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General Development / Re: uncompressed 14-bit RAW video recording
« on: May 16, 2013, 07:20:39 PM »
Hi guys, can you please post the link for the latest 5d2 build ?

I have been getting a black line on the right side of my frame at 1880x720 on 5d2, it´s 16px wide, not dead black, but kind of purple-black. Will post images later. Also a pretty bad false color on a fence with a bright backlight.

Anyone can point to a free service where I can upload images to embed on my posts ?


General Development / 5D2 Dbuffer weird border on the right
« on: May 14, 2013, 06:42:56 PM »
Hi everyone, i am getting this weird frame border on my 1880x720 videos, is 16px wide, and not completly black.

[I can not attach images, all i get when trying to is the bracketed tags, but no dialog to explore my PC ????]

Another note:

Sometimes RAW_rec module gets unloaded after the camera enters standby mode, even if autoload modules is enabled

This should work for 5d2, double buffering enabled:

extract the MODULES directory into /ML/ on your card

Things I have noticed when testing Newest Dbufer build by Coutts for MK2:

1- I extracted /Modules on /ML; overwrited autoexec.bin and the build loaded OK
2- Loaded the RAW_rec module successfully
3- If you hit "load modules" 2 or 3 times quickly the camera freezes, restart is needed red led remains lit

Benchmark with my CFs:

Average(read/write) all with "Global Draw on"

Duracell 600x                 @ 12mbs/11mbs
Sandisk Extreme 60mbs @ 45mbs/41mbs
Trascend 60mbs             @ 27mbs/72mbs

I think i might need faster CFs don you think ???  ;D

Can anyone please, point us (OVER ENTHUSIAST NEWBIES) in the direction of a complied safe build for the MK2, so we can test/try the new features and CF performances ?

I think that our intention of being part of the development/test progress is fair, maybe we wont be writing code, but I think that inteligent testing is within our range.

Forgive us those who think that we are slowing the process down with our willing to learn, but I rather have A1ex, Gr3ggo, 1% and others ignoring me (completly understandable and fine), than staying silent waiting on the margin of this technological break trough.

Thanks to everyone again !

Hi everyone:

First of all THANKS A LOT TO THE ML TEAM for making our lifes easier and our work better. You guys are doing for free what Canon cannot do for a lot of $$$.

I need a compiled build for the MK2 so I can test as much as possible without bricking my camera (here in Cuba 2000$ is a fortune)

BTW: I havfe donated before when 2.3 came out, I will donate again as soon as I get some $ on my account.

Q: Is there any chance the JPG engine can apply some compression to the RAW output ??


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