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SILENT PICTURES. does it suppose to work in the alfa? it takes picture but when using YUV422 Convertor i get an error saying "unknown image size". what are you guys using to convert the .422 files to .jpg?

also since i would like to use that feature for shooting timelapse has anyone got good experience with it? is the image quality sufficient? ML manual says that the "image resolution is usually around 1 or 2 MPix". is that valid for 650D too?

and last thing. ML manual doesn't say what the Burst and Continuous options are for. could anyone please explain it?

thanks a lot.
(it would be great if the forum search could be narrowed to only one topic)
Quote from: nanomad on May 20, 2013, 09:30:22 AM
Can you try creative filters with a card that does not have ML on it? (or just disable the boot flag from the ML card using EOSCard)

hi nanomad, it works fine with my 64GB card with disabled bootflag. i could apply any filter on high-res photo with no problem.
creative filters issue:

i have tried it again and it fails without doing anything before. the logs are the same.

the 32MB SD card is too small and it won't let me apply any filter so can't try that. even with low-res picture (S3).
i tried to apply filter to low-res photo on the 64GB card and it failed too. smaller picture would take less memory however it didn't make any difference.

another thing that surprised me and i am not sure if it is an intention...

when formatting the small card that had ML installed (to see what it does without ML) i got a ML message, after the formatting finished, saying "unknown partition: 4". also no option to remove/keep ML as the 'installation wiki' says. it behaved normal after second format. no ML message.

anyone else keen to try that? or is it only my camera doing it? meaning applying 'creative filters'...
correction: i updated the firmware from small 32MB card (not ML)...
back again... with ML on my camera!

beyond my expectations what you guys put together to make photographer's life easier or in a way to allow him to be more creative... thanks a lot!!

i have had the camera for only a couple of months so i am still exploring all the build-in features of the camera itself.

i was looking at Creative filters and when i applied one of them a canon message pops up saying "cannot playback image" and a moment later ML error message overlays it and camera freezes with red LED on. had to remove battery...

the ML msg says:

ASSERT: isChuckSignature...

here's the log:

ASSERT: IsSuiteSignature( hSuite )
at ./PackMemory/PackMem.c:577, task InnerDevelopMgr
lv:0 mode:2

Magic Lantern version : v2.3.NEXT.2013Apr30.650D101
Mercurial changeset   : ca7870e6a59c (unified)
Built on 2013-04-30 13:27:39 by nanomad@workhorse.
Free Memory  : 316K + 3667K

when looking for the log files on the card i found a file drive:\ML\LOGS\ROM0.BIN, size 16MB ?!

a bug??

just to clarify. i installed ML from a small 32MB SD card, but running ML from the 64GB SDXC. also i have no idea whether the Creative filters worked before i installed ML, however it seems like it's ML that causes the actual crash/freeze.
good job donjames150. thank you. meanwhile i have found this and was about to post it too...

"SD cards up to 2G size are always formatted in-camera with FAT16 file system, where SDHC cards 4G and larger format with FAT32 (and even larger SDXC cards with ExFAT) ... It seems that most firmware update executables run more happily in the FAT16 file system environment."

so yes the ExFAT file system of my 64GB card is the problem. well unexpected.
thanks everybody.
thank you all for your input.

it looks like the size of the card might be the problem however that's the only card i have.

* i cleared my settings
* i downloaded bright new .fir file
* all the files (ML folder, autoexec.bin a 650D-safe_dumper.fir) are in the root of the card (as in the tutorial video)
* chkdsk found no errors

the next step is to find another card and try it all again.

any experience with using a big card? mine is SanDisk Extreme SDXC I 64GB 45MB/s, the one I bought with the camera.

can anybody please test the card to see if that's the problem?
thanks donjames150.
these are the exact instructions i have followed and the comments of others made me confident to test it.
i know it worked for them and i don't understand why it doesn't work for me...
well i have tried to follow the instructions to install the preAlpha.

when i try to update the firmware (1.0.1) i am getting "update file cannot be found" error message.
The 650-safe-dumper.fir  (size 216,124b) is on my SanDisk Extreme SDXC I 64GB card that was previously low-level formatted.

what am i doing wrong? i have tried it several times with no success. even downloaded the file again, but still the same message.

cheers for help
Hi everyone. Firstly, big thank you to the ML developers. You're doing a great job and I look forward the stable version of ML for 650D.

The main reason why I want to install ML on my camera is 'intervalometer'. I wouldn't probably use much else from ML.

And so the question: Is it stable and safe to use intervalometer in pre-alfa version? Or am I better to wait till the stable version is released. I am between waiting for that or buying a hardware intervalometer.

Thank you for you time to answer.

PS: i am tempted to ask when the ML is done (in weeks? months? years?), but i already know the answer from reading this forum for a while ;) keep up the good work guys!