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The only thing I know of thats equivalent to that is the "Get info" button for any file... but it doesn't show that detail...

If someone does know that would be awesome, otherwise I'll just check a few of my files in windows.
And on a Mac? :P
How/where can you see the actual bit rate that your recording at?

Is it displayed on screen or are you checking the footage afterwards?

Yeah tried to test the different settings within each option as well...
So I've started to go through all the settings checking things...

All the overlays basically seems to be working, with slightly glitchy graphics though, Magic Zoom is the worst, it shows up but is too glitchy to really use easily.

Zebras - OK

Focus Peak - OK

Magic Zoom - Works but with glitchy graphics

Cropmarks - OK

Ghost Image - OK

Spotmeter - OK

False Color - OK

Histogram - OK

Waveform - OK

Vectorscope - OK

Probably nothing new here....

I will continue to the next page (Movie) but do let me know if there's anything in particular I should look at.

I'll have a read of that other thread, and see if I can find some time tomorrow to go through the settings. :)
I dont mind doing some testing....

As I said I'm completely new so I wouldn't really know where to start as I've never used it before so dont fully know how it should work. I am however relatively tech savvy, so if you want to suggest what I could do that would be cool, and I'll see what I can do :)
This is my first venture into ML - I have a 650D mainly for video work and would love the on screen Audio Meters, be able to select Native ISO's for less noise and Higher Bit Rates ect..

I've loaded the Pre-Alpha2 which doesnt look like it can do all that yet... I'll probably take it off and wait for the finished product to come out.

I didn't see anyone else report this yet (sorry if they have) but while in Movie Mode the graphics were a bit glitchy, for one the light meter wouldnt go away while I was in the ML menu.