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QuickTime RGB 16b or AVI RGB 10b will be your best options for highest quality.

Jake Segraves
Technical Support Manager
GoPro... Be a HERO.
A new version of the CineForm decoder that addresses crashing problems within Adobe products (and possibly Resolve) can be downloaded from here:
I've been playing around with Luke Neumann's sample DNG files and as it turns out GoPro Cineform Studio Premium and Professional already support the conversion of these into CineForm RAW.

Use the same CinemaDNG workflow that we posted for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera here:

In the conversion settings, use 'Protune' or the 'optimize for 12 or 13 stops' option for the encode curve and then use 'Protune' for the decode curve.

After conversion use the following settings (provided by GoPro Senior Director of Software Engineering, David Newman) for the WORKSPACE and WHITE BALANCE panels:

Finally, apply the 'ProtuneLook' in the LOOK (CUBE/3D LUT) panel.

This will give you a decent starting point with a file ready to take into an NLE or other application (without exporting i should add... just take this same file into your other apps and all the settings applied here will go along with it).

This is currently only available in the Windows version of GoPro CineForm Studio Premium or Professional, which you can download from here:


Jake Segraves
Technical Support Manager
GoPro...Be a HERO.