragic Lantern / Re: Tragic Lantern for 6D
« on: July 18, 2013, 12:18:14 AM »
With the newest builds your card should give 40-41MB/s. It is the maximum right now.
On 6D continous recording is possible with quite low resolution, 16:9 - 1344x756, 2,39:1 1536x642. If you are shooting very long takes it will look not much better or even the same like 1080p h264 in terms of sharpness. Everybody are obsessed with having CONTINOUS recording but I found shorter takes with higher resolutions very usable because:
1) i don't shoot interviews (i mean not in raw)
2) right now there is no way to trim raw clips i prefer to have many shorter clips on the card than one very long
3) in any film on this forum i have never seen takes which are longer than couple of seconds.

I am trying to plan my takes to match recording time. If I want the maximum resolution (for 2,39:1 - 1808x756 - than upscale with instantHD to 1920x800) i know than i will have 15 sec (for example i set my motorized slider to make full lenght slide in 15sec, 15sec is also very sufficient for most of crane shots) If I need 30 seconds I use 1700x something. If I want to shoot couple of minutes - well, i am using h264 with ML best encoder settings.
Other way to extend recording time is to set lower fps (and use some frame blending solution in post - like twixtor) - every frame per second less makes a HUGE difference.

cool bro,
ill be shooting mostly music videos, so i need the recording time to be at least long enough for 1 verse, so about a min or so depending on tempo
and ill mostly use an aspect ratio of approx 2.4:1 should be good for me, since most of the time im adding black bars in post anyways
but since we cant record audio yet (dont have an external recording system yet, and not sure how to properly sync)
and we cannot replay the videos in camera after its been shot correct?
this will make it hard for usage in the field, FOR NOW

but still I am extremely excited about all the recent ML developments, still wishing i would've went with the 5d3 though :p

might try a few takes here and there in raw, like B rolls

Tragic Lantern / Re: Tragic Lantern for 6D
« on: July 17, 2013, 09:47:25 AM »
The card you have is a bit weak. I think even awful on 21MB/s cameras.  But you can lower H264 settings and be ok, horrible moire aside. The configs are set up for people who want 60-100Mb/s 24/30P and 60fps is 2x the frames.

hey 1% you were right. Bought a lexar pro 90mbps and it worked like a charm (focus peaking that is, didnt try raw yet)

will be returning this card and will be buying it online instead (paid 115$ cad lol)

Tragic Lantern / Re: Tragic Lantern for 6D
« on: July 11, 2013, 10:05:47 PM »
alright installed ML last night and there is one issue I noticed:

I'm getting error "Movie stopped recording automatically" when trying to record in 60p (all-I or IPB), tried formatting the card (exfat), works fine when ML not installed, with ML installed it drops after few seconds: focus peaking will freeze and shortly after the msg appears and it stops recording. tried with global draw off and its the same thing.

card is sandisk 32gb 30mb/s class 10
i have 2 of those cards and its the same on both.

is that a known issue?

cheers guys

Tragic Lantern / Re: 6D - Install guide and raw shooting.
« on: July 11, 2013, 06:52:10 PM »
If they were the wrong version it wouldn't load and throw up an api error.

yea im not sure, when running the eoscard, after pressing SAVE it didnt do anything except "write successful" msg at the bottom.
but once formatted to exfat you would see it go through the files etc

thanks again all of you thats working hard on this!!!
keep up the excellent work

Tragic Lantern / Re: 6D - Install guide and raw shooting.
« on: July 11, 2013, 06:37:07 PM »
alright ML installed on 6D

Thanks folks

quick note to add: last step when running the eoscard.exe it didnt work when the card was formatted as fat32 and ntsc, only worked on exfat.
but its up and running now, didnt try raw yet i installed ML for focus peaking, cant live without it anymore!

shooting a music video tonight so we'll see how it goes,
there was a thread were people were discussing best h.264 settings (bitrate etc), but i cant seem to find that thread anymore.
anybody able to link me to it? :p

Tragic Lantern / Re: 6D - Install guide and raw shooting.
« on: June 22, 2013, 06:01:29 AM »
Updated the zip in the guide with latest build as of this evening. Should be a pretty boss build - props 1% for kicking ass for fun. Was gonna try and tidy up the guide a bit more but a) it works and b) we are getting closer to being able to install ML without having to go through the pain of downgrading first which will need a big re-write anyway. Of course this will be sorted when Coutts gets time as of course (as always) this is all done in peoples spare time after all so please just hold tight those of you who are waiting for a more simple solution :)

Cheeeers!  8)

noisyboy my good man, is this build including the new variable buffer? im ready to take the plunge! lol
good job team ML

General Development / Re: Design proposals for future ML interface
« on: June 05, 2013, 12:11:19 AM »

Whipped something up in Photoshop.  It's inspired by Arthur's design, but it's a bit darker and more minimalistic.  I'm working on other menus and the LiveView UI at the moment.

this is very nice! i dig i dig

General Chat / Re: Should I return my 6D for a 5D MK III?
« on: June 04, 2013, 09:46:15 PM »
Before: (27 May)                                                  Now: (03 June)
1600x670 ~300 frames ~~12sec    >>> 1600x672    950 frames
1680x702 ~190 frames ~~8 sec    >>>  1664x704   528  frames
1720x720 ~150 frames~~6,5 sec   >>> 1728x736  342 frames
1824x764 ~100 frames~~4 sec    >>>   1792x672  421   frames

You see??? Couple of days  - and I believe it's not over yet  :D

haha nice!!! thanks for the updates!

General Chat / Re: Should I return my 6D for a 5D MK III?
« on: May 29, 2013, 06:01:10 AM »
RAW feature is just month or so old so lets wait couple months more and see what will happen.
Now we should just... make new movies with great tools we already have  :)

General Chat / Re: Should I return my 6D for a 5D MK III?
« on: May 28, 2013, 01:29:40 AM »
thanks for all the replies,
it is greatly appreciated and have helped in coming to a decision

i have to agree with most of what you said
i personally think i am getting ahead of myself, getting too caught up with this raw hype :)
its just every website i go to (eoshd, dpreview etc) are constantly talking about 5d3 raw, no love for 6d lol

but yea, ill invest in some lenses and other accessories first, then when im at a point where i need to step it up quality wise, then maybe ill consider 5d3.

till then, 6d it is, which im very very happy with so far, cant wait for further development
1% seems to be the 6d prime, so big shout out to him! keep up all the good work everyone


General Chat / Re: Should I return my 6D for a 5D MK III?
« on: May 27, 2013, 09:18:10 AM »
I've hearded somewhere that the best investment for a long time are good quality lenses and probably you will have to change body in 2-3 years anyway.
Of course you will do what you want but I think now the 6D has a very good price to quality ratio. I believe, that it didn't tell the last word in terms or RAW yet (especially when 12 or 10 bit RAW will be availabe)
in fullHD raw 64GB card can take up to 12-13 minuts I believe, 1540x640 would be about 2 times more so I consider this as some kind of compression ;) which in fact keeps much much better quality than stock h264.
 I switched to 6D from 550D T2i and this was impressive upgrade. The main reason for me was the low light performance and price which was kind of acceptable (movies or stills are not my main job) Moire and aliasing? Sure, they exists,but 2-3 years ago 5D2 was everybodys dream camera and nobody cried about this issues. Later on optical AA and moire filter becames availabe which now are also for a 6D so there is some solution.
When raw becomes available the first thing which comes to my mind was to sell 6D, add a ton of money and buy 5D3.
When I saw 1000x or so CF card prices (needed for 1920x800 shooting) I was cured  :)

thanks for your input,

tomorrow is the last day for me to return it, im still thinking about it...
i have to admit when i looked at the price of those 1000x cf cards too i was like damn.... forget it lol

so how long can the 6d currently shoot continuous full hd? if it can

i was also extremely impressed with the 6d's low light capabilities, coming from a 60d
for me iso 12400 is the new iso 1600!

General Chat / Re: Should I return my 6D for a 5D MK III?
« on: May 22, 2013, 11:04:55 PM »
thanks everyone for the replies!

yes I love the 6D so far, I didnt do any real video with it yet out in the field only a wedding photoshoot and that sensor is gold!
low noise on high iso was one of the main reason i got the 6d
Im definitely thinking about going to 5d3, and no i cant really afford it ill have to dig into some savings lol

the price difference for the upgrade will be 1100$ for a grey market 5d3

it's an incredible stills camera but the aliasing and moire are close to unforgiveable in some situations. The mkIII with raw video enabled is increadible. Not only due to fewer visible artifacts but the fact you can use CF cards to record pretty much continuous 1080p. Go for it man :)

do you have any footage uploaded i can check out noisyboy? ps: with the 6d you'll have to change your name haha!

With this res you can record ~25 minutes of footage on 64GB card.

wow! really?? what the, i thought i read all the last pages of the 6d dev kit thread!
so far you can achieve about 25mins of continuous footage at that resolution?

so whats the max achievable resolution / recording time right now on 5d3?

6D is 5d3 JR. The extra $$$ can go to better lenses... sensor performance is slightly better on 6D. If you're into photos and want to save some money get a 6D...  If you want the dual cards and slightly less moire + headphone monitoring now and have ~$2000 burning a hole in your pocket....

to be honest the 6d / 5d is quite an investment for me, so i want to make sure that in 2-3 years my camera will still be up to par with the industry!

imagine in a year everyone is on 5d shooting 4k raw and im sitting there shooting moire'd raw HD hahaha (which is still awesome btw!)

General Chat / Should I return my 6D for a 5D MK III?
« on: May 22, 2013, 11:10:36 AM »
hello folks,

new member here so first of all big big respect to all the ML team for their great breakthrough with raw!
So basically im in a dilemma here, I just bought a 6D a week ago and have 1 more week before refund period ends.

At this point I know the recent RAW developments are really in an early stage, but whats the future of Raw with the 6D?
Im trying to read all these raw threads but its so hard to keep up

- Will the SD card interface keep it from recording full HD / 2.5k res?
- Will it be possible to eventually record full HD (ish) raw 24p for more than 1min at least? whats the current approx max recording time on the 6d and 5d III that were achieved?
- Any chance of Raw HDMI out at all in the near future? I read a thread stamped as [IMPOSSIBLE]. Could someone elaborate?
- What about line skipping / moire? hardware issue?

I haven't installed the current new port on the 6d yet since its still brand new and I might return it, currently running v2.3 on my old 60D
I'm very tempted to return the 6d and get a 5d III, it is worth it?

your input is needed!
thanks fellas

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