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Chris_ I installed the newest nightly build for my 5d mark ii and retested my benchmarks. Customer support emailed me back last night at 2am!!!! asked me to go to Overlay Tab and only have global draw in LiveView. everything else turned off. Movie tab - bitrate set at default, and fps override at 23,976. Movie mode at 1920x1080 24p with global draw off average Benchmark is 38.65MB/s Write and 43.25MB/s Read. In playback mode with global draw on. average Benchmarks are  70.98MB/s Write and 97MB/s Read.

The only resolution i can record at without any dropped frames is 1280x720 at 23.976. My bench mark for movie mode are not even close to letting me record at the maximum resolution of the write speed. I feel like im going to have to cut my losses and send it back. do you guys have any suggestions. should i try something else.

I received my 128gb 1050x card in the mail today. Installed ML. and ran Benchmarks on my 5D Mark II.  after 5 tests in a row i have concluded. A - I'm a idiot or B - this card SUCKS! My 16gb Sandisk Extreme 60MB/s memory card clocked in better benchmarks!  I will be contacting customer support but would like your guys opinion. I've attached 2 of the best tests of the 1050x card. As far as testing Raw recording at 1880x800 the most frames i could record was 253 frames before it drops. This was my first high speed memory card purchase so I'm kinda bummed.