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Feature Requests / Re: photo rate, tag and simply develop
« on: August 22, 2012, 01:03:51 PM »
I am a travel photographer and it should be very useful for me rate photos (*-*****) on the field

Partial dupe of my feature request here:

Feature Requests / Re: 5d3, The perfect camera
« on: August 22, 2012, 01:01:54 PM »
- at least two whole extra stops of light sensativity with preserved image quality.

My 2 cents: While the 5d3 is a great body though imho currently still overpriced, the 2 stop gain is Canon marketing.

Everybody who wants to try download the raw 5d3/5d2 studio samples from dpreview and compare it for yourself. I cannot tell 5d3/5d2 apart up until iso3200, though the 5d3 has a nicer noise pattern at higher iso. There might be a slight improvement at iso6400 and above, but dynamic range decreases drastically so it has to be used carefully. Overall, I'd rather say the 5d3 has a 1/2 stop improvement over the 5d2...

They will never work with us, I can assure you that.

Since the whole thread is off-topic... last I read there were some positive signals, has the wind changed and the devs were turned down by Canon? At least they didn't make it impossible to run ml on the 5d3, and they don't void the warranty when ml is installed (but maybe the last is just due to the fact that Canon would fail at court).

Feature Requests / [DONE] Rate Image on LV button
« on: July 08, 2012, 02:10:41 PM »
Using (Thanks!) on 60d 1.1.1.

There's Prefs->Image Review Settings->LV Buttion with the one option "Protect Image". It would be very nice if you could extend this to "Rate Image" and let it cycle through ratings 0-5.

Reason: Rating pictures in the field without stepping through the tiresome "Q" menu would be very handy, that's why Canon put a dedicated button on the 5d mk3! Should be trivial to implement since the "Protect" option just seems to automate to the "Q" menu, too?

Magic Lantern Security Bulletin: using movie mode remap may cause explosions, data loss, and other kind of permanent damage. See the FAQ:

:-p ... I'll pass this on, and I just read about the suggestion to use custom modes with ml for safety. The thing is that I'm constantly telling people how great ml is (I'm amazed so few are using it, I hope the new website will help) - and I'm usually saying that unified is 99,9% stable. That's why I jumped when I read that a long-term feature like movie remap has the potential to brick the camera :-o

Concerning early betas: Well, I'm perfectly capable of compiling ml myself, I'm just too lazy because it's working fine right now (May release from Google Groups). I just thought there was a repo for beta releases and bug testing - because if you'll release "rc1" the term "release candidate" implies that you think it's 100% stable, otherwise it'd be better called "beta1".

But please don't ask me to release something that has the potential of causing permanent camera damage. I'm 100% sure it can - it happened on my own 60D, but I was lucky that I still had access to Canon menus to clear the settings and bring the movie mode back.

Alex, if possible please issue clearer warnings about known dangerous bugs.

I have a 60d and use movie remap, but you writing about "stability problems" didn't sound to me like it was possible to brick the camera, but more like the occasional  "turn on - turn off" or max. "remove the battery" fix. I'll certainly wont' continue to use movie remap if there's a real danger, and you are right about removing it in any release version.

edit: btw, I took part in sponsoring your 60d a year ago and have been happy to test alphas and report bugs (I used the name MagicBrick on Google Groups). So if there's any pre-release sponsor access mailing list or whatever to provide beta links, please add me, too - or is this linked to the profile->paid subscriptions nowadays?

- 60D level indicator (Canon has one too)

Yes, please keep it - I added it on multiple display presets as an integrated, unobtrusive way to check the camera level on my 60d.

- Silent pics - advanced modes (I intend to keep only simple, burst and maybe matrix modes)

Please do keep the hi-res matrix mode, I was asking for that before on Google groups - I use it frequently to preview focus stacks without increasing the shutter count, at 20-30 pictures per shot this really does make a difference on camera bodies with 100-150k warranty cycles. Even if there's no way to prevent individual tiles or shots to exposing differently, please at least keep it as it is!

- Mirror lockup sync'ed with self timer (anyone using it?)

Yes, I'm using exactly this setting since it can't hurt to have the mirror lock up if the camera is on timer anyway.

- movie remap (sorry for that, I know it was very handy, but causes stability problems)

Noooooooo ... "handy" doesn't even come close, and I for one never had any problems with it on 60d :-(

Last not least: Thanks for asking before removing existing, please don't go the GNOME way and think that users are easily confused!

Feature Requests / Re: Improvments for picture review
« on: June 16, 2012, 12:23:44 AM »
BTW, I'm trying to finish the stable release for 5D2, so until then I'll skip the feature requests.

I knew you are busy, but in the topic "Features on the TODO list - things that ARE possible" it says "Things from this list will be implemented AFTER the next release, so please do not ask when they will be done" - so I thought it is ok to add requests to this list, and not that requests are currently not allowed at all, maybe you should make that clearer.

Feature Requests / [DONE] Improvments for picture review
« on: June 15, 2012, 01:10:15 PM »
So this is the place to repeat older feature requests from other boards for you to compile them, right? Ok, here you go :-)

1. Zoom wrap-around: I'm using the very convenient zoom to 100%, but the next step for me is always to zoom back to 0% going to multiple useless steps. If would be very convenient if there was an added option or default to make the + zoom button (I'm on a 60d) switch back to 0% instantly after the 0%->100% step. When zooming incrementally, the + button should still stop at 100% to prevent involuntary wrap-arounds.

2. Zoom to af point: Rather than always zooming to the middle, it would be nice to make ml go to the or one of the active af points. The 5d3 has this feature (and instant 100%) out of the box.

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