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Raw Video / Re: 60D RAW video - it's working !!!
« on: May 27, 2013, 01:37:02 AM »

Fair play to everyone here, developers and testers alike, you're doing a fine job.

Took the plunge and installed the latest software as per marekk's instructions (apart from installing latest nightly build - read in other posts to stick with the stable 2.3 build instead, thought I'd try that first).

I mentioned the 2.3 v's latest nightly as I seem to have an issue with the raw output. I appear to be getting 8 bit dynamic range rather than 14. Certainly, I'm seeing nothing like the range I'd expect from a Canon CR2.

The raws (1440x960 - retrieved approx 165 frames per shot) all saved and converted to dng without issue.
Dng's previewed in PSP x4 Pro perfectly, (aliasing but no pink frames).

I don't have Premiere so I had to go through some hoops to get the dng's into Vegas Pro. Problem is the dng's don't seem to have any more dynamic range than a standard 8 bit image. To test this I converted the dng's using...

Adobe Raw to dng -> Converts our RAW2DNG files to Adobe DNG (This allows the dng's to run in Davinci Resolve)
A freeby program found on Tucows -> Outputs TIFF (only 8bit as it turned out)
Adobe DNG codec (windows) (Loads Dng's directly in Vegas)
PSP X4 to 16bit TIFF
I also converted one of the DNG's to a jpeg so I could compare the 16bit TIFF to an 8 bit file.

No matter what I do, the dng's, 16 bit TIFF's etc all seem to operate as though the files only contain the dynamics of an 8 bit image.
Should add I'm running Vegas in 32bit floating point mode (Just so's you don't all think I'm a knuckle dragger).

So the question is, is there something I need from the ML nightly's to make the RAW's work properly? or is there something wrong with my workflow?

I've also noticed some of the tests people have been running on various cameras also don't really show any more dynamic range than a standard image. Until this point I haven't really thought about it but some others may be getting the same issues without realising.

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