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When shooting stills with tripod and thin depth of field, it would be nice to have the camera automatically shoot a couple of exposures with slightly different focus.

Possible implementation: Expand Focus->Stack focus menu to include a manual selection for "Number of Pictures". If it's "auto" use stack focus as it is, if it's set to a number take this amount, each with the focus changed to "Step Size". If a dev is in the mood, another option "Bracketing" would be nice to tell the camera in which direction to change the focus: "near", "far" or "both", the latter doing something like the traditional exposure bracketing around the original focus point.

EDIT: In general, I hope we'll see even more still shooting features, too, because imho that would expand the ml userbase significantly - mostly folks still seem to see ml as a video gimmick for one reason or another.

Feature Requests / [DONE] Rate Image on LV button
« on: July 08, 2012, 02:10:41 PM »
Using (Thanks!) on 60d 1.1.1.

There's Prefs->Image Review Settings->LV Buttion with the one option "Protect Image". It would be very nice if you could extend this to "Rate Image" and let it cycle through ratings 0-5.

Reason: Rating pictures in the field without stepping through the tiresome "Q" menu would be very handy, that's why Canon put a dedicated button on the 5d mk3! Should be trivial to implement since the "Protect" option just seems to automate to the "Q" menu, too?

Feature Requests / [DONE] Improvments for picture review
« on: June 15, 2012, 01:10:15 PM »
So this is the place to repeat older feature requests from other boards for you to compile them, right? Ok, here you go :-)

1. Zoom wrap-around: I'm using the very convenient zoom to 100%, but the next step for me is always to zoom back to 0% going to multiple useless steps. If would be very convenient if there was an added option or default to make the + zoom button (I'm on a 60d) switch back to 0% instantly after the 0%->100% step. When zooming incrementally, the + button should still stop at 100% to prevent involuntary wrap-arounds.

2. Zoom to af point: Rather than always zooming to the middle, it would be nice to make ml go to the or one of the active af points. The 5d3 has this feature (and instant 100%) out of the box.

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