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Mac OS. How do you turn the MLV into DNG's? The referenced "mlv.dump.osx" download does not open on my Mac with  a "there is no app. set to open the document..." I tried MLRawviewer 1.4.3 but it crashes.
Raw Video / Re: 5D3 how to review MLV in camera
September 03, 2017, 07:40:00 PM
Never mind, found it. Interface has changed since I last used it 2 years ago.
Raw Video / 5D3 how to review MLV in camera
September 03, 2017, 07:04:44 PM
5D3, how do I review a mlv clip in camera after recording it?
Thank you, didn't realize it was experimental. So I'm guessing I should not do professional work with it yet?
what is the difference between 1:1 crop and full frame?
5dm3. 3k and 4k recording. The initial announcement (5 months old) said that "3840x1536 @ 24p (1:1 crop) (corrupted frames at 1600)" or 66 seconds in. 3072x1920 - 24p and 4096x1440 - 25p did not have corrupted frame warnings, which implies there is no time limit. What are the current +1080p resolutions and any other issues or limitations we should be aware of? I've read the nightly build forums , and there seems to be ongoing issues, does anyone know that the latest "Stable" 3k or 4k nightly build is?
Been gone for awhile. Lets talk getting MLV into evaluate-able  footage for edit and later grading.  So Adobe ACR was flickering and Resolve was a bright and shiny dream. As I understand it, Adobe ACR is still flickering so people have to use visionlog or cinelog,  but there's some hesitation to opening up MLV - DNG's in resolve and then exporting to Avid, FCX or Preimere for edit?
El Captain, 10.11.6
Hey All, I'm a very experienced Magic Lantern and MLV user, but have been gone for over 1 year and was wondering if anything has changed?  I have a commercial project with my Canon 5D Mark III and need to catch up quick.  Whats the best MLV-to-DNG convertor now? Latest and best stable build? Anything new or weird that I should know - give me a hint as to what I should look up?
Turn off everything, record. If you still have a problem, my bet is that you have a fake or damaged komputerbay CF.  (Lots of fake cards out there.) No problem, you have something weird turned on, or you got a bad nightly build.
I get really sharp images with my 5Dm3 and any lens I use.  Assuming good exposure and focus.

#1 problem - bad encoding. If a frame looks good before the encode, it should look good after. First thing bad encoding does is destroy sharpness.

# 2 problem - lack of contrast which looks soft. Most people actually confuse contrast with sharpness. A major cause of loss of sharpness is light source or reflections hitting the lens (a kick,)  which destroys contrast and muddies black levels. Try waving a french flag around the lens and bingo - sudden sharp image.

In post. Options. Many different workflows.
Increase clarity (clarity is like contrast but only effects the mid range of the image.) For a really punchy image you can then add contrast.
First reduce noise which increases apparent sharpness. Then sharpen the image. NEVER go the other way around and sharpen before reducing noise because you are sharpening the noise. I use Neat Video which does both in the right order.
Do not apply film look or skin smoothness plugins as they usually lower sharpening.
In color correction, check to see if your image has broad latitude.

Due to the small size of the 1080p frame, lens has no effect on sharpness, unless its  defective. I have run scientific tests with resolution charts and there is no difference in sharpness between Ziess, Canon zoom EF lens, or a variety older canon and nikon glass. (And this should be no surprise given that the 1080p video frame is 300% smaller then the still frame.)

Answer myself after research. Always use Rec 709. Log looks terrible on HDTV's and today, everyone is streaming to HDTV's. The new Final cut X 1.2 automatically does everything in Rec 709. The new mac's all have HDMI ouput which is Rec 709 native. 
Raw Video / Re: 30 frames VS 24 Frames.
April 29, 2015, 04:36:35 AM
24fps is the standard because it is as cheap - as slow - as you can go with expensive film emulsion and maintain the illusion of lip sync. Back the early 1900's silent days it was 16fps because there was no lip sync. Today, shooting RAW, producers like 24fps because its as cheap as you can go for storage, rendering, color correction, etc. - remember, not too long ago, storage and arrays used to be very, very  expensive. Is 24fps a "real" film look? Who knows, the producers use it because it is cheap. 
A short Film will be streamed or downloaded to computers and media streamers for playback on both computer monitors and HDTV's.

I understand that HDTV playback requires Rec 709 colorspace. But the Rec 709 looks flat and unsaturated on a computer monitor.

Downlaoding iTunes, the same  movie or music video  looks great on both monitors and HDTV's so duel playback is possible. This there is some type of trick to making Rec 709 look good on a computer monitor? Or am I missing something? 

Theoretically, how long can you record RAW, and at what resolution, on a 700D / t5i?

I know there are some other threads, but they are swamped in questions about types of cards, settings, failures, etc

It would be very useful if someone could simply say what is possible.

Thanks in advance.
chadmuffin, THANKS! Downloaded your zip, just what I was looking for. Good work!
Client wants standard 16:9 with an option to crop to cinescope frame. Anyway to have just a line showing the cinescope frame, while still showing the 16:9 ful frame? Thanks in advance.
Lens correction in ACR or resolve changes every pixel. (Its basically the transform or Distort tool.) Still photographers have been avoiding it for years. They claim it kills the perceived resolution and the quality of the image.  Can also introduce video artifacts, including moire. As a ACR function, it is not designed for video, but for stand alone photographs, so the "correction" can easily vary from frame to frame.
Per RedDeerCity, many thanks,

"... extracted the codecs from FCPX or Compressor by right clicking on the application and going to show contents, then from show contents go to the plugins folder, from the plugins folder go to Compressor folder, then right clicked Compressor.bundle to show package contents, then go to plugins folder and then to ProMediaIO folder, then in the components folder copied all the .components and pasted them into my main HD--> System-->Library-->QuickTime folder
Hope that helps."
Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: ProRes 4444 XQ
August 21, 2014, 04:42:30 PM
Reddeercity, again many thanks for your advice and video. However, in your video I see nothing about getting the plugin from FCX or compressor. Your video starts with immediately launching After Effects and the plugin is already available.  Perhaps you placed  this info somewhere later in the program? With all due respect, the FCX or compressor hack should be the first thing in the video. Regardless, thank you for this critical info.
Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: ProRes 4444 XQ
August 21, 2014, 03:11:50 AM
Very weird

I can access prores 444 xq in the apple app's and devinic resolve. The appleprorescodec, dated june 4 2014, is in the the quicktime library. None of my adobe programs, including updated cs6 and CC version show 444XQ as an option, they only show the older propres.

Did you guys find a prores component somewhere, and copy it soemwhere?
Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: ProRes 4444 XQ
August 20, 2014, 08:20:01 PM
Reddeercity. I've watched your video a couple times. Nice work, but it does not seem to answer the question. In your video proes444 XQ was an option for video format. I, and others, are not offered prores 444 XQ as a adobe format option even though apple app's see it. How did you get prores 444 xq to appear in adobe?
Could someone explain in real simple  steps how to get the new prores 444 xq available into Adobe after effects? Various people have been talking something about downloading the final cut x trial. So I did. And 444 XQ shows up in FCX and compressor, but is not an export option from within adobe after effects. The file is hidden somewhere? Thanks in advance
Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: ProRes 4444 XQ
August 20, 2014, 03:37:24 AM
Could someone please explain in detail how to "hack" the final cut trial and find the prores 444 xq? I'm not seeing it.
Does resolve 11 lite have the flickering problem that ACR does when moving the sliders?