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Following the porting hints stated in the beginning of this thread, I can see that all the modifications needed are already there for the 550d, and the #ifdef's about 550d are all there with their parameters. So I think someone putted them with knowledge. Or not ? My dubts are: do it should work for 550d also ? Or they are guess values yet to be fine-tuned ? Or do am I doing something wrong into using raw histogram and the other raw visualizations aids (you can see my tests above to check) ? By dissipating these doubts, you will help me into pointing in the right direction in order to solve this problem, many thanks !  ;)

Raw Video / Re: 550D raw video recording port official thread
« on: May 22, 2013, 08:28:34 PM »
Dear IndyP, your toughts are 100% mine also ! They are the main dream and motivation that opened this thread !  Many thanks for sharing your toughts ! They are exactly the soul of the efforts we are producing here !!! :)

Raw histo and all that jazz works on 600D and EOS-M too.

Check states in photo mode.

Many thanks 1% ! I updated the first status message of this thread including these models !
What means "check states in photo mode" ? Sorry for my question, but if you can explain I can do this check, many thanks 1%  !!!!

dlrpgmsvc: I think it only works in RGB mode. Am I right?

I don't know, so I made a test, and it's the same: no difference ! Look here :



So, what is the clue here ? Am I not able to use this function correctly or am I not in the correct conditions to run this test (photo mode M and RAW from canon menu and main dial) ?

And where should the ETTR hints appear ? I see none...

On 550d, RAW canon mode, M mode on main dial, luma histogram, ETTR hints ON, use RAW histogram off :

On 550d, RAW canon mode, M mode on main dial, luma histogram, ETTR hints ON, use RAW histogram ON :

Like you can see... no differences and no ETTR hints displayed...

Same scene, same camera parameters, same illumination, same lens

For Greg: make a comparison like mine... and report, please ! Thanks !

General Help Q&A / Re: Screenshots with ML overlay
« on: May 22, 2013, 01:57:41 PM »
Stupid question: how can I take screenshots ? Many thanks !  :P

Ok, let's go to this new thread dedicated to 550d porting of raw video ! Many thanks to all that would contribute !  ;)

Lets concentrate here all our efforts to port raw zebras & C. to 550d !

Current state-of-the-art : all the menus are enabled for raw visualizations of zebras & C., and now they all works correctly, thanks to "xaint" and his invaluable work !

For Wolf : can  you change the prefix of this thread from [solved] to [to be corrected] or remove it ? It's misleading, so people is ported to think it has been solved, but in reality there is still a little bug (the occasional bad frames) to be solved yet. Many thanks !  ;)

Ok boys, I started a new thread for 550d raw video recording, just to keep this thread clean and only for on-topic (silent pics) : -->

Please, lets converge all our efforts there ! Thanks !  ;)

Raw Video / 550D/T2i raw video recording port official thread
« on: May 22, 2013, 12:11:45 PM »
Here we will concentrate our efforts to port raw video recording to 550D, and continuously making it better and better !

Current 550D with RAW video builds (older ones are first, newer ones are the last towards the bottom of this post) :
To install: install the latest ML stable version, then substitute (overwrite) the files into the card with these


The main thing is the ability to save RAW settings after restart.

Includes Magic and Tragic as well and Mem fix.

Anyone having hard time deciding which record module they like best out of Magic Unified vs the Tragic version, this will help you.
You will have 2 new option within Magic Lantern.
When you decide which you like best, just delete the other module or just keep both, your choice.

Obsolete link removed - Please use the official nightly builds //Audionut


Anyone wanting to try out Alex's experimental variable buffer Raw Record, this build is all updated and has AUTO ETTR, File Manager and Pic View Module as well.

Obsolete link removed - Please use the official nightly builds //Audionut


Alex disabled debug code and added a bit more speed as it says on the changeset.

Obsolete link removed - Please use the official nightly builds //Audionut


Latest changes to everything. Includes modules, Raw_Rec, File_Man, Pic_View and ETTR, oh and a requested res of 1200 and aspect 2.42:1

Obsolete link removed - Please use the official nightly builds //Audionut


raw_rec module from pravdomil's source:

Raw_rec has some tasty features like black bars and auto global draw off while recording.

I've noticed a tiny but consistent frame count increase with this. For example, with my previous build i've got about 500–510 frames with 1200x496 at 24 fps, now i'm getting 550-570.

Also, there is a small present for those of you, who dare enough to shoot the tv works on 550d — nice 3X4 cropmark (useful for PAL world ).

Other stuff is from unified.

Notice: I have removed a large set of resolutions (useless for my works), and added 1200 and 1.42:1
This build also includes ETTR, file_man, pic_view.

Thread about this module :


Incredible milestone: all the previous raw stuff, plus the DUAL ISO feature for PHOTOS AND VIDEO !

Obsolete link removed - Please use the official nightly builds //Audionut

Current state-of-the-art :

Problem : Raw video recording works, finally ! Now we need to try to get more Buffer Memory like the other cams, even the 500D has 95Mb, while 550D only 75Mb as current development (68Mb was the memory available at the beginning of this development). With 500D, one gets higher res than on 550D, with no skip, thanks to the expansion of this memory.
You can see the status from the "0101" menu in ML : scroll down to "Free Memory", then press "Set" button on 550D and you will see the "shoot_malloc total" is 75mb : that needs to be al least 95mb (better if more, obviously). On 500D, this memory is native 95mb, without any intervention... we cannot understand why...

What to do :

[1] It seems we must enable sRAW option, but while on other cams it works, on 550D and EOSM it gives a "err70" error ( that bricks the camera (can be un-bricked, however). We have to solve this problem.

[2] Some hints of past tryouts can be found here :!msg/ml-devel/AyPANkaXbp0/PMwkzwuVy14J

[3] There are clues that, in order to make room for the raw_video_rec module, we used the shoot_malloc memory to put there the ML code, so shrinking it, so we cannot have more shoot_malloc memory anymore... look at this :

[4] Anyway, the source file to play with about this thing, is: src/exmem.c

[5] Without using sRAW option, %1 user managed to expand (even if by very little) the shoot_malloc memory by using this system : This is where he got more memory.

[6] Following point [5], we can play with these values :

[7] exmem.c - line around 147 -
hsuite = shoot_malloc_suite (max_size + backup_size - 8 * 1024 * 1024)
in this manner, the old version, we obtain 68Mb of shoot memory, good to serve as buffer for raw video (more memory, more resolution)
hsuite = shoot_malloc_suite (max_size + backup_size - 1024 * 1024)
in this manner, the new and current version, we obtain 75Mb of shoot memory
Our goal is to raise this shoot memory as high as possible, at least the 95Mb of 500D, but the maximum I managed to obtain is :
hsuite = shoot_malloc_suite (max_size + backup_size)
in this manner, we can have 76Mb of shoot memory
If you try even a :
hsuite = shoot_malloc_suite (max_size + backup_size + 1024 * 1024)
the result is 0 of shoot memory !
However, the interesting thing is that the autoexec.bin memory is not affected by the increase of the shoot memory.
I have hitted a wall here...  :'(

[8] - Modifying the "backup_size" (by upsizing or downsizing it), doesn't sort any effect at all.
     - Changing the probe size from 4 to 2 and then to 1 (just to dig out more memory chunks), doesn't sort any effect at all.
     - Forcing "size" to zero into the shoot_malloc allocation function, just to force it to allocate the maximum size, takes the camera to stack
        overflows and freezes that need to pull out the battery: no luck...

[9] By a1ex hint: use CONFIG_MARK_UNUSED_MEMORY_AT_STARTUP, but it's defined as "dangerous" by a1ex himself (bricking camera risk ?)

He already has Silent Picture Raw Burst added a few builds ago for all cameras now. If you compile the latest build it will be in the menu.

You are right ! Every day we learn something... one sees that the modifications are not there in the Platform-specific and thinks there aren't... ok.

They can however accept this pull just to sync the local 550D Platform files to the "all" section, for more clarity for who, like me, will dig only into the local Platform files to make modifications  :'(

Also I noticed I only get 28 frames in 1280x720 and 640x480 and 17 frames in 1920x1080, what is weird, with this bin file,  I got 31 frames and 19 frames???

I think A1ex made a good job, because now I can see no more problems at 640x480 in burst pics, and the bin file you refer to is mine, and was compiled before the A1ex modifications. So these modifications avoids the screwed up pics but you lose 2 or 3 frames, and this is probably due to the memory alignments and timings that prevent the pics malformations !

Please, mk11174, can you confirm this by compiling the very last sources with the silent pics raw dng burst modifications and then make you also tests with 550d ? Many thanks !

Also, I made a pull request about 550d burst pics, so we will be aligned also with the bins and the tests ! I hope it will be accepted fast !  ;)

This might be related:

Good ! So, when your commits will be merged (or do it's yet merged ?) the problem of the screwed up frames in burst should disappear ? Or do we must integrate your commits in another module ?

Or are you referring to the LiveView with raw_video problem ? Or do your commits are related to both problems ?

Many thanks a1ex !!!  :)

Silent Picture Raw Burst seems to work nice though.

Unfortunately not ! Once in a while, there is a screwed up frame inside the burst ! See my previous report in this thread, and so I'm seeking someone that can help to iron out this problem, like the one you pointed out about the raw video rec ! Lets hope together !  :-\

Raw Rec works on 500D.  ;D
I tested 960x540 20FPS
During recording, no live preview.

Plz ! show us your commits, just to port on 550D !  :P  Thnkz !  ;)

Modules Development / Re: 14bit RAW DNG silent pics!
« on: May 20, 2013, 07:24:01 PM »
Many thanks 3pointedit !

You, and all the people that have a 500D and a 550D, you can take a peek here ! -->

just to contribute and stay on the bleeding edge of silent pics DNG RAW for 500d and 550d !

canon main dial on video mode - 640x480x50fps video settings by canon menu - 1734x694 actual dng resolution - 24fps ml video override - 31 frames burst recorded - ml global draw off - canon record audio on or off no difference

if canon main dial is on M mode, only 19 frames are recorded

[1] Canon video settings are no-influent over the DNG RAW burst resolution: how we can set it in order to increase or decrease it so it can record more images and so for more time ?

[2] Once in a while (once every 2-3 bursts), a single screwed-up DNG is recorded inside the burst sequence, like this ->    the borders of the subjects are barely visible.
How we can solve this ? Perhaps the other ports have already solved this...  ;)

Ok boys ! Here it is ! The 550D  .BIN with RAW Zebras, histo & company + RAW BURST DNG !

Take care :

[1] Confirmet as Atrakt, 19 frames confirmed in burst mode ! it shows one-by one the RAM memorized DNGs in Black&White while saving them to SD. How we can change resolution and FPS here ???:o

[2] RAW visualizations (zebras and histogram and spotmeter) seems EQUAL to the normal ones, according to my tests. Please, make tests as many as possible also you all ! the .BIN is here !  ;)

You can try the 550D should work.

Why you have commented out the define FEATURE_SILENT_PIC_RAW ? What if I want to keep this along with FEATURE_SILENT_PIC_RAW_BURST ? So, to make sometime timelapses and sometime also videos with burst mode ! Do it's not possible ?  :o

Hi guys! I just joined, been using ML since I bought my used 550D. Now i'd like to give this raw thing a try, but I'm a bit confused. How the hell are you getting it to run on your 550Ds? I can't find source code let alone a build with raw (i've got the silent photos though). Although I found the nightly build. And that dang sokoban game sucked up a good couple hours haha (I'm stuck at level 5). Anyone care to help out a noob? :P

Do you search for a source code or for a ready-to-use ML to Mount on your camera ? And what function are you searching for ? If you can precisely answer to these question, I can help you !  ;)

Enabled, but not tested.

Code: [Select]

Have you simply enabled the defines, without any other code modifications ? If yes, I can apply your modifications + compile and test these functions, thanks !

Great Greg ! We should compile the same sources also for 550d, it shouldn't be so different, right ?

General Development / Re: Getting started with development
« on: May 18, 2013, 02:02:51 PM »
Many thanks, Nanomad ! But now I cannot find how to sync my pc local sources with BitBucket sources on my fork repository. I have found "download" but it's for only one file at-a-time. I found "Import/Export" but it's only for "issues". How can I proceed ? Many thanks again !

Feature Requests / Re: Make RAW photo without shutter movement
« on: May 17, 2013, 11:50:27 PM »
Mirror lockup, without ever using ML ! And your "vibrational" problem is solved !  ;)

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