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Quote from: dmilligan on October 17, 2013, 12:32:09 AM
There's an "additive" mode so you can add to the existing value (useful for modifying the exposure value calculated by ML Post Deflicker, easier than the exif tool way, and you can make it ramp as well)
just saw this, especially the "additive" function is very good for postprocessing a night to day timelapse using ml post deflicker.
Quote from: dalanz on September 02, 2013, 05:43:43 PM
I took overexposed photos at the end.
i also ran into this problem, see above ( for a suggested solution.
good thing is you can do it even after you took the photos.

Quote from: dalanz on September 02, 2013, 05:43:43 PM
Can I set a highest ISO?
you can set the max iso in the normal canon menu.
Quote from: Audionut on August 29, 2013, 10:26:35 AM
Say you can get it to last 8hrs powered on.  How much juice do you think would be left for taking the actual photos, after this extended period of idle time?
tried it, after 8h the (original) battery lasted for around 40 photos.

i now got a psu and would be very happy if you, a1ex, can up the limit.
Ok, thanks. I'm aware of the battery issue ... but it still can be useful with an additional battery or a psu.


is it possible to up the limit for the "Start after" function in the Intervalometer tab to more than 8h?

Another take on this would be like on some nikon cams, to use a actual starting time, for example set the starting point for the intervalometer to 9:10pm etc.

Best regards

thanks for your post glubber, thats a clever way to do the exporamping.
i think i'll try your solution after my next shooting when the weather is better -.-

just to be sure, please have a look at my correction in your text below (marked bold)
Quote from: glubber on August 26, 2013, 06:37:22 PM
4. Open your timelapse in LR or ACR and choose your keyframes i.e. first and last frame.
   Adjust "Exposure" to your liking and write the value next to appropriate frame in the calc sheet.
   for example:  first frame  -> orig value = 2.30553, chosen exposure: 1.45  -> ramping difference: -0.85533
                 last frame  -> orig value = 0.82060, chosen exposure: 2.11  -> ramping difference: +1.2894
cool ... maybe if the results are any good you can upload something + your settings

a pc based tool for post-deflicker would also be great!
what setting for post deflicker should i use for a sunrise timelapse?

with the default -4ev setting i'm getting overexposed nightshots.

if i adjust the deflicker so that the nightshots are well exposed i get overexposed daytime shots.

i'm using xmp as sidecar file.

anyone tried a combination of auto ettr and expo ramping?