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Ah, ok...!
You are absolutely right Walter!
So, do you suggest to set always M for hdr bracketing with ML?

Thank you for your help!
Walter, I don't understand!
I've just made a try in M, F/8, 1/10sec., Iso 200 and ML HDR mode in 5x1EV, 0-+, 2s.
This is the results:
- shot 1: F/8, 1/10 sec., EV 0;
. shot 2: F/8, 1/20 sec., EV 0;
- shot 3: F/8, 1/5 sec., EV 0;
- shot 4: F/8, 1/40 sec., EV 0;
- shot 5: F/8, 0"4 sec., EV 0.

:o :-\ :o
No EV bracketing and shutter speed not blocked to 1/10 sec.!!!!!
Thank you for your answer Walter!
Here my last night settings:
- Canon 50D firmware 1.0.9
- ML version 2.3
- Av priority, F/13, shutter speed 1"6 (2 shots), 4", 2" and 8", ISO 800, highlight tone priority off, AWB, picture style standard
- yes, it was my first attempt in adv. bracketing...

Ciao, Marco
No ideas???  :o
Shoot Preparation / Question about HDR settings
June 24, 2013, 09:26:53 PM
Hi folks,
I have ML set for hdr with the "5x1ev, 0-+, 2s" option, so I expect to take 5 shots at 0, -1, -2, +1, +2.
Yesterday I tried some shots and with surprise I had 5 shots at 0, -1, -2, -2, -2.
So I had 3 shots with the same exposure.
What's wrong with my settings?
Thank you so much for any suggestions.
Share Your Photos / Re: Goldfinch (UK)
June 13, 2013, 12:00:33 AM
Wooow, that's amazing! superb shot!
Really a stunning shot!
Please, tell us more about your settings for this one.
Thank you for sharing  :D
Share Your Photos / Re: I love Magic Lantern!!
June 03, 2013, 06:31:16 PM
Great pic!
I really like the final result.
I've now started to learn about hdr tecnique and I can't wait to try some shots with ML  ;D
Eccomi anch'io, sono Marco da Cremona e scatto con una 50D; ho installato ML proprio ieri, quindi sono un super-novizio bisognoso di consigli!   ;D
Mi interessa soprattutto la funzione HDR, quindi se qualcuno ha qualche dritta io sono tutto orecchi!