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Interesting!  Where can I get the hack  for osx?

Sorry just like this tool the hack is still PC only, but closer to addressing that.

I wish Resolve could edit the cineform raw metadata.....the changes made in Cineform Studio don't show up there.   Looks like it just ignores the raw metadata altogether.

  Thanks for your work Dan!

We do have a hack for that, but it prevents you using the Resolve demosaic. 

RAW2GPCF v1.03 gives me an error on start: The application has failed to start because the side by side configuration is incorrect please see the application event log or use the command line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail.
Thank you, Cineform RAW in Resolve (mov container) is pure gold.

Thank you.

Yesterday's build was from a different system, maybe using the wrong redist components. 

Today's build is from my home system used to build the earlier revisions.

This added black and white levels controls, -blX and -wlX.

e.g. -bl1000 would ignore the metadata and use 1000 as the black level.

You are the man !! Thanks so much!
what can i do about the black level?

The 5D2 is providing a default black level, and looking at your sample clip, the black level seems okay.  What adjustments on the transcode do you want, particularly as you can change anything in post if the data is not clipped

TL, DR: Same problem as fatpig, ...

@DAN: thank you for all your efforts. it is beyond appreciated.

Thank you.  From your post it wasn't clear if you solved your issue.  Fatpig's issue is solved with v1.03; is there an action that will help you?

... I never thought of round-tripping back to DNGs. Is this already possible with CF2DPX? Or will a new tool have to be developed?

A new tool. Going back to DNG would be easy, doing so with the correct metadata including user image corrections would be way cooler and harder to do.

You are the man !! Thanks so much!
what can i do about the black level?
The black is set for the 5D3, maybe like fps, that is missing for the 5D2.  I could add a switch for overriding or setting the black and white levels.

Debayering is still unusable. I don't have these issues with pro-res or dnxhd.

Those codecs don't have RAW abilities, so you can't comparing the same thing. 

Add I disagree that the currently demosaicing option aren't usable as is, even for finishing, many do and have done for years.  Of course 5D3 is a lower on the resolution compared with SI-2K, BMCC and Alexa.  HD finishing from >HD RAW source, makes demosaic selection far less of a factor.  All that said, I do want newer demosaicing options, and have been asking for help on that.

One workflow that hasn't been considered.  Using CineForm RAW as your fast ingest and real-time on-line edit format (discarding source RAW,) then doing a lossless project trim (thinking Adobe PPro here), then converting only these sources to DNG for an ACR demosaic. This is very like developing CineForm/ProRES/Whatever to DPX for an old school finish.  Really Adobe should be supporting native CineForm RAW, as then we wouldn't be having this discussion.

New version v1.03

* Fixed support for FD Mk II files with corrupted or missing frame rate information. Defaults to 23.976 is not specified.
* Auto masking the image to divisible by 16 widths as required by the encoder.

... it is certainly much handier to leave long stages until the end and the ACR workflow has the long stages at the beginning.

This is why a little nicer demosaic will complete this optimal raw workflow.  With a 10-20X shooting ratio for native filmmaking, that is a lot of processing for an ACR pass. Whereas in CineForm RAW the preview demosaic is real-time, allowing the edit without any commitment to extensive computation, until only the frames needed are selected.

Hi DANewman, just wanted to say thanks for RAW2GPCF, it made me discover CineForm RAW, which seems the way forward to encode video. It just makes so much sense to compress before demosaicing and sharpening! Also it's really nice to have a single file for all of editing, grading and archival. I wish a mac version of RAW2GPCF were available though!
Anyway, it all works very well, the CineForm demosaicings maybe are not the best, but if you do a final grade in Resolve it does not matter.
Thanks again,

Thank you.  Working on offering Mac tools (soonish) and better demosaicing options (eventually).  Thank you for your feedback.

Please upload a 5D II RAW file as I don't have those.  Have you tried the 5D3 samples I linked?

dng support is only in Premium/Pro

The windowing switch is

You gave your image a zero height, which apparently crashes.

I should have the tool auto crop to divisible by 16, so 1880 will be encoded 1872.  In the 10 years we've had CineForm all the video resolutions have been divisible by 16 in the horizontal : 720 (SD),  960v(P2), 1280, 1440(HDV), 1920, 2048, 2400 (BMCC), 2704 (HERO3 Black), 2880 (Alexa), 4096...  So we have assumed that multiple for speed reasons. It relates to the wavelet structure of the codec.  Vertically we can support anything, although even numbers for RAW.

I finally got my 5D3 in RAW working reliably -- I needed to disable the auto off feature as the camera seemed to randomly shutdown.  Now that I can record 10+GB files, I want to test this workflow.

It seems for the cost conscious not wanting to purchase too many 1000X 64GB cards, the main issue is the off-load speed.   My old home computer lacks USB 3.0, limiting read speeds to something so terrible I don't care to messure.  However my new Surface Pro does have one USB 3.0 port, but it is very limited in internal space. 

So my setup for this test:
  Surface Pro 128GB 1.7Ghz i5-3317U
  CineForm Studio Premium 2.0 (beta, yes you don't have this yet.)
  RAW2GPCF v1.02
  USB 3.0 4 Port HUB (plugged into the only USB port)
  USB 3.0 CF reader (connected to the hub)
  USB 3.0 750GB 2.5" external drive (connected to the hub)
  64GB KOMPUBAY 1000X card (connected to the reader)
  All running off the Surface Pro battery (I left the power supply at the office.)

Source clip 11.7GB 1920x816 23.976  3m02s.

From a shell I converted to a Filmscan 1 quality CineForm RAW AVI file, directly to the external driver in 2m47s, to a 9:1 compressed to 1.3GB.  Surface CPU was only at 30%, so it was bottlenecked by the CF read speed (est 70MB/s -- reader more than the card.)  Even with this less than optimal setup, I can transfer, transcode and store RAW faster than I can record it.  Only need one more 64GB card for mear continuous RAW acquisition.

I plan to shoot 5D RAW for my next 48 Hour Film Project, along we a bunch of HERO3 Black edition 2.7k. ;)

Kevperry,  thank you for the positive comment.

That would be up to Blackmagic, please ask them as they do have the ability to read CineForm metadata.

You don't need Premium for the tool to work with the -422 option for sources that are 1920x1080 or less and horizontal resolution divisible by 16. And it doesn't crash if you forget to -422 switch with the free tools, just no output.  I thought you said it would crash just by running it, it is why I was suggestion libraries and depends -- I can't keep look up everyone's history (I don't work in support.)  But looking back over your posts, you said it ran, but with no output, but then you have the wrong switches.  When we got that sorted out, then is crashed, but only after some time.  When know there was something wrong with your source files as it said 0.000 fps.   Sorry, too many unknowns here, I'm confused as you are. I guess you can convert to DNG then use CineForm Studio to convert.  Revisit this when the tool when it is more mature or there is more data to know what the issue is.

But one last thing to try.  Let's test with known good footage.

Download M0000000.RAW from here

Copy that to C:\

Copy RAW2GPCF.exe to C:\
Have GoPro CineForm Studio installed

Open a CMD shell

* cd to the root of C:\

> regsvr32 "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\CineForm\"
// The above will ensure the correct encoder is registered, the installer should have does this.  It will have a Pop-up to say success.

> .\RAW2GPCF M0000000.RAW test.avi -422

If that doesn't work, we know it is a configuration failure, not source or pathing issues.

It seems like my issue is the same or close to fatpig.. as my win7 x64 in with Russian interface..

I don't think so.   You can at least run the tool, your problem within other tools - "But both Resolve and Adobe AE and Premiere die right after they open the file."

Seems we have a few isolated compatibility issues, but generally it works.  For anyone having problems, try to determine if it is just Canon RAW related.  Convert a GoPro or regular H.264 clip, and play with that to see whether your GoPro CineForm Studio has installed correctly.  If that doesn't work, you have an issue for regular GoPro support, and not something for this forum.

It either suggests the tool doesn't like the OS version -- no idea why. Or you have installed another incompatible application on both your systems.  Do you have same issue with VR2CF.exe, DXP2CF.exe, CF2DPX.exe or ParseCFHD.exe?  These are very similar shell tools that ship with Premium, and they never have this type of error report.

VR2CF.exe is the closest to RAW2GPCF.exe as it the code base it was built upon.
DPX2CF.exe is the next closest using DShow Encoding.
CF2DPX.exe doesn't use DShow, but similar to DPX2CF for other resources.
ParseCFHD.exe is the simpliest.

Test these tools, add maybe I can understand what is wrong/missing on your system.

I'm using this command line:
Code: [Select]
"C:\Program Files (x86)\GoPro\Tools\RAW2GPCF" C:\Users\user\Desktop\RawFiles\Raw\M01-1120.RAW C:\Users\Public\Documents\Video\aa.movIn cmd it runs and ends fine with done, but there is no resulting file? I wonder why, could it be that the ratio isn't an HD one(60D footage)? I'm on Win 8 with CineForm Studio Premium.

EDIT: Ah, adding  '-422' makes it produce a file.

If you are using the free GoPro CineForm Studio, you only have access to the YUV 4:2:2 encoder.  For CineForm RAW and all its coolness, you will need the Premium version of the software.


Now I put all the files it showed as yellow inside the Tools folder, which are gpsvc.dll and sysntfy.dll and ieshims.dll.

It still crashed, I updated Cineform studio, no luck. Version 1.02 of RAW2GPCF- no luck, too.
I don't know what else to read from the dependencywalker - does someone understand what it says?

maybe someone can check where these dlls lie on their system? thanks! :)

I think you should undo the changes you've made, as it seems you have now mixing 32 and 64-bit components that may break other things.  Even before your changes, I see that IESHIMS.DLL is a 64-bit component where a 32-bit component should be.  Sorry I'm not much of a Window system doctor.  This tool requires very few system resources, just KERNEL32.DLL, USER32.DLL, OLE32.DLL (your system wouldn't boot without these) and MSVCR90.DLL.  All the other files are dependences of dependences, we have no control over that.  So the likely issue in MSVCR90.DLL, even though depends didn't flag it.  GoPro CineForm Studio should have installed the correct version of the Visual Studio 2008 run time libraries (MSVCR90.DLL is part of), but you can install them again from here:

Update to v1.02 of RAW2GPCF.exe

Direct download for RAW2GPCF:
Unzip are install here: C:\Program Files (x86)\CineForm\Tools

This replaces the crappy OpenMP threading with some of our own threading library, this should remove a dependency (maybe cause some users issue) and it is up to 2X faster for YUV and RGB exports.

Need the 32-bit version Depends.exe to analyze a 32-bit application


drop raw2gpcf.exe into dependency walker (32-bit version) it might tell you what you are missing.


they is something difference about your source files. 


I messed up something regarding non-english default OSes.

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