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Read the PDF, maybe I missed this. Regarding 50% vertical rez loss in dark and highlights. So on either end we're getting line doubled 1920 X 540  instead of true 1920 X 1080? And whats the range of the lower rez? If we are getting 14 stops, is the low  rez sections in the bottom 4 stops and upper 4 stops or what? You guys are the new gods of film. 

I apologize in advance if this is stupid question, but how do we tell how much memory (time) is left on a CD card, and, is there some way to delete the bad takes in camera? Thanks in advance.

Raw. Mac. Final cut pro edit. Raw2DNG - Adobe RAW - folder of TIFF's. To turn the TIFF image sequence into a video file, If you use QT7 or photoshop you will get a color, contrast, and sometimes a white balance shift. Use Motion 5 instead, and you will get the exact same look as the TIFF.

Alot of us pro's with 5DM3's are stunned by the idea of 2560 x 1072 (+2K.) Its really huge news. Could someone explain what the current status is? If real, this should be its own permanent thread.

Canon 5dm3. I use a glass LCD screen protector. There were rumors that RAW caused over-heating. Should I be worried about the camera heating up, and the LCD baking because the glass protector insulated it?

Raw Video / Re: Uncompressed 14-bit RAW video testing - 5D Mark III
« on: June 13, 2013, 11:58:56 PM »
To confirm, there is no way to change audio levels while  recording raw (ie the "Q" is disabled)? The audio levels must be set first and left alone?

Note, if you hit the info or Q while recording in raw, it locks up the live audio levels. After stopping record, the levels are sometimes still de-activated until you use the canon "menu" button, which refreshs it?

My 64gig cards are way fast.

Sorry to be a bother, but was wondering if there will be a 0.11 for the Mac. In the meantime, is there a no-banding version available for the PC?

5Dm3 banding issues. An attempt for clarity for dumb guys like me.
Banding was caused by some of the earlier versions of raw2dng. (Not the camera itself, yeah!)
Raw2DNG v11 fixes the problem.
Where can we find v11 for the mac?
You guys are incredible, you are re-defining the entire film landscape keep up the good work, and many thnaks from all of us.

Canon 5Dm3. ML_rawrec_1905. Mac. All my RAW's processed through raw2DNG have faint vertical grey lines across the entire frame. Very Noticeable in blue sky. Does this with all my len's.

Canon 5Dm3, you should clarify / highlight that the ML displays do not show up until you repeatedly toggle "info."

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