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Not yet on the demoasic filter, only found GPL, not LGPL/MIT licensed examples, or any nice algorithms not patent encumbered.

Now I hope more people can use it, as I think is handles all the current requests and issues.  I know, I know, Mac version is still needed.

So how do I go about performing a batch process on several raw files at once?  Thanks.

 Raw2gpcf M:\media\*.RAW M:\media\*.mov -444

The only step you are missing is to include the path to your media and destination. So if your copy RAW to M:\media you command would be

Raw2gpcf M:\media\X.RAW M:\media\ -444

What platform are you trying to use?  Have ever used a DOS shell or command prompt?  Helps to know how far back to go?

New version v1.10

* Added batch conversion support through '*' wildcards.

The wildcards allow you to injest and transcode a whole CF card with a single command.

If converting in place (on disk in the same folder, 'cd' to that folder)
raw2gpcf *.RAW *.AVI

basic auto conversion directly from card to local disk:
raw2gpcf L:\DCIM\100EOS5D\*.RAW M:\CineForm\*.AVI

If you black balance you will need the name of the black clip, but this will be used for the entire batch
raw2gpcf L:\DCIM\100EOS5D\*.RAW M:\CineForm\*.AVI -bcL:\DCIM\100EOS5D\M20-2205.RAW

I finally have wildcards for batch conversion. Just a bit more testing, but I hope post the batching version later today.

Thank you.  It helps to be motivated by your own projects. I have a film project in 3 weeks time, so this tool needs to be production ready by then.  It is cool that the 5D3 is low in FPN, but other cameras models may see greater benefit.  I will likely black balance for 3200 ISO or greater, otherwise the images are pretty clean.

Does this software support Mac Users

Not yet, but I have someone interested in doing a Mac port. 

New version v1.09

* Added support for black level calibration

The black balancing will remove any remaining fixed pattern noise (FPN) the sensor can produce. Canon 5D3 is very good a suppressing FPN.  In my own 5D3 experiments, the black balancing did remove the hot pixels that appear at higher ISOs.

How to black balance:
1) With ISO & resolution parameters set, shoot 100+ frames of RAW with the lens cap on.
2) Then shot your scene(s) that uses these camera settings.
3) when converting using RAW2GPCF, add the -bc#### switch like this

>RAW2GPCF  CF0803.avi M21-0803.RAW -bcM21-0802.RAW -422

The -bc switch points to the file that was recorded with the lens cap on.

Sample output:
>RAW2GPCF  CF0803.avi M20-2209.RAW -bcM20-2208.RAW -422
M20-2208.RAW 1920x1080 107frames 23.976fps
min = 2028, max = 2844, avg = 2059
M20-2209.RAW 1920x1080 229frames 23.976fps
Press any key to continue . . .

How it works:
All the frames in the black clip are averaged together, the more frames used the less noise in the pixel map for the black level of the sensor.  So instead of subtracting a fixed black offset value for all pixels (all sensors have an offset), each pixel has a customized black level.  Even with the nice pixels from the 5D3, there is variation in the black level for each pixel location (see output min = 2028, max = 2844, avg = 2059.)

For SI-2K we would black balance it regularly, particularly if the temperature was significantly different (as the noise level changes.) Black balance can increase the usable dynamic range, so I might give it a go. 

Does anyone see the need for black balancing?  This would be a few second recording with your lens cap on at your current resolution and shooting settings. This could be then used to determine, pixel by pixel, the black offset and removing any remaining fixed pattern noise, and useful for masking any dead pixels (hot pixels in particular.)  Let me know if this is a feature needed.  I have know idea if there are only a few users of this tool or hundreds+.

New version v1.08

* Added support for input point seeking with segments .RAW .R00 .R01 ...

Segments should now be fully supported.

Does anyone know the likelihood of Blackmagic adding Cineform Raw controls into Resolve? Well I guess before I ask that I should ask if there is a CF Raw SDK to use that will allow Studio Premium type control in other applications.

Well Canon RAW might be cutting into BMCC sales, so maybe you could convince them to add the image development support for the non-free version of Resolve.   Blackmagic has full CineForm SDK accesss, they can read all the image development metadata and default Resolves controls to a nice image if there was enough demand.   All doable.

Doing this method leaves dead pixels in the image for me. In CF Studio, I have the option to remove dead pixels on import of DNG files. Is it possible to implement this in raw2gpcf?

That would be possible.   I just need samples with dead pixels.  Please share your dead pixels.

That is all correct.  Although with the RAW2GPCF.exe tool you can bypass the CinemaDNG step.

New version v1.07

* Add support for segments .RAW .R00 .R01 ...

These new feature is barely tested, but it worked on the sample file fatpig provided (thanks.)  The -sX skip frame switch may not work perfectly, and the -iX (input point) will not work beyond the first segment (yet.)


the split .RAW files can not be processed without joining them first. RAW2GPCF immediately closes.
GingerHDR managed to skip the joining step so I guess it is technically possible.

Do you want me to send you a test file?

Yes, please, a sample would be helpful.

I am trying to get this to work but every time I run the script command prompt flashes for a second and nothing happens... what am I doing wrong?

Launch a shell (cmd) first.  Then type raw2gpcf within the opened shell, does that work?

I guess I can simulate that with a non-ex FAT32 CF card.  If you convert the .RAW alone, does it work or do you have to concatenate the files first?

Many users do have trouble running this tool as there are install prerequisites for supported encoders and sometimes for particular switches.  This new build addresses some of those issues.  It will  test what license level you are running and switch to 422 automatically if you can’t encode RAW or 4:4:4, and it will now report if no suitable encoders can be found.  If you are all up and running, there is nothing new for you in the build, but it should help first time users.

New version v1.05

* Fixed the -wlX switch (white level), which was being incorrectly used as black level .

White and black levels range whatever the camera's bitdepth is.  For Canon RAW (so far) it is 14-bit, so 0 to 16383.

Hi guys, does anyone have a ProTune LUT to add to Resolve? I found a CineStyle one here ( which is supposedly similar to ProTune, but skintones tend to start off very gray. I tried to make my own but have found that it's very hard (impossible?) to make one which works well in different lighting conditions.

Tricky.  LUTs are best for converting calibrated images to a creative look, but the issue with Resolve is it is ignoring all the calibration data like white balance and color matrix.  While you can bake the color matrix into a LUT, you can't do that for white balance, which needs to be performed on the linear light image underneath/before the LUT/color matrix.

Wow! thanks , after installing 1.04 it finally worked for me :)
Pritty amazing ..thanks

Question .when I put the file in premiere.. it plays. now I want to change raw parameters.. I right click on the file, select Source Settings.. and Go Pro studio opens. I can do differnt changes there.. but the only way out is to convert to mp4 . Is this so or I can get those settings to Premiere without recoding to mp4? thanks!!!!

OOPS got it solved :) it just updates the video within few seconds on the timeline!once again, thanks!

Yes Premiere will cache frames for a while, can be annoying, but it is minor.  Sometimes switching playback resolution will implemently flush the old cache frames.  We requested cache control via the Adobe API for years, they haven't been all that interested.  Occassionally a cached frame will stick, a bug new to CS6, so for exports with recent metadata changes in Studio, restart Premiere.

Does this also work with a dng sequence?

I think you are talking about the black level switches.  Yes it should, as that feature already existing with DPX2CF that ships with Premium.  RAW2GPCF doesn't need to work with DNG files.

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